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  1. Marshall

    Trump 2.0 Continues

    In actual fact deicer, I changed the title based on what I thought was a good suggestion by a member but I did not remove any posts.
  2. Moved as it seemed to belong in the discussion about oil. If it was a new thread to compare the capability of various aircraft types and not about our PM on the other hand.
  3. Marshall

    Pratt and Whitney GTF problems, again...

    Time for the AMEs to step in.
  4. Marshall

    AC Announcement On Embraers

    In an attempt to return this thread to the original topic, several posts have been moved to "Country Classification" in the "non aviation discussion forum". If your posts have been moved to the new topic and you don't want them to appear, please go to the "Country Classification" thread and remove them, conversely if you want to continue this discussion please do so but when doing so please bear in mind the rules for posting on our forums.
  5. Marshall

    Sending a Message

    Just finger problems. fixed......
  6. Duplicate thread deleted per your request.  Happy New Year!

  7. Marshall

    Porter.... grows

    Did the warden / significant other / spouse call lights out?
  8. Marshall

    Great New AirCanada Commercial

    the posts about Trump that crept into this thread were moved to the Political Discussion forum.
  9. Marshall


    If you don't know how, you could of course always ask that a moderator or admin do it for you.
  10. Marshall

    SFO Incident

    blues you do have a point, I have moved most if not all from this topic back to one entitled SFO
  11. Marshall

    SFO Incident

    The 2 SFO topics have been merged.
  12. Marshall

    SFO Incident

    Review complete.
  13. Marshall


    I guess I missed the part where you have the right to question the moderators and their actions. Admin is the only one with that right and again I suggest you address your concerns to him directly.
  14. Marshall


    Censorship ... NO!, Moderating YES, Responding to complaints about Topics YES and rest assured Admin is quite aware of the latest action in that regard. But I imagine you took the opportunity to address your concern directly with Admin but if not the capability does exist for you to PM him/her, so don't expect any further comment from me..... by the by, I am not the only moderator on this forum and it was not me who took the action to have the thread reviewed.
  15. Marshall


    This is indeed a public forum and privately operated. From time to time threads may be closed for review or deleted. I draw your attention to the following post: Posted July 2, 2010 To help us handle the growing number of members, to decrease the level of personal attacks and to ease the burden on our moderators we are implementing a new moderating system that has been proven effective by much larger online communities. Frankly, moderating is difficult at the best of times. The new moderating system we are going to try is non subjective. It includes a set of guidelines for the moderators to follow. If a post is clearly prohibited it will be deleted. If the guidelines are inconclusive they recommend a progressive warning system to help ensure the online experience is succ PLEASE NOTE: you will see a new bar under your name. This is a warning bar. To date no one has a warning as this is new. We remind everyone that AEF is on the honor system and we rely upon all of you to police yourselves. Report a post has been used to send us mods notification of offending posts and we thank you for this. We encourage everyone to express themselves openly but be aware there are posting guidelines and bullying, insulting or other obnoxious behavior will not be tolerated. We have an independent moderator using The Moderator who will consult the team if there is a point to be given. There is a process in place where upon receiving a point, to be fair, to give your point of view via PM back to The Moderator. Since this is a website, at times things may be misread. The AEF Forum is an open and supportive community that promotes open dialogue. However, the Posting Guidelines are in place to insure a positive experience for everyone. Graphical information on the new moderation system 1. All members will have a warning status thermometer 2. You don't need to post to see it. Look at a previous post on the left sidebar 3. Depending on the skin you have chosen, depicts the color of the bar. The colors means nothing. To change the color of your bar, simply click on the drop down menu on the left bottom of the site and change the color of your skin