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  1. Trudeau buys Transat and gives it to Legault....
  2. Don, I agree with the conversation you and Kip are having I do think that the 800 gets a bit of a bad rap for braking. On speed and on the numbers it generally makes the numbers in the manual. I don't know if it's a mindset due to the automation, but I find some tend to go through the motions (SOP) when selecting auto brake, they see a number and take it as a given. In my book if I have selected auto brake 3 and I don't feel some braking it's time to get more aggressive, not when the planned exit is rapidly approaching. I think the long landings, tailwinds and unstable approaches are cultural, company culture. When the NG first came into our fleet there were a lot of unstable approaches continued to landing. It was pounded into us to just go around. Can't say it doesn't still happen, but rare. Long day of LGA turns in crappy weather, hope this is legible.
  3. John Wayne-Orange County, Santa Ana California. The runway is 5701 feet, grooved. Monsoonal rain, 737-700 we need good braking with flap 40 and autobrake max or we divert. American Airlines lands their 737-800 in front and reports good braking. We would have been stopped in 4000 if the auto brake was left on. I can't say that the 800 has the best braking for a narrow body with a max landing weight of 146,300 lbs. I also cannot figure out why NG pilots continue to accept long landings and tailwinds. Our company limit is 10 knots, I don't even like to entertain that.
  4. Leeroy

    WJ B767

    They are due for some very expensive heavy checks. Plan is that they will be sold by next summer.
  5. https://twitter.com/AirportWebcams/status/1125144523103805440/video/1
  6. If trimming with the pickle switches stops/helps/impedes the problem why all the focus on trying to find the appropriate checklist (Lionair) With proper training and experience I think most pilots would lean toward a stabilizer problem. No question that having multiple systems barking at you can muddy your focus, but you still have ground speed/power settings/artificial horizon, and in both of these incidents a visual horizon. There is a faulty system on the Boeing that needs a remedy, but the larger issue appears to be basic piloting ability. Systems do fail, we've all been grilled in the sim - fly the airplane first.
  7. https://www.design-engineering.com/experimental-plane-flies-silently-1004032091/
  8. https://raccablog.wordpress.com/2018/09/04/pilot-shortage-backfires-takes-biggest-toll-on-pilots/
  9. But does a union insure the pie will always be divided equitably? In my experience it just makes the pie taste lousy.
  10. I friend is senior in BC's social services. She has staff that they can't assign cases to due to incompetence. One individual has had no case file for 6 years! They show up and drink coffee, can't be fired, won't quit - money is good and pension gets better the longer they stay. Yup, unions make everything just ducky.
  11. Just had a look at our QRH. Smoke or Fumes Removal - At normal holding speeds open the First officers window.
  12. My FO's window slid wide open with a bang at rotation out of YUL, at night, in a snow storm. His leg, I took control while he struggled with the window, we would have been in the 150 knot range. He had a little trouble and I was thinking I was going to have to do a return while he had his head between his knees and the flight deck resembled a raging blizzard. Third try lucky. Would smoke have been drawn out, I suppose, but it was a raging wind storm. Maybe if the flight deck door was open as well there would be more area to draw from.