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  1. That should not be possible. The other question is: because it shouldn't be possible, why were they trying to select prior to oleo compression and wheel spin up. Interesting.
  2. This a weird and wonderful little airport. When holding short of of 20 left, you can read the tire manufacturer of the light aircraft going by, it's not unusual to get very close. No defense here, just sayin...
  3. I wonder if Fed-Ex and Jet Blue think they are getting good value...
  4. Yes, you have to be in ground mode for reverse. Combination of wheel spin up and oleo compression I believe. Frankly, I'm amazed at how well this aircraft stops, even on a contaminated runway. Personally, when the thrust levers hit the stops my hand goes to the speed brake. If I, or my partner don't put her down where we need to a tug on the speed brake causes oleo compression in short order. An aside: Last winter I did two trips into LGA in a loaded 800. Snowing, braking reported as fair, the numbers just worked on 04. We made Q, about 4000 feet, the same exit we use when bare and dry. Full flap (40) max auto brake and a Boeing landing. She's not as much fun as the 200, but I love this airplane.
  5. http://www.dallasnews.com/business/american-airlines/2016/09/14/american-airlines-raises-pay-regional-pilots
  6. I have the Microsoft Surface. Best mobile computer I have ever had. Has the power of a Notebook, but is also a tablet. I don't usually pull it out at security, I just say I have a tablet, they have made me pull it about a dozen times in two years.
  7. On extremely windy/gusty days, CYYT, there are times when the IRS will not align. It's rare, but in these instances we have to manually enter the position. We still have GPS so this is the position used, which can still be checked with the Jepp.
  8. We send in the data it gets processed and all numbers come back, with only one flap setting. If we wanted to manipulate the numbers for a higher flap setting we would have to send different data, like a contaminated runway. Sometimes you get numbers that look a little odd, we can check them against a set of numbers in our flight plan that are used if ACARS fails. I've had weird numbers, but never bad ones. There are good SOP's in place to ensure the correct numbers are used. Just spoke to said friend. They had no EFB or ACARS. Their flight plan and weight and balance were handed to them from the gate agent and then they would go to the books to pull flap, thrust and vspeeds. He said he watched an operating crew load a full derate and low speeds for a max gross departure out of Gatwick, he figured they were about 20 knots slow and wouldn't have cleared the runway, obviously he spoke up. I read some internal communications where another crew did a 14 degree rotation and held it until the aircraft flew, basically a min unstick maneuver. The damage was significant, the aircraft flew another two revenue segments back to home base before it was seen.
  9. We do max weight flap 1 departures all the time on the NG's, rotating in the 160's. Really wish we used flap 5 with slower speeds, but that's what the box spits out so that's what we do. Not all airlines have their numbers processed for them and then uplinked to the FMC. I think these guys had the wrong speeds and or the wrong thrust setting. The fact that they flew away is good, but I would say the jury is out as to whether they should have identified a problem earlier and rejected or keep trying to rotate and then push the thrust up. A friend flew the 777 overseas where speeds and thrust were entered manually. I read several reports of tail strikes and dirty shorts, none his, not one to be along for the ride.
  10. http://www.courant.com/breaking-news/hc-pig-on-plane-at-bradley-1130-20141129-story.html
  11. This would have been the late 80's. He and his wife were not allowed to work at all. They received income from the gov, fed or provincial I'm not sure. There were English classes and other "how to be a Canadian" classes, but I seem to remember the big problem was being issued a social insurance number, or equivalent. They were not in the tax system so couldn't earn income. I would hope the process has improved since then. As for credentials, I left Ontario around 1990 for BC. My pressure vessel pipe welding ticket was not inter provincial. I was not even allowed to challenge the exam or do a practical, had to go back to college to redo the course, which I didn't.
  12. Like I said, time will tell. I hope I'm wrong on this, but I have seen it many, many times before. I personally don't have a problem with the costs of helping immigrants and refugee's, but it needs to be done properly. I once shared a house with a young couple that came from Bosnia, he was a machinist in his former country and just wanted to get to work. After a year of bureaucracy which would not allow him into the work force he had all but given up. Don't know what happened to him.
  13. I think there is going to be a backlash from first nations in some Provinces. The refugees will be seen to be getting new digs and all the attention while the locals get nothing new. The what about me factor will raise it's head. Time will tell.
  14. I was fortunate enough to work with some of these people in the past in Antarctica. One good friend was a Geophysicist and full time staff at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Sounds odd, but most of these people work on their own science while doing something else for NASA. She was a two time astronaut candidate, didn't get through the week long medicals. One did maybe save her life though. She was a part time Professor at Cal-tech. She was a manager of a computing department for the initial mars rover program. She felt that she needed a better understanding of computers so she picked up a masters in computer programming, on the side. She has a commercial pilot license, her buddy Dick Rutan was her instructor. ( most sorties in North Vietnam on the super sabre) She was a single mom with an eight year old son. These people are scary smart, and lots of fun to be around, they just love what they do.
  15. Agreed. As for the title of greedy Capitalist, it would appear that the mojority of our population, those that only seem to read the headlines, beleive that anyone with an income like those in the article are filthy rich. That they acheived that wealth through underhanded measures and off the backs of, others. I would say that mainstream media supports that opinion, sells advertising too.