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  1. Incorrect. The Pilot is not required to be qualified on the aircraft. If they aren't qualified they must be made familiar on emergency equipment and exits. Same as if they are traveling in the cockpit jumpseat. I would suggest your opinion is a minority and bottom line is it's up to the Captain on how his seats are used. I am sure a 777 Captain has the balls to say "No" if that's his preference or someone comes off as an entitled dick. So if you do indeed care, you shouldn't - it's a courtesy between two professional colleagues and neither one of them is you.
  2. Entitled? Sounds like they are asking to be able to stretch out a bit. Are you a 777 Captain? If so, why don't you say "No" if it puts you out so much? If you aren't, why do you care? What if they weren't a "demand exceeds supply 17 month new hire" what if they were a 10 year guy? 20+ year guy? I've certainly seen all seniority levels in the bunk on pass travel/commuting. I've been in the bunk for a sleep on pass travel/commuting even DHing, I found the Captains always offered it up, made sure I was taken care of as much as they could when I introduced myself.
  3. It's not just about a terminal and a gate though, it's the staffing that are in the midst of dealing with their own struggles and the resulting shortage, reduced availability of catering, grooming, maintenance, everything... When you operate a larger presence like the American airlines you have the staffing and resources that you can still function on a reduced schedule, but if you are a couple flights a day only and rely largely on a few people and contracting your competitors resources to service your flight, is it any surprise they aren't able to help you? This is another case of
  4. Maybe they could dig up and paint some clapped out Bandeirantes too and make this interesting...
  5. Assuming age 67 doesn't come... The word is that someone has a lawyer.
  6. Centre seats blocked for "Premium" I suppose.
  7. Airlines have said in the past, in response to taxing pass travel, that if that empty seat has a taxable value they should be able to write it off as a loss when it goes empty.
  8. Nice first post <heavy sarcasm font>... AC is doing great, but the pilots are going the other direction... Is that you Ed?
  9. It sounds like it's your leave that you are giving up to get the bonus? If so I'd want to be paid forthwith.
  10. All these perfect boarding scenarios are BS. There's always someone not at the gate or confused or in the bathroom or trying to change their seat assignment or not having ID ready or in tree wrong line or in the wrong seat or with too many bags or too big bags or wanting to come up and talk to their friend in row 12 after they got to the back in row 28 or can't find a spot for their bags in the front or or or... These tests are best case scenario and unrealistic. They have everyone ready, with minimal bags, with no issues... Anyway - VanZetter is right - This isn't
  11. unfortunately it wasn't well thought out... new guys think they won the lottery with this new pension scheme, but really it's a wash... it will benefit some, do nothing, or even give less to others... we gave them concessions with rouge growth, protecting the mainline fleet with baseline guarantees well below our current mainline fleet numbers/plans... we gave them concessions by b-scaling (rouging) regional Airbus flying without limit. we made concessions on everything from scope to schedule to pay to guarantees to premiums... there are some that we haven't even found yet
  12. The rouge plus is really a business seat. Not lay flat though like mainline widebodies.
  13. Nothing wrong with asking a question. Seems valid enough to me...
  14. I agree. Too much junk on the ATIS. Give me the weather, active runways and any critical temporary abnormal conditions that might apply that I might have missed when reading through the 6000-odd notams I got in my briefing package... ie. closed runway, ILS inop, high speed exit closed... that sorta stuff... Put the permanent warnings on the JEPP info pages. Go into detail as appropriate... bird species, favourite foods, nesting habits, mating rituals... ie. Arrivals/Departures - Significant Year Round Bird Activity at Airport. Closely Spaced Runways - Hold Short
  15. Sorry, I guess I missed the sarcasm...
  16. Wow seeker. That's pretty cold. Dreams Take Flight has been going for 28 years and is volunteer run by Air Canada employees. I think actually it receives a complete lack of media attention, given it's longevity and positive cause... Because that's not the point... it isn't about media coverage. AC doesn't make a tear jerking YouTube viral video every year to say look at us and how how nice we are and completely exploit the children this is meant to be for... that a 5 paragraph story showed up on a local news site is incidental and clearly not a media splash job.
  17. We don't report to the gate in my job, we report to flight planning at the specified time at home base or get picked up at the time determined by the company to get to the airport by the specified time, and that is when duty starts (1:15 prior to scheduled pushback). We have already this minimum amount of time to review a flight plan and prepare an aircraft for a flight and be within Transport or contractual duty day limits and it isn't appropriate to spend half of it in line for screening... Since you are crew, you must know that pretty much every airport in the world puts you ahea
  18. You clearly don't know what you're talking about.
  19. When you report to the airport on time, you have about an hour to be ready for pushback... standing in the security line for half that time isn't appropriate.
  20. I've had issues with them as a crew member. I guess YYC airport authority shares some of the blame...They seem to have their own rules sometimes. No NPS either for crew going to US or International gates so they leave you in the regular line up. Then your bag gets autsorted to the side for additional searching and you are forced to wait while they deal with everyone else before you can get your bag and go. At least in the states if there isn't a dedicated crew line you are right to the front and through...
  21. I've used it in YYC. It's horrible. What a waste. That could partly be YYC CATSA who are also horrible... Doesn't speed anything up though IMO. Just a wasted acquisition for the sake of spending more money and raising fees on travelers.
  22. I can't believe they sent a non-ambulatory 90yo on her own... what's wrong with her family? It's like a UM but worse... I hope Westket bought her pizza at least sheesh...
  23. Mick the Dick in Dublin (Michael O'Leary) is well publicized on his thoughts of people who don't print their own Boarding Pass ahead of time. https://www.theguardian.com/business/shortcuts/2013/nov/08/michael-o-leary-33-daftest-quotes That guy likes to talk about respect, maybe he should get some self respect and not fly Ryanair. I know I never would.