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  1. AC going LW - CG? Via VR you mean... Don't think there is a direct flight.
  2. My article may be 6 months old, but your ideas are from decades ago. I got that your a Tar Sand sympathiser so I won't argue as you have "ideas" I am sure. Btw - On income tax you are ahead in BC on about your fist 100k taxable income. That represents most of the population so... I remember when we moved from BC to AB, I thought I'd be ahead on the taxes... Not so much, in fact I paid more. No PST is a bonus, but since I'm not a big time 'consumer' men... Minimal effect... Plus AB has been spending money your ass can't cash so guess we'll see what Prentice does to right the ship. Anyway is th
  3. When Mark Twain wrote, Never let the facts stand in the way of a good story, he could have been describing Canadas current climate policy debate. Prime Minister Stephen Harper repeatedly claims that a carbon tax would destroy jobs and growth. Yet the evidence from the province that actually passed such a tax British Columbia tells a different story.... Revenue-neutral by law, the policy requires equivalent cuts to other taxes. In practice, the province has cut $760-million more in income and other taxes than needed to offset carbon tax revenue. The result is that taxpayers are coming out ahe
  4. You mention a lot of other stuff that is irrelevant to carbon credit policy... ... And I agree with much of that and honestly dislike the entire lot of Ontario politicians - Lib/Con... Not a clue between. A hugely mismanaged province... but not relevant to a discussion on the scope/effectiveness of this policy. I realise it's different than cap and trade - But I think BC has had success with its carbon tax policy, real carbon reductions and they are the top performing province economically now that AB has taken a nose dive... Do you see a system like that as better? Or just any policy to redf
  5. So should they just do nothing? Don't know if this is the best option, but it's something...
  6. I think they were the only operator there before Porter showed up, no? It was Porter that denied AC access wasn't it?
  7. MD2 - Your suppositions are off. You make claims on morale, b scales and cloak/dagger but you admit you really don't know oR are just making general comments. And clearly you don't know... Getting in some shots where you can I guess... In fact morale is high, pay and employment conditions are certainly ahead of the rest. Re:b-scales - it seems most of the guys at rouge are happy pay wise... the monthly guarantee and overtime rates are better than mainline. Even on the discounted hourly I think some guys are ahead of their mainline counterparts due the pay rules. Only downside I understand is t
  8. I was not so much defending rouge as ridiculing your post and all it lacks... I mean, I used the same words you used, even corrected one (in italics) and redirected them at the kettle. ... and yet it's me who is a part of a band? Really I think it's you on a bandwagon with this guy, the CBC and maybe Rob Lowe shouting simplistic, unfounded, populist notions appealing to ill-informed sheep who like to cry foul at everything and anything. Not much credibility in that band when the motives are clearly not tied to reality.
  9. Dubious you say? ... Like ordering C-series jets for the island.. Lol... Talk about the illusions of ass-clowns divorced from reality...
  10. I think he's confusing "messenger" with "shill"...
  11. Still in busi... I mean still sulking? Poor Porter...
  12. Who gets 3 C1s? Retirees do get the 3 C2/J9s too.
  13. I understand where you're coming from. Your egalitarian view is very Canadian I suppose!
  14. Maintenance engineers are licensed professionals. I have the utmost respect for their position and don't consider it all that unlike a pilot in that respect. Would be happy to see them get the same... representation could present an issue though I'd suppose?
  15. Never said it made you a lesser person. Sounds like you feel as though a "new hire" may be though. As for "paying your dues"... I understand your assertion that the early years at one of the top employers in the country are tough and constitute "paying your dues"... I guess it's perspective though - because respectfully I don't think you comprehend the sacrifice or the tunnel of **bleep** some of those "new hires" have crawled through to survive and get the chance to get on the property... I think that's paying your dues - for real.
  16. I see no problem with tiered priorities for different employee groups. As was mentioned earlier, one employee can be hired at 18 years old with a minimal skill set or education, is it fair they forever trump an employee who spends a decade or more acquiring the capabilities required to be employed by the carrier in a position and thus doesn't get hired until their well into their career? That said, pass travel is a fading benefit no matter your priority short of POS, with record load factors the stress and hassle is often not worth it.
  17. A friend of mine is a writer and often writes magazine articles, I'm amazed at how long the process is for some of them. He will pitch an idea to an editor and it will get slotted for an issue 18 months even 2 years away. Then he researches/writes/etc with that deadline in mind. He does do some shorter things too, but the longer research oriented ones go through quite a process. That could be why it's out so far after the fact?
  18. Was that AC's fault? Is it always someone's fault? I don't think so, I feel the need to blame and be paid whenever something happens a pile of BS, I think it goes into the "that's life" or "**bleep** happens" file. I could see sueing if it was gross negligence, but it doesn't sound like that's the case here.
  19. Add her to the no sense = no fly list.
  20. Maybe you should get some Fox news articles in there for good measure. QMI are hack propagandaistas with an agenda and zero journalistic credibility. Like how they get the dig in on liberals in the first article with the string of babble.
  21. When Blatch was ditched from the Globe I was exuberant. Opening my paper to her mug and banter on the inside cover was always a low point of my day. Her replacement, Renzetti, is just as much a waste of space but marginally more tolerable. Don't get me started on Wente or Southey... Drivel... That our papers indulge this sort of populist submission from their staff writers should be an embarrassment to the editorial staff... Makes me want to cancel my paper.
  22. http://www.theglobeandmail.com/report-on-business/international-business/us-business/southwest-eyes-northern-push-threatening-air-canada-westjet/article19783679/#dashboard/follows/
  23. Of course there are die-hard NDPers and Liberals... but that has nothing to do with my statement for a lack of support on this bill. Note chockalicious' statement. A small "c" conservative who doesn't like it and is reconsidering his vote. Gives you an idea of the lack of support for this law. So few people who have really looked at it like it. And the ones who do like it don't care what was in it, they are CPC all the way.