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  1. Marshall

    The New Bearded ones

    Re beards, many places require certain criteria re the wearing of a respirator following is one. Note the mention of a "fit test".
  2. Marshall

    Terry Fox Run - 2018

    Rich: I have pinned your topic so it will stay at the top of the list of items on this forum. Please alert me when you want me to remove the "Pin". Cheers
  3. Marshall

    Trump 2.0 Continues

    In actual fact deicer, I changed the title based on what I thought was a good suggestion by a member but I did not remove any posts.
  4. Moved as it seemed to belong in the discussion about oil. If it was a new thread to compare the capability of various aircraft types and not about our PM on the other hand.
  5. Marshall

    Pratt and Whitney GTF problems, again...

    Time for the AMEs to step in.
  6. Marshall

    AC Announcement On Embraers

    In an attempt to return this thread to the original topic, several posts have been moved to "Country Classification" in the "non aviation discussion forum". If your posts have been moved to the new topic and you don't want them to appear, please go to the "Country Classification" thread and remove them, conversely if you want to continue this discussion please do so but when doing so please bear in mind the rules for posting on our forums.
  7. Marshall

    Sending a Message

    Just finger problems. fixed......
  8. Duplicate thread deleted per your request.  Happy New Year!

  9. Marshall

    Porter.... grows

    Did the warden / significant other / spouse call lights out?
  10. Marshall

    Great New AirCanada Commercial

    the posts about Trump that crept into this thread were moved to the Political Discussion forum.