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  1. I understand where you're coming from. Your egalitarian view is very Canadian I suppose!
  2. Maintenance engineers are licensed professionals. I have the utmost respect for their position and don't consider it all that unlike a pilot in that respect. Would be happy to see them get the same... representation could present an issue though I'd suppose?
  3. Never said it made you a lesser person. Sounds like you feel as though a "new hire" may be though. As for "paying your dues"... I understand your assertion that the early years at one of the top employers in the country are tough and constitute "paying your dues"... I guess it's perspective though - because respectfully I don't think you comprehend the sacrifice or the tunnel of **bleep** some of those "new hires" have crawled through to survive and get the chance to get on the property... I think that's paying your dues - for real.
  4. I see no problem with tiered priorities for different employee groups. As was mentioned earlier, one employee can be hired at 18 years old with a minimal skill set or education, is it fair they forever trump an employee who spends a decade or more acquiring the capabilities required to be employed by the carrier in a position and thus doesn't get hired until their well into their career? That said, pass travel is a fading benefit no matter your priority short of POS, with record load factors the stress and hassle is often not worth it.
  5. A friend of mine is a writer and often writes magazine articles, I'm amazed at how long the process is for some of them. He will pitch an idea to an editor and it will get slotted for an issue 18 months even 2 years away. Then he researches/writes/etc with that deadline in mind. He does do some shorter things too, but the longer research oriented ones go through quite a process. That could be why it's out so far after the fact?
  6. Was that AC's fault? Is it always someone's fault? I don't think so, I feel the need to blame and be paid whenever something happens a pile of BS, I think it goes into the "that's life" or "**bleep** happens" file. I could see sueing if it was gross negligence, but it doesn't sound like that's the case here.
  7. Add her to the no sense = no fly list.
  8. Maybe you should get some Fox news articles in there for good measure. QMI are hack propagandaistas with an agenda and zero journalistic credibility. Like how they get the dig in on liberals in the first article with the string of babble.
  9. When Blatch was ditched from the Globe I was exuberant. Opening my paper to her mug and banter on the inside cover was always a low point of my day. Her replacement, Renzetti, is just as much a waste of space but marginally more tolerable. Don't get me started on Wente or Southey... Drivel... That our papers indulge this sort of populist submission from their staff writers should be an embarrassment to the editorial staff... Makes me want to cancel my paper.
  10. http://www.theglobeandmail.com/report-on-business/international-business/us-business/southwest-eyes-northern-push-threatening-air-canada-westjet/article19783679/#dashboard/follows/
  11. Of course there are die-hard NDPers and Liberals... but that has nothing to do with my statement for a lack of support on this bill. Note chockalicious' statement. A small "c" conservative who doesn't like it and is reconsidering his vote. Gives you an idea of the lack of support for this law. So few people who have really looked at it like it. And the ones who do like it don't care what was in it, they are CPC all the way.
  12. Without vouching you could show up at the polls with a Canadian Passport, Birth Certificate, SIN card and Health Card and be refused voting. IMO vouching is more about affirming "this is where I live and I have a right to vote in this riding" than I have absolutely no ID and want to vote. I had to vouch for my wife in the last election because we had recently moved, hadn't changed our DLs to Ontario yet and she hadn't saved any mail that would qualify for proof of residence in the riding. But as JO pointed out... vouching is the tip of the iceberg on this bill and is being floated out front be
  13. Did I say I was in favour of a YTZ monopoly? No. You're like some sort of neo-con ultra-partisan! "If you're not with me you're against me." And changing the statement while you're at it. You're the guy who said: Ummm... maybe you haven't noticed but it's pretty much all you talk about. It's like some kind of second coming... the Teal Saviour... ... and theBean has been called to smite the Beast Raccoon. I think your message clearly has ulterior motives given your past with the Teal Saviour and whether your message is on or not is irrelevant because you carry on and on... business model, su
  14. Clearly you have not. Just a pro-consumer-crusader doing his bit... Jeeezus.
  15. Okay... so I looked up flights... Random sampling from PD/WS/AC for tomorrow... City / PD / WS / AC Chicago /1223 / 1187 / 966 Boston / 831 / NA / 837 ewr/lga / 411 / 359 / 386 DC / 630 / 1225 / 637 Montreal / 253 / 258 /259 Ottawa / 339 / 301 /301 Halifax / 292 / 331 / 331 What's the problem here... Looks like they are all in the mix there... buck here, 40 bucks there, all in the range though. I never have looked for myself but I don't see where your claims are supported by this data.
  16. I didn't say I believed prices drop when supply was regulated. I said there is a maximum price that the market will bear and that determines the price. If TH was the only donut shop in town and wanted $5 for a maple dip, I guess I'd stop eating donuts. So in the case of Porter if they are charging it and the market is buying it instead of going to Pearson what's your problem? Kitchener/Hamilton a few bucks cheaper to YYC and I bet WS makes out better on a cost perspective with lower landing and gate fees than Pearson... they prefer people there over yyz so I think I'd expect that. If price was
  17. Fair trade. Market price of donuts. Transborder last minute. Any comment or did you ignore that because your ideas on that are flawed? Again, I don't particularly like Porter, I don't think they're profitable, nor should they get a virtual monopoly. I have little doubt they would get their clocks cleaned with AC or WS or both in there with a share of slots, and I'm sure their time is limited. But I reject your general arguments as arrogant and self-serving... speaking of ducks.
  18. "support higher wages, perhaps you should consider paying 131% more for your coffee" it's called Fair Trade and it is worldwide and growing multi-billion dollar movement with aims at sustainability enviromentally/socially. Even supported now by multi-nationals such as Nestle and Starbucks. Public doesn't seem to have a problem with the premium as products are often marked as fair trade. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fair_tradehttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fair_trade re:donut monopoly... if the market could bare the price monopoly or not I think TH would charge it. But very few people want a don
  19. Pot calling the kettle? Seriously though, IF Porter is indeed charging a premium and people are buying it good for them. No love lost here for Porter, I'd love to see them canned and relegated into the history books but if they can charge '000s of bucks for a walk up and the person wants to pay it good. Be nice to see more money coming in to relieve the continuous push down on CASMs by industry waging war on wawcon.
  20. Trolling on internet forums crusading the same schtick over and over for what, the past five years? Then waving your 8 figure bank account as some sort of a justification for your apparent personality disorder like you're the only millionaire in the country and we should be impressed? Pathetic. Just sayin'... As a word of advice you should learn a new dance, It's not that I disagree I'm just sick of hearing it... put that effort into writing your MP or something.