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  1. Thank you st27. I do hope Mitch or Kip will be able to add more details. I remember once seeing an old non airworthy Vickers Viscount in the red and white Air Canada livery before it went to who knows where. I'll cross reference the 737 list with the one in my book. So the DC-10's were used briefly by Air Canada before being sold off and scrapped? I've found it nice to see the history of these birds beyond what is written in the book.
  2. Was reading my book about Canadian Pacific Air Lines. Very interesting history and even more with the number of types the airline flew especially during it's bush days. There's mention in the book of what happened to their older inventory but the book stops when CPAL was takeover by Pacific Western Air Lines to form Canadian Airlines International. This is done with a photo of a PWA 737 and a caption about the takeover. Well now I've checked on the web and read up to the takeover of Canadian Airlines International by Air Canada. But I have no information on what happened to the CAI inventory that was absorbed into or sold off by Air Canada. Does anyone here know. I'd like to know what happened to their large fleet of 737's and DC-10's. Thanks to anyone who can help with some info.
  3. Yes, people should read between the lines before getting all excited about the job growth numbers. Good of you to also post the related part. Don, Just shows that someone with an economics degree still can't manage the country's finances properly. It's down right a kick in the groin for the families of our fallen. Wonder where he finds the money for foreign aid .
  4. The statement was not to be taken seriously. Did you notice the emocion after it ? I think the staff shouldn't be worried about how people feel about AC in respect to them. It's probably more about how the government and the corporate types ran the airline. Also if the world was so serious and up tight, it would be damn boring. Queen Victoria, "We are not amused." .
  5. Yeah Moon, I'm wondering too which did he actually mean to use. As for Props question, why ruin something that's taken years to perfect .
  6. Mitch, you'll be disappointed as I'm not one who likes to make a spectacle of themselves unlike the Kardashians, the Royals, Lindsay Lohan, Justin Bieber, etc.
  7. As Deicer said, "Elections Canada doesn't want people to know about the refusing ballot option.". Like Boestar and other have mentioned, if there are more refused ballots showing up instead of absent ballots the government will start to look closely at it and understand that there is a problem between them and the average Joe and Jane. As for being active, it is an option I like but how far do you go. Being too passive will get you nowhere and being too aggressive will get you the label of "Terrorist" or "Communist". If the latter gets you tv news exposure, those are the labels you'll get pasted on your forehead. It seems we get too polarized with "left" or "right" and aren't looking for a "middle" of the road type party / government. Kip is correct that your MP might have first started with the noblest of intentions but once in office, they learn the real game of politics and that's where things go wrong in a hurry. Here's something I found in my local newspaper, don't laugh because I still read print on paper, that is very much true to why I feel the need to refuse my ballot. "Titled: Something wrong here. If you shoplift and get caught, you cannot pay for what you pilfered. You have a criminal record for the rest of your life. In politics, it seems that if you get caught pilfering money, you write a cheque and pay it back with nary a slap on the wrist. Something is wrong with this picture." This is word for word from the paper. I've noticed many of these elected officials give crocodile tears on tv when they're caught with their hands in the people's cookie jar. Saying their going to payback the people the exact amount taken. That's nice but they forget that their theft was years ago and how about the interest lost on the amount taken. It just sounds more like an interest free loan to me. Too bad many of these MP are more accountable to their financial backers than to their constituents.
  8. No worries Kip (Mitch), I'm not a 2 year old who will go into a temper tantrum. It just shows that as we age our minds begin to slip. My humble apologies to those who are perfectionists. I will try harder next tim, er I mean time .
  9. Yeah Kip, that's the HUP-3. They're only seen in museums now. Sounds like fun times during the late 50's, early 60's. My belated condolences on your brother's passing.
  10. This ... "Refused ballots are recorded separately from all other ballots, and send a direct message to the government that you're not just apathetic or uninformed, you're not happy with the electoral system as it stands.". It's better than spoiling a ballot or not showing up to vote which both would be ignored by the government. And it shows that I did participate in the voting process by refusing my ballot.
  11. Rich, I was wondering too. But I think he meant the Canadair Tutor.
  12. Thanks Deicer, now I will spread the word among my friends and family who feel the same way about having no satisfactory candidate or party to vote for. Does this only apply for the federal elections?
  13. Wow Kip, you flew in many types that are or were in the RCAF and RCN inventory plus all those USAF types. Too bad about you not flying the Canadair CL.13 (F-86). BTW that twin rotor RCN helicopter you flew with your brother, was it the Piasecki HUP-3 ?
  14. Kip, what types of aircraft did you operate during your RCAF career? i.e. CF-101 Voodoo, CF-104 Starfighter, CF-5 Freedom Fighter, CF-188 Hornet, possibly the Clunks (CF-100 Canuck) too.
  15. Amazing how long we've been told to clean up our act and stop using the earth and oceans as a dumping ground for our garbage but many still treat it like it's their personal toilet.
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