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  1. Absolutely it's fine. Bad diplomacy and poor negotiations? Seriously? Sounds like that's all it's been from WJ management. Bad diplomacy is selling out your most committed employee group to save a few bucks an hour on the front end in your latest fling idea... end running the union to try to launch it... then losing at the CIRB and doubling down... and still dragging out the negots with the goal of division. We all know it's not cheaper to run Swoop separate, the duplication, the loss of flexibility, in staffing, utilisation, recovery, etc... Division is the only goal in ru
  2. I don't have a number, but I guarantee that is not even remotely correct.
  3. Are they salaried management? Are you saying call centre employees, admin assistants, payroll, accounts receivable, etc. are all working OT for free?
  4. I'm sure those office workers make wages comparable to other office jobs in the city with similar levels of responsibility, and have similar conditions and expectations... Like being paid a minimum amount when you're at work...
  5. He didn't seem to care about whatever gets passed, he just wants cargo out. So much for supporting his associates.
  6. Should have been under the "Hard To Watch" thread... What a bunch of hot air in that panel... I esp. like the part where they are complaining that we aren't harmonized with the FAA so the systems/software providers can't handle it... I'll take FAA rules tomorrow so they don't have to worry about that. A couple questions I would have liked to hear: "Why aren't the country's largest airlines up there with you?" "Where is Air Canada/WestJet/Transat on this?"
  7. The facts will be weighed, but I stand by my opinion: Losing a disagreement with your superior, over something he/she holds ultimate responsibility for is not sexism. The practise of FOs bidding around Captain schedules, rather than displacing them full pay for trips that cross is not misogyny... Not to mention to never file an actual complaint alleging any of this until 5 years after you walk away? Then get bent out of shape because after you quit they wanted their uniform back and weren't waiting at the gate with a cake? As for complaints of being forced to accept lower
  8. I heard there may be a pattern of consistently wanting more fuel involved in a circumstances like this. Specifically, showing up early and calling dispatch for more gas before your colleague arrives. Or is it anytime a woman disagrees and is shutdown by a male coworker that ranks and is senior to them it's misogyny and harassment?
  9. So an Icelandic (not in the EU) owned airline with its head office in Latvia (4th year in the EU) operating out of the UK (soon no-longer in the EU)... It seems to me that the spirit of agreements like open skies are being leveraged beyond the vision for which they were implemented.
  10. Or until you get to the airport and realize you didn't put your middle name on the booking, like your passport has, and are denied boarding... Or perhaps get arrested for wearing too many clothes on your flight. Lots of good fodder coming from the Icelandic airlines the past couple months...
  11. Government and consumers are short sighted.
  12. It's not an Irish company though: Norwegian launched its long-haul operation in May 2013. The long-haul flights are operated by fully owned subsidiaries: Norway-based Norwegian Long Haul, Ireland-based Norwegian Air International, United Kingdom-based Norwegian Air UK, and Argentina-based Norwegian Air Argentina. Each airline with the exception of Norwegian Long Haul holds a unique air operator's certificate (AOC) but shares branding and commercial functions with the rest of the Group. Flags of Convenience is a scourge in shipping: encourages exploitation, decimates labour, avoids re
  13. I don't agree with selling out the future. Or grandfathered rates. Or B scales. But I really want talking about who chooses to work for them... rather the rubber stamp governments and agencies that allow them to run across inappropriate jurisdictions to the detriment of the larger industry, including labour.
  14. I'm not sure what you mean by that Malcolm. IMO it is wrong when a business gets itself setup in jurisdictions other than its own solely with the purpose to skirt rules, avoid taxes, take advantage of loopholes, etc. It's not good for the industry as a whole, and while it seems to offer an immediate benefit to consumers, and some spin off, it's typically short lived, and short sighted. The EU may be a common market, but I believe we should allow French airlines to fly here from France, British airlines from Britain, German airlines from Germany, and Norwegian Airlines from Norwa
  15. It's really a sham. Flag of convenience. Norway isn't even in the EU. Many of their crew are based in Asia and work under nonexistent labour laws. Completely leveraged and bleeding money business dumping lift.
  16. Perspective: https://mobile.nytimes.com/2018/04/02/sports/nfl-cheerleaders.html?smid=fb-nytimes&smtyp=cur
  17. Absolutely and perhaps. This is a media report (which seeks to sensationalise) from CBC nonetheless, of a CUPE charge which is already worded and formed with the motivation to pressure the employer. I'm pretty sure we are at least two levels past what really happened and without any context. I'll wait to see the outcome before I judge it as systemic harassment. In fact I'd be surprised if this ever gets to tribunal. They'll make a deal and it will go away...
  18. IMO - this is what it's really about: The complaint alleges that the onboard service manager program “has resulted in pervasive, systemic harassment and discrimination” towards service directors and flight attendants, “which has created an unsafe work environment that has left the membership feeling threatened and intimidated.” I have heard so frequently about the dislike of these OBSM checks. I don't blame them, I don't like being checked either - line checks, SIM checks, LOSA observers, now random line flight line checks... but that's the business, and it's not a human rights issue
  19. Obviously making suggestive comments or rude actions or being creepy is inexcusable. But, there is nothing wrong with holding people to a reasonable grooming, appearance, and uniform standard..
  20. I've worked at a 9 different companies in aviation. Best one (by far) was the only one that was a union job.
  21. Alright. I'll go with that.
  22. I believe the 330s are from Air Berlin BTW...
  23. In that case you can count on it.
  24. Thanks for the reminder Kip. I'm out...
  25. You're confused MD2. Priests and Nobleman? You're thinking the first/second estate. You are looking to accuse and point fingers while not even understanding the language.