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  1. Newly stringent FAA tests spur a fundamental software redesign of Boeing’s 737 MAX flight controls Aug. 1, 2019 at 11:18 am Updated Aug. 1, 2019 at 9:45 pm By Dominic Gates Seattle Times aerospace reporter While conducting newly stringent tests on the Boeing 737 MAX flight control system, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in June uncovered a potential flaw that now has spurred Boeing to make a fundamental software-design change. Boeing is changing the MAX’s automated flight-control system’s software so that it will take input from both flight-control computers at once
  2. 60 Minutes Australia - Boeing 737 MAX - Fatal Flaw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cFKk8iI4taI On a subject that 60 Minutes USA is not likely to show.
  3. Look at what has turned up in the Wall Street Journal! https://www.wsj.com/articles/boeings-own-test-pilots-lacked-key-details-of-737-max-flight-control-system-11556877600 Boeing’s Own Test Pilots Lacked Key Details of 737 MAX Flight-Control System A culture of close collaboration between test pilots, engineering staff deteriorated in later stages of aircraft’s development By Andrew Tangel and Andy Pasztor May 3, 2019 6:00 a.m. ET Boeing Co. limited the role of its own pilots in the final stages of developing the 737 MAX flight-control system implicated in two fatal cra
  4. @Don Hudson Thanks for your reply to my last post (a couple of pages back!). Yes, I agree with your interpretation of how the final AND occurred. However, in respect of my comment, " manual trimming may be impossible ", a Mentour Pilot video taken in a B738 Full Simulator has some points of interest - applicable to ET320. The "roller coaster" method - to unload the HS and allow manual trimming, IF they'd known to use it, wouldn't get a look in due to terrain. Speed reduction may have, but it appears the crew didn't understand what they were dealing with. Note:- these runaw
  5. @Don Hudson, It's the bits that are not said, that lead to confusion. Boeing's FCOM Bulletin states that "Electric stabilizer trim can be used to neutralize control column pitch forces before moving the STAB TRIM CUTOUT switches to CUTOUT". Missing; is it failed to WARN that the electric trim MUST be used BEFORE using the CUTOUT switches, in order to NEUTRALIZE the back force on the control column. This effectively means that if the aircraft is not properly trimmed before activating the CUTOUT switches, manual trimming may be impossible. My feeling is that the throttles wer
  6. FBI joining criminal investigation into certification of Boeing 737 MAX March 20, 2019 at 12:55 pm - Updated March 20, 2019 at 1:29 pm By Steve Miletich Seattle Times staff reporter The FBI has joined the criminal investigation into the certification of the Boeing 737 MAX, lending its considerable resources to an inquiry already being conducted by U.S. Department of Transportation agents, according to people familiar with the matter. The federal grand jury investigation, based in Washington, D.C., is looking into the certification process that approved the safety of the new B
  7. PARIS (Reuters) - France’s air accident investigation agency BEA will analysis black-box flight recorders from a Boeing 737 MAX 8 which crashed near Addis Ababa on Sunday, a spokesman said. Ethiopian Airlines said earlier it would send the two cockpit voice and data recorders abroad for analysis. The French announcement resolved uncertainty over the fate of the two recorders after Germany’s BFU said it had declined a request to handle them because it could not process the new type of recorder used on the 737 MAX jets, in service since 2017. The BEA is one of the world’s most act
  8. Well, you are in a no win situation. You can't be in or go into A/P mode because you'd have an air-data discrepancy, yet the AD says STS runaway trim wont happen in Auto Pilot mode? No good arguing over it now, the problem the Lion Air crew encountered was the proverbial 'elephant in the room' one. Looked for the expected UAS and got kicked in the bum.
  9. The present search for MH370 has now ended with the Seabed Constructor recovering the last of its AUVs mid survey near 24°55'S 101°40'E at about 07-1900 UTC, and is now heading for Dampier, West Australia to undertake an Offshore Oilfield contract. An expensive exercise for Ocean Infinity, but their profile in the business has gone from zero to outstanding with the technology used and speed of the survey undertaken. The post mortem will now begin.
  10. The Seabed Constructor is still making its way steadily northwards along the 7th Arc, and is continuing to launch and recover AUVs. At 30-0330 UTC, SC was stopped at 26° 07.3'S 101° 41.1'E, about 22.5NM east of the 7th Arc. The AUVs are engaged in a grid search with 2km between adjacent tracks in +/- 22NM long swathe centered on the 7th Arc with a WNW/ESE axis. This search is expected to continue until June 08, 2018, so the case is not closed yet. Should nothing be found by the conclusion of the search, it is expected that the Malaysian CAD will prepare their Final Report and release
  11. The video MH370 - The Situation Room | 60 Minutes Australia - Youtube with a runtime of 49 minutes is probably worth a watch. More importantly to understand how the media can manipulate their "actors" to achieve the desired outcome. The participants were - Martin Dolan - former Chief Commissioner of the ATSB., Simon Hardy - airline captain, UK., Larry Vance - former Canadian TSB safety investigator, John Cox - Aeronautical safety advisor, USA., Charitha Pattiaratchi - Oceanographer, Australia, and Tara Brown - Presenter, Channel 9 Australia. Once you've viewed the vide
  12. Rather than just sitting around waiting for the "paint to dry", it may be worthwhile taking a look at how the AUV's are deployed and the current state of the search. Rather than replicate the "wheel", the following graphic has been created by Richard Cole, a space scientist at the University College London, Guildford, Surrey, UK. It shows the initial deployment of 8 AUV's, and their planned tracks to the NE. Richard has also provided a full description, and updates the data regularly on his website at http://recole.org.uk/ To get an idea of the weath
  13. Here we are again with another search now in progress for the Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 (9M-MRO), a B777-2H6ER that somehow managed to end-up somewhere in the Southern Indian Ocean shortly after midnight on 8 March 2014. That's after departing Kuala Lumpur some 7.5 hours earlier for Beijing. Swire Seabed of Bergen, Norway have chartered the sophisticated offshore research vessel Seabed Constructor to Ocean Infinity of Texas, USA, which has in turn offered the vessel and its services on a "No Find No Fee" basis in an attempt to locate 9M-MRO's debris believed to be somewhere on
  14. Don, A properly done side-scan survey can be considered successful when all nadir (blank spots) have been covered by a tow on a prior or later pass, and if any doubtful areas are identified, a follow-up AUV scan is used to complete the coverage. In the case of the work undertaken by the vessels used by the ATSB, and the backroom analysis done both in Australia and by another contractor in the USA, I have no reason to doubt that anything bigger than a mobile phone was missed. The task undertaken was huge when compared to the search for AF447, when for that aircraft we knew where it w
  15. I don't think this one is going to be forgotten about in the near future. A privately sponsored reactivation of the search is rumoured - though as I have already suggested, nearer to 30S.