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  1. Alertness and endurance. If licensed pilots, of any age, can’t demonstrate those qualities at the start of every pairing, they are unfit. Might be acute, might be chronic. Age is a factor, no doubt. Now, if we are going to eliminate age as a disqualifying factor to hold an ATPL, better we ensure that all license holders are accepting work within their capability to perform. Lower FDT’s definitely extend the age to which one would be able to work a full day, be that 13, 12 hrs, 10 hrs overnight or whatever. I’m 40 and working 14 hrs is difficult, as it was at 25.

    BTW, claiming northern work is for young men is...false. There is no age limit, ergo the FDTs have to assume a 64-yr-old doing the flying. I mean, this is the entire basis of all aeronautical certification- consider the worst case scenario and add a margin! Why it’s different with FDTs is an enduring shame on our regulators.

  2. 2 hours ago, Vsplat said:

    I think 'fitness to fly' has relevance, but due to the long context with the medical side and the lengthy suspension procedures, it would be a tough stretch.  Fitness for a specific duty period might be more adpatable.  I was fit yesterday, not today, but will be tomorrow.

    As for a specific test, that would be the holy grail.  Having an objective test would, I think, be embraced by both sides as it would be much easier and would rule out opportunities for abuse on both sides.

    Trouble is, I could be flying with an individual less than half my age.  Fatigue would present and progress very differently between us.  I might know that, although I feel pretty good right now, that reassignment from the 5 hour duty day I was expecting to a 13 hour run into my planned rest time isn't going to work.  But for the younger, more fit pilot, it might not pose any issue at all.


    Uh oh age has entered the picture. I thought this was a no go topic, insofar as being too old to fly. Are you suggesting different, lower duty limits based on age? I know you’re not, but perhaps being able to work a full duty period, per CARs, is a BFOR. One size fits all indeed!


  3. Threat tactic, to the pilots, which they’ve lost. Threat tactic, to the market, which based on the likelihood of this being accretive to earnings, they’ve lost. Strategy meetings now should be focusing on the best way to abandon this venture with as little additional damage as possible. Until that happens, it will continue to be a drag on everything- management, culture, earnings, on revenue. Climb down now and it’s New Coke, a footnote. 

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  4. 4 hours ago, blues deville said:

    Substandard wages? I thought it was working conditions similar to the “other” guys? 

    I’m sure the office 9 to 5 support staff were thrilled to see the unhappy pilots standing outside their windows. 

    To that I say, go get a pilot license. Everywhere is hiring.

  5. Starting pay at majors can lag because it’s the top pay that attracts people to the profession not the starting pay. In a 25+ yr career (or 40+ yrs, like many retiring boomers today) at a major who’s getting torqued about the first few years, especially when upward movement is fast? It’s high at US carriers now, because they are competing for pilots. AC is not, really, because it’s only other major competitor for pilots in Canada is in a major labour dispute. Were Canadian airlines forced to compete for pilots with American or other carriers- domicile and quality of life would factor too- pay would likely need to go up because the gap is large and widening. 

    To get through this I’d say it’s WJ that will need to do something substantial vis a vis compensation because if I were a starting pilot I wouldn’t be keen to jump into that situation with average pay, little to no movement, hundreds of regional pilots ahead of me, and young demographics, and this kind of corporate level hostility towards the pilot group. 

  6. Well, one pilot bidding around you, or a couple, is maybe just a preference? Every Captain probably has a couple, that’s just life. We’re not all perfect. I used to bid around a few people that are otherwise fine pilots because they tended to complain all day. 7 or more maybe indicates you have some kind of more significant issue that is causing people to not want to work with you. I don’t know about the actual number I’ve just heard it exists and might be around 7. 

  7. On 4/20/2018 at 4:27 PM, Kip Powick said:


    Sounds like the Union had high input......while I understand fatigue on very long haul flights with time zones etc I feel there is a lot of shoveling on the over all report.

    I guess they don't build them like they used to...4316.gif

    I’m just going to preemptively write DELETED, as my rebuttal to this comment. Kindly, Kip, if you have nothing to of value to contribute you are invited to not talk.

  8. Arriving from the south to YYZ, we fly over the lake to Humber Bay until precisely overhead some of the most expensive real estate in southern ontario, and then turn downwind and fly over it for 10 miles. Has to be a better way. Also...are the constraints mandatory like it says on the chart or not? Most times we are not given clearance early enough to descend to meet the constraints and it has become completely normalized to ignore them. Which I find very strange.

  9. I worked for a small seasonal operator that made us personal contractors. The Ops Manager credulously urging me to think of the write offs. Uh, ok my cell phone and um...what. 5km of gas a day? Wow you’re right I’m rich now. Oh wait what’s that auto expenses to and from work aren’t eligible? Ok just the cell phone then. Great.