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  1. During my entire line indoc and final check, the wind never exceeded 5 knots(if it got that high) and hot one cloud. I did handle that stuff fairly well though, I must say. Seeing as there were no listed limitations for crosswind, only demonstrated, perhaps you could make a suggestion on what I should have used as a limitation on my first few flights. Around 40 as the book says have been demonstrated, perhaps. Should I lower them arbitrarily for the very mountainous airports I flew into, even though there was nothing written about it as a limitation or am I an "independent thinker" that needs to be called to the CP's office for further discussion. I know, there are plenty of heroes out there. There were the usual stories of the 50 knot crosswind landing by someone or another. But I am just an average pilot and try to use some good judgement to keep my record safe. I am not ashamed or don't have too big an ego to save it for another day.
  2. "What I do assume now from your posts is that you have some independent ideas about things. I used to spend 90% of my time office time as CP dealing with independent thinkers. " Wow, that does not sound like a safety-oriented statement from the CP about someone who has decided to be cautious when new on an aircraft. I was fortunate, I had a supportive CP.
  3. If you read my initial post on this part of the subject, you will notice that I mentioned that I was trained as a straight-in captain on type. I never said what company I was working with at the time. Obviously this was not with WestJet as they don't do such a thing. As well, it was not on a 737. Unfortunately, you are assuming multiple things even when they are not said which may very well be what you are doing in your beef about your cancelled flight the other day. I would have told my chief pilot about this when I finished doing my touch and go's with him on type. He had no problem with it because he is a good chief pilot. I never told dispatch about it and thinking about it now, there was one flight where I did not land due to winds. It was an enroute stop in mountainous terrain with a somewhat short runway. I remember that the winds were reported as 27 knots but there was not much crosswind. During the descent, they picked up to over 30 knots and I climbed back up and proceeded to our alternate which was the next destination anyways. No one questioned it(except possibly a pax or two that was more interested in getting home).
  4. I believe I mentioned it to the chief pilot when I was given the final sign-off. The issue never came up on the line as I was fortunate to get a gradual increase in crosswinds on the line. This aircraft is a bit squirrely in crosswinds and after a couple of interesting landings in a 25 knot crosswind, I got the hang of things and had no further issues. But it justified my decision to not jump into attempting a landing at the much higher max demonstrated crosswind and the even significantly higher max demonstrated takeoff crosswind. I justify it with the belief that what is legal is not necessarily safe and what is safe is not necessarily legal. Safety took priority over the desire of pax to insist that I attempt a landing because the super test pilots were able to do so in controlled circumstance during initial testing and therefore put it in the book. And by the way, I'm sure you know that demonstrated crosswind is not a limitation, therefore, this aircraft had no limitation except my good judgement. And that is waht all of us get paid for.
  5. "If Westjet can clearly tell me weather conditions at the time of scheduled landing exceeded the limitations of the aircraft, I can buy that without any further questions. Done! " While not likely the exact case here, I did a straight-in captain thing a few years ago. For the first while until I built up my experience, I placed a crosswind limit on myself more than 10 knots lower than the aircraft's limit for the first while. If someone were to complain about it, too bad.
  6. The captain wasn't comfortable with the landing. Perhaps it was within limits but he/she is new or discovered that he was fatigued, had an anti-skid issue or a multitude of other reasons that came up on the flight such as his digestive system not being too good that night. If you don't like, it, go somewhere else. I wasn't on the flight but I and the rest of the pilots in the industry don't need to be pressure by some pushy pax who think they know more than the flight crew. Most of us have been dispatched when weather conditions were marginal. If they hadn't even taken off, you would probably be complaining that they didn't bother to go take a look. We can't win with people like you and owe you no explanation other than the fact that we as pilots will not let the likes of you browbeat us into doing something we are not comfortable with. The captain is the captain and has decided not to land at YYG.
  7. "Give a man someone else's fish and you have a lifetime liberal." That has to be the most accurate statement yet. Wynne and Trudeau win their elections by giving away fish from others. And a majority of Canadians call themselves fisherman because of their endless catch. Their net is the ballot box. But there are alternatives for the rest of us.
  8. There is a famous saying that probably most of us have heard.... "If You Are Not a Liberal at 25, You Have No Heart. If You Are Not a Conservative at 35 You Have No Brain". I disagree. Conservatives such as myself have some heart and I do believe in all my wisdom that those on the left(as we can see by their posts, do have some brains.
  9. Some people have to learn the hard way. The lefties have no concept of reality(don't worry, I can't stand the neo-cons either). Ontario is now going down the economic hole even further and so will Canada. People will leave to pay their taxes elsewhere. Greece was an obvious thing to avoid but the lefties and their naïve followers who unfortunately believe a good talker or nice looking person with sunny, feel-good policies never learn. I have discovered something recently. A lot of people who are quite intelligent and accomplished have a lot of really stupid beliefs when it comes to policy. Immigration, fiscal policy, political correctness at the expense of many deaths. Very strange but a real eye-opener once finally learned.
  10. Remember how all those Harper haters used to say that he was a bully and not representative of what Canada truly should be? Where are they now.
  11. But isn't it amazing how much fodder there is. New fodder almost every day from the religion of peace. Here is some fodder: "Last December around 70 red badges were withdrawn from staff at Charles de Gaulle who were found to have praised the attacks in Paris, prayed at mosques linked to radicalism or showing signs of growing religiosity like refusing to shake hands with women." I'm sorry, did you say something about insanity?
  12. Who out there still supports the airlift to Canada. Simple response please. I say Stop the airlift. Anyone else have an opinion?
  13. Edited in accordance with the rules of this forum.
  14. Why would you suggest using nuclear weapons. One of the best things that any of us could have done was to vote for a government that wouldn't vastly increase the threat here. warned about this just a few weeks ago but people are more interested in transferring money to themselves from wealthier Canadians and restoring heir access to taxpayers money that the security of their country. The people have spoken loud and clear. Justin Trudeau is going to make a speech at the upcoming G20 summit on the benefit of refugees t the west. Let the airlift begin. Or....take the last chance possible and call your mayor who is calling for more refugees and your premier MP who are doing the same and state that you voted them in because of other policies and insist that this airlift be halted immediately. Don't say that I didn't warn you about this.
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