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  1. Interesting that Ford confirmed this last year, even the NBC article your link references is 4 months old. And Trump is taking recent credit because he knows people read the headline and don't look past the surface truth to really understand... Our society is full of stupid people and the masses are getting stupider.
  2. I think Boestar's got it... I know when the first '87s came to AC, guys were out doing touch and goes in Mirabel...
  3. I certainly prefer it to the "overdoing it" efforts you often see on these theme jobs...
  4. Now if they could just do it for cars and we could start getting some of the great models NAINA...
  5. We should have the capability offered by equipment like this. No need to 'rush' though just to save a couple bucks... Especially since we'd have to modify them to our specs anyway - these particular vessels have been fitted with Russian weapons and specs fired to accommodating their needs. Government just needs to get off their asses and order a couple new ones along with sorting out our fighters... And a few coastal patrol icebreakers... And a couple nuclear sub's... and how are those Sikorskys doing btw?
  6. No problem sidestick. Couldn't agree more on the way this could go south running on minimum contingency. Might as well get some popcorn and wait for the show to start... EH - I think the all in London approach is a double edged sword... On one hand you have probably the biggest market for European travel, on the other hand you have the most competition. AC serves 8 Canadian cities from LHR, and how many flights from YYZ daily... 4? 5? Transat to LGW from maybe 4 or 5... Plus the lift on UK carriers... BA, Thomas Cook, any others? They are certainly wading into the deep end.
  7. From the schedule it looks like a 3 aircraft rotation... Are the crews going to groom to make the 90 minute turn in Gatwick? Maybe the outbound crew will get on and they can both tag team the garbage. Are they doing those western flights with 2 guys up front?
  8. I think Costco is OK... Living wages, good return policy, competetive prices... $1.50 hotdogs... And who are they competing with really - Loblaws, Sobeys, Esso, Shell, Best Buy, etc... Hardly taking down the small guys... As for Walmart... Never. Lowest of the low. Feel dirty just walking into that place.
  9. I remember seeing bumper stickers like this when I lived in Calgary 10 years ago... Sadly, they p!ssed it away again...
  10. What do they have room to add? 7 more 767s? You could do the above schedule with 3 more aircraft... Closer to 2 if you have some left over from existing under-utilisation in your fleet...
  11. After Klein gave one way bus tickets to welfare recipients and shipped them to Vancouver, I think it's fitting that Alberta welcomes the disabled in need of support.
  12. Why should AC give anything to an ambulance chaser, who's already made potentially damaging statements in the media and is looking to litigate against anyone and anything for as much as possible. I say go pound sand, not going to help you get your pound of flesh... They gave everything required to the TSB.
  13. Yeah, that guy sounds really progressive...
  14. I think the faulty ELT power source was identified as the issue on this incident like 2 years ago... Just after it happened... Maybe the news cycle carries the story again because now the official report is out and they like to scare people, but I don't think there is anything new here.
  15. Ontario has shitty governments. City, provincial... What's wrong with this place... Out of ideas.
  16. Good for AC. This is a good fit for both cities. It would be great to see capacity unlocked - I can't see how a few more seats to Canada could hurt when it's not even directly competing with their own carrier... And compared to the way they have let other foreign carriers walk all over them and syphon off their own routes... This seems like all upside, minimal downside... But maybe I don't get it...
  17. Corporations play hard ball all the time and then trot out their lawyers to muddy and string everything out. Rolling over and dying because it's in the contract? Get real. If they want to stand up for themselves, contract or not, it's their right I say. Besides sounds like the contract is in the final days...
  18. I disagree Inchman. I'm pro-AC and I suppose the fueling change is good for our bottom line, but you can't argue with the right for these guys to stand up for themselves and draw attention to their situation. Inconvenient for many, yes, I'm sure - just like garbage strikes, teacher strikes, name it... But faced with job loss I'm sure someone going on their honeymoon is low on these guys priorities.
  19. I don't know. But as a bystander on this, litigating yourself into a job/position seems dubious. What a waste of resources.
  20. If I were a betting man, I'd bet WS overseas will result in numbers narrowing with AC rather than diverging as you suggest the stage length will result. Can of worms and all with costs and success hinged on old tails and minimal fallback. I suppose we will see how long GS's pride keeps them overseas or will we see a pullback with an eye on prudence before going all on so to speak... I'm not an analyst, but that's my gut feeling... Brave New World...
  21. TripAdvisor? C'mon! <iframe src="https://player.vimeo.com/video/71288763" width="500" height="281" frameborder="0" webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen></iframe>
  22. South X Southwest, City Limits, F1, huge art and design scene, huge food scene, tech, including Dell's head office... I'm pretty excited about Austin.
  23. Why do you have to be such a downer dude. Gawd.
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