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  1. I have never been denied a request for additional fuel.
  2. I got my positive on the 1st. Hit hard, breathing is good, but most other symptoms really suck. No progress since day one, talking to a doctor this afternoon. Had just returned from a 4 day pairing that included two nights in PVR, I suspect the breakfast buffet, but could have been YVR too. Masked and following the guidelines the whole time.
  3. This time there is a memo. MyIdtravel and the jump seat are available. Thanks to those that got this resolved so quickly.
  4. Memo just out that you can't call in your booking either. Jump is currently not available. I should back up a little. I have not actually seen a memo, had an ALPA guy who is involved show me the communication.
  5. Looks like a controlled demolition. In those they usually take out key points on the lower levels and then let gravity do it's thing. As already mentioned, looks like lower structural failure led to the inevitable.
  6. https://femeconomy.com/queensland-voices-jacinda-cottee-women-in-aviation-champion/
  7. Was very common in Antarctic. When the the early explorers looked across McMurdo Sound to see a shear wall 12,000 feet high it must have been a little disheartening. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fata_Morgana_(mirage)
  8. The day may come, if we make it, where all mineral extraction and processing will take place off planet. That would make the blue/green marble happy.
  9. Or, Boeing provided exactly what their largest clients asked for, an aircraft that did not require a different type rating. Not defending Boeing, it was certainly a cheaper, or so they thought, solution to what their clients were asking for. Perhaps there would have been a clean slate aircraft if companies like SouthWest had not demanded a single type rating.
  10. I have never experienced full trim in either direction, huge amount of travel to get there. I would guess that the the load under full trim would be such that you could not over power it. There is no mention of the maneuver you reference that I am aware of for this aircraft. The checklist says nothing about how to recover from an unwanted attitude, it appears to assume you have regained control before things get messy. We did use that technique on the G-159, it was the only way stop the pitch up.
  11. Did the runaway stab tonight in the sim. To simulate it in the NG you first have to disengage the autopilot, the first manual trim input starts the trim and determines the direction of the run. Night IMC, accelerating through about 230 when the autopilot disengages. As per the brief I know whats going to happen next. Aircraft is pitching up so I trim down, off it goes. Not really fast though, stopped it a couple of times with the trim switch to confirm and then called for the checklist. I'm now pitching down, immediately disengage the auto throttle and power back while trimming. There was quite a bit of load on the yoke, but it was not difficult to trim and did not require a great deal of trimming, maybe about 6 turns initially and then lots of fine tuning. Continue the exercise to a diversion and hand flown ILS, IMC to about 800 ft. Not difficult when you know what's coming, it will be more interesting when the exercise can be properly programmed and the event happens when you don't expect it. Speed is key, we all now know what happens if you let her go.
  12. I have been looking at VR goggles and came across this. https://store.steampowered.com/app/223750/DCS_World_Steam_Edition/
  13. Trudeau buys Transat and gives it to Legault....
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