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  1. Leeroy

    WJ B767

    They are due for some very expensive heavy checks. Plan is that they will be sold by next summer.
  2. https://twitter.com/AirportWebcams/status/1125144523103805440/video/1
  3. If trimming with the pickle switches stops/helps/impedes the problem why all the focus on trying to find the appropriate checklist (Lionair) With proper training and experience I think most pilots would lean toward a stabilizer problem. No question that having multiple systems barking at you can muddy your focus, but you still have ground speed/power settings/artificial horizon, and in both of these incidents a visual horizon. There is a faulty system on the Boeing that needs a remedy, but the larger issue appears to be basic piloting ability. Systems do fail, we've all been grilled in the sim - fly the airplane first.