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    Preventing double standards by moderators who ban people from this forum for their political views. Vote for Brexit to prevent mass terrorism in the UK.

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  1. Mo32 said..."Perhaps if you said something along the lines of "I don't agree with your opinion for the following reasons, however I understand your right to express differing opinions" would attract a lot less vitriol and more reasoned arguments. There is no need to be politically correct however there is also no reason to act like a jerk either." Of course, you are right in many ways Mo. However, when the end result of the recently enacted policies in Europe and other countries in the face of the obvious happen which will lead to mass deaths, calling out stupidity happens. A few feathers
  2. I thought that I might shoot down another silly argument on the left about the Orlando massacre by an Islamic State terrorist. The left who are desperately trying to cover up that this act was done in the name of a religion has tried to blare out the truth by focusing mostly on the gun control debate. While the gun control advocates are very correct in much of their arguments, the perpetrator would simply have just put a bomb in the building or lit it on fire or something if he didn't have a gun available. It is just another attempt to change the subject. China has serious gun control but th
  3. malcolm said... "So if you don't like what other people are saying about you, then cut the thread by invoking the "Ignore Feature" that is part and parcel of your setup" As I said earlier, it is no big deal to me if they insult. In fact, I am quite happy with their insult only posts. Not because of Moon's once again faulty analysis that I like being insulted but because it proves that those arguing against me have nothing but insults in the arguments. Yes I did use the word stupid in describing their opinions but then I backed it up with detailed points about why the opinion was stupid. Th
  4. During my entire line indoc and final check, the wind never exceeded 5 knots(if it got that high) and hot one cloud. I did handle that stuff fairly well though, I must say. Seeing as there were no listed limitations for crosswind, only demonstrated, perhaps you could make a suggestion on what I should have used as a limitation on my first few flights. Around 40 as the book says have been demonstrated, perhaps. Should I lower them arbitrarily for the very mountainous airports I flew into, even though there was nothing written about it as a limitation or am I an "independent thinker" that need
  5. "What I do assume now from your posts is that you have some independent ideas about things. I used to spend 90% of my time office time as CP dealing with independent thinkers. " Wow, that does not sound like a safety-oriented statement from the CP about someone who has decided to be cautious when new on an aircraft. I was fortunate, I had a supportive CP.
  6. Oh, look at that folks. After I posted my reply above, Moon the loon calls me garbage. I have seen similar style of discussion back in my early grade school, I must admit. And that is not an insult, just the truth. Mach84
  7. Defcon said.... "Woxof. I'm generally on the same page as you with respect to terrorism... I also think you're able to express yourself and argue for or against a position rather well... Well, thank you very much Defcon. Defcon also said "It's only a guess, but I think it was the name calling that became the basis for the start of the nasty tirade against you; your opinion on terrorism wasn't the spark." Well, let's take a look and see, after all, when you are as open-minded as me, you have to carefully consider the opinions of others. Anyways, CP FA said on page one(and I quote) ..."
  8. I mentioned yesterday that I was going to keep updating this thread with news of plots and actual acts based on religion. Nothing much from the Buddhism or Hinduism today but guess what? 151 lucky Canadians are discovering that they are on an ISIS(Islamic State that is) hit list. Their addresses have been published. They can expect similar to what happened in the home of a French police chief a couple of days ago that I mentioned on this very thread. According to the CBC, "There are lots of theories as to how the names got on
  9. If you read my initial post on this part of the subject, you will notice that I mentioned that I was trained as a straight-in captain on type. I never said what company I was working with at the time. Obviously this was not with WestJet as they don't do such a thing. As well, it was not on a 737. Unfortunately, you are assuming multiple things even when they are not said which may very well be what you are doing in your beef about your cancelled flight the other day. I would have told my chief pilot about this when I finished doing my touch and go's with him on type. He had no problem with i
  10. I believe I mentioned it to the chief pilot when I was given the final sign-off. The issue never came up on the line as I was fortunate to get a gradual increase in crosswinds on the line. This aircraft is a bit squirrely in crosswinds and after a couple of interesting landings in a 25 knot crosswind, I got the hang of things and had no further issues. But it justified my decision to not jump into attempting a landing at the much higher max demonstrated crosswind and the even significantly higher max demonstrated takeoff crosswind. I justify it with the belief that what is legal is not neces
  11. Our resident expert on the causes of terrorism, CP FA earlier mentioned that ISIS has successfully recruited me in their war on the west because I have actually spoken out in favour of immigration control of people from groups likely to result in a significant increase in mass terrorism. If only people like me had not said anything, then the thought would be that there would be less(perhaps much less terrorism). So my opinion on immigration control increases terrorism eh? There has been so much talk in the US recently about immigration of hispanics and putting up walls to keep them out and
  12. Wow, look at the intelligent responses we get from the people who refuse to admit that this religion is the problem. CP FA comes up with the response of wondering about my handles and calls me an **bleep**(a direct violation of forum rules) and then wonders wgy I haven't been evicted. Thanks for your persuasive argument. Mitch's best shot at a convincing argument is that I need to see a shrink. Gee thanks for the thoughtful response on what is pretty much one of the most important issues of our time. J.O. says that I am a bigot for saying that this religion is the problem even though our
  13. "If Westjet can clearly tell me weather conditions at the time of scheduled landing exceeded the limitations of the aircraft, I can buy that without any further questions. Done! " While not likely the exact case here, I did a straight-in captain thing a few years ago. For the first while until I built up my experience, I placed a crosswind limit on myself more than 10 knots lower than the aircraft's limit for the first while. If someone were to complain about it, too bad.
  14. "The ultimate goal of ISIS is to create a holy war between their "Islamic state" and western society. In order for them to succeed, they need to recruit losers who blame their problems on western society, and one of their greatest recruiting tools is anti Muslim rhetoric from Westerners who can't differentiate between a whole race or religion and it's most extreme criminal elements. In other words, they need to recruit losers from both sides for it to work. So, congratulations, you've been recruited. So woxof/polaris/alkaid/mach84/mizar/tailwheel/flyinghigh, good luck with your holy war"
  15. Here is the latest in todays news. Expect a lot more of it. It is your future. "The man who killed a French police couple at their home near Paris was acting on an order from so-called Islamic State (IS) to "kill infidels", officials say." But hey, robbers have killed cops in the past as well, so why worry.