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  1. but on both sides the crap is getting to the point in bringing a manure spreader to fertilize the fields for spring
  2. This tread is getting OLD. There is no doubt that we have many better PMs but there is also no doubt that because of his ongoing air time, the great unwashed will back him Time to accept reality and accept that we are stuck with him.
  3. Thank you for working so hard to keep this site up. Kudos to you and Judy
  4. Well it would solve a few problems..... bring back the railways etc.
  5. Kip, I know that AC is facing the same problem have they published anything, did I miss it? At least WestJet has published what they are doing.
  6. Well Dagger, perhaps the great unwashed (supported by their Lawyers) want the industry to shrink to what it was in the 60 & 70s. IMO that is exactly where it would be headed. No more 10 flights to chose from but rather 2 or 3 a week and even on Transcon perhaps 6 ow flights a day if even that. That would of course eliminate the Pilot Shortage and even the need to purchase more aircraft, after all we all know that most aircraft (take the DC3 for example) can motor on for 50 or more years as long as properly maintained. Just imagine the self loading freight on an aircraft with no WIFI, NO MOVIES ETC BUT PERHAPS WITH REAL MEAL SERVICE ETC. FOR THOSE WHO COULD AFFORD THE VERY INCREASED FARES. Maybe time to get away from open skies and instead return to regulated routes etc.
  7. Kip, the separation that WestJet is attempting to do is the best that can be achieved unless of course the capacity of the aircraft is even greater reduced but of course I guess the public would accept that along with the increase in fares to cover at a min. the operating costs of the flight. Want to bet they would ? By the by some of the slots currently for sale by WestJet reflect 99.00 ow fares.
  8. Done deal: Boeing will have to rip and replace KC-46 sensor and camera systems on its own dime By: Valerie Insinna   13 minutes ago New Hampshire Air National Guard Staff Sgt. Joseph Chase, a flightline crew chief with the 157th Maintenance Squadron, marshals the Wing's fifth and newest KC-46A air refueling tanker upon its arrival from Boeing, Feb. 7, 2020. (Tech. Sgt. Aaron Vezeau/U.S. Air National Guard) WASHINGTON — Boeing and the Air Force have finalized an agreement to fix the KC-46 aerial refueling tanker’s most serious technical problem, Defense News has learned from multiple sources familiar with the matter. The agreement puts an end to years of negotiations between the Air Force and aerospace giant over the nature and extent of redesign work needed to correct the Remote Vision System, the collection of cameras and sensors that provide boom operators the imagery needed to steer the boom into another aircraft and safely transfer fuel. The Air Force’s KC-46 tanker has another serious technical deficiency, and Boeing is stuck paying for it The KC-46 is back up to four critical "Category 1" deficiencies. By: Valerie Insinna Perhaps more importantly, the deal paves a path that will allow the service to deploy the KC-46 in combat in the mid 2020s — something Air Force leaders have bristled against with the tanker in its current form. The Air Force and Boeing have agreed on a two-phased roadmap to address RVS technical issues, said one source familiar with the agreement. The first phase allows Boeing to continue providing incremental improvements to software and hardware that will fine-tune the imagery seen by the boom operator, the source said. The second phase — which will take years to complete — involves a comprehensive redesign of the RVS where its hardware and software will be almost completely replaced with new color cameras, advanced displays and improved computing technology. Boeing and the Air Force both declined to comment on the matter. TRANSCOM head pushes back against Air Force tanker retirements The head of U.S. Transportation Command is pushing the Air Force to rethink some of its controversial plans to retire some of its older aerial refueling aircraft. By: Joe Gould, Valerie Insinna Get breaking news in your inbox Don't miss the latest breaking news from the Defense Industry. Sign up today Subscribe Unlike legacy tankers, where boom operators can look out a window in the back of the aircraft and rely on visual cues to steer the boom, operators in the KC-46 are completely dependent on the imagery provided by the RVS. Although Air Force operators say the system works in most conditions — and provides a safer way to offload fuel during nighttime conditions or bad weather — certain lighting conditions can cause the RVS imagery to appear warped and misleading, contributing to cases where the boom accidentally scrapes the surface of another aircraft. That could be a safety hazard for the pilot of the plane receiving gas, and it could also potentially scrape the stealth coating off a low observable jet, eroding its ability to evade radar detection. Under the terms of Boeing’s fixed-price firm contract and previous agreements with the service, the company will be financially responsible for paying for the entirety of the redesign effort. The company has already exceeded the $4.9 billion ceiling on the contract, and has paid more than $3.5 billion in cost overruns as technical problems have mounted. Boeing is the system integrator for the RVS and designs its software, while the system’s cameras and sensors are primarily designed by Rockwell Collins. Air Force’s acquisition executive Will Roper is expected to brief congressional staff on the deal this afternoon, sources said. Afterwards, the service is expected to release additional information about the deal. Boeing delivered the first KC-46 tanker to McConnell Air Force Base, Kan., in January 2019, but the Air Force has withheld $28 million per aircraft upon delivery due to the RVS issues. So far, the company has delivered 33 tankers to the service.
  10. WestJet: 1 April Update 1 April 2020Canadian Aviation News Provided directly from WESTJET, an Alberta Partnership INTRODUCING SEAT DISTANCING ON OUR AIRCRAFT The safety of our guests and WestJetters has and continues to be our top priority. In these uncertain times, we continue to make important changes to our business and operations, for the safety and peace of mind of all. Moving forward, from now until May 4, 2020, the middle seat on our Boeing 737s and 787 aircraft and every other seat on our Bombardier Q400 will be unavailable to book. We’ve made this change to ensure our guests and crew can continue to fly safely and have more space to adhere to social distancing guidelines. As we navigate our way through the COVID-19 crisis together, we are also encouraging our guests to follow these guidelines while boarding and on our aircraft: Keeping 2 meters (6ft) of distance between the guest in front and behind when boarding Using the WestJet App to download boarding passes to display on phones Using the disinfectant wipes provided during boarding to wipe down seats and table trays Avoid lining up for washrooms WestJet remains focused on the health and safety of our employees and guests as well as maintaining essential domestic service to the Canadian communities we serve. We hold ourselves to the highest standard to create an environment as clean as realistically possible and continue to expand and enhance our sanitization measures onboard to keep our guests and crew safe. More information is available here. Read more about seat distancing on the WestJet Blog here. AFFECTED FLIGHTS – visit the blog (updated) Share this:
  11. Link to the new WestJet schedule. eg 3 daily yyz-yvr. etc distancing%3ASeatDistancingEmail%3A20200401&deliveryName=DELMSG_20200401_8961
  12. So what you consider an "non significant" event has crippled most forms of transportation and commerce....... just imagine then if it had been significant?
  13. Stupid only if you ignore the world wide implications. Dumb is a s dumb does which is why we see some otherwise intelligent people defying the various bans, distancing etc as because it will never be them.
  14. Time I guess to get back on topic. 1 killed, 3 wounded Tuesday in Chicago shootings Chicago Sun-Times-12 hours ago One person was killed and three others were wounded Tuesday in shootings across Chicago. The day's only fatal shooting killed a 38-year-old ...
  15. Coronavirus could kill more Americans than WWI, Vietnam or Korean wars, White House projection shows