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  1. Wouldn't be surprised if you saw AC increase IST service to daily in support of this when the 787 takes the route.
  2. Fill in the blanks? This looks like codeshare agreements with United and Turkish... Kuwait out of the states on United... And various destinations on Turkish out of their IST hub... Has nothing to do with Rouge, the preface DBA is just standard legalese to cover all the bases...
  3. GMAFB? I didn't say an airline wouldn't run without the many involved. But it certainly wouldn't run well if the skilled workers being hired to operate & maintain the aircraft didn't come to the position with years of training and experience behind them. A wheel chair pusher can show up uneducated and unskilled right out of the drop out line at 18 years old. Is it ego that I think a professional in a position that requires significant responsibility, commitment and experience can receive better benefits? I heard a while back the average new hire pilot age was 35... Not sure if that's true, maybe close anyway... I don't think they should get penalised on a perk because they couldn't get hired at 18 and have a 40+ year career, like all the other jobs you mentioned. Should Calin travel based on his seniority too? How about a new BOD member who only has to show up to a few meetings every year? How about a new middle manager? Where do you draw the line on who gets what?
  4. I think there should be some type of recognition for station and where you are in your career. A first year 35 YO pilot, well into his career, shouldn't get bumped by a second year 20 YO rouge FA, who thought it looked like fun to try... Pilots and AMEs should be recognised for what they bring and the experience/education (often culminated over a decade or more) that is required by the company for then to join. I think B1s are fair and represent a very small impact overall. I heard less than 1/3 of them were used this year...
  5. I don't like it when people Make a mountain out of a molehill... I mean she got the frickin cat on the plane didn't she? Where's the story here? That said, I do believe in the roles that animals play in helping people. But I don't think it's discrimination to limit their access/acceptance to aircraft. If you want to bring them you have to work with it a bit... Keep them in a carrier, pay a fee so the airline can make a buffer zone so that those with cat allergies can have their reasonable expectation of a healthy environment met, whatever. To just claim unabated access at all times to everything is BS. I mean of you're that unstable without your cat on your lap maybe you shouldn't be on my plane? I'm allergic to cats, yet I like cats and often make the decision to suffer the consequences when I visit friends who have them. But that's my decision, I shouldn't have to be subjected to them in my workplace without limit, nor should other passengers. I am prepared to be flexible and understanding to an extent based on the situation, but not without limit and I don't think that's discrimination. 1 in 7 people are allergic to cats. I think it's only fair to place limits for the benefit of 15% of the people on that aircraft and those that will be on the following flights.
  6. http://www.economist.com/news/leaders/21678785-battle-against-islamic-state-must-be-waged-every-front-how-fight-back
  7. If it were reversed - Harper had guys on the ground and Trudeau was pulling them and offering CF18s instead - the neo-cons would be complaining. The arguments being made here against Trudeau's decision at this point are all ideologically driven. Damned if you do damned if you don't... Fact is, he said he was pulling the aircraft out and he won an election on it, guess Canadians mostly think it's a good idea. - besides our allies have better capabilities for the air mission and maybe the money we save could go towards a new jet order lol.
  8. I agree with conehead on commuting... Corporations close branches, bases, offices, relocate, etc all the time, that's the world. We are fortunate that our positions allow us to live virtually anywhere with the tradeoff of dealing with and passing for pass travel. Personal choice. Also, I don't care what Jazz employees pay for pass travel. I suppose that's between AC and CHR though, none of my business. Do tier 2/3 employees have priority over mainline employees at any other legacy airline in the world?
  9. I'd be surprised if a fairly junior FA at mainline wouldn't consider the move to rouge... and #1 seniority, schedule, destinations, expenses. If you've been working Rapidairs and YDF 48 hour layovers for the past 2 or 3 years it might be a nice move to be #1. At least for a few years... vice versa I think the newest, junior rouge FAs would probably do better junior at mainline. I think they got it pretty rough... Wouldn't be surprised to see some movement both ways.
  10. Lukacs has little credibility - he had success on the one front... Trying to milk it I suppose. The environment Canada needs to create is one of lower taxes on flyers - lower landing fees for airlines, scrap bogus security fees, fuel excise taxes, etc. Stop the Airport Authorities from blowing their wad on BS and build some forward looking infrastructure... Then get rid of the AIF... In Canada, aside from YTZ, you have a free market with the primary carrier hamstrung by government regulation, what more could you want to invite competition? Unbridled open skies perhaps? So we can sell out our entire industry and 10's of thousands of jobs so Frequent Flier Lucy Rubin can save $50?
  11. If you mean at AC, the pilots only have one list.
  12. Porter's conditional order doesn't makes a drop of difference on Bombardier's failure or success - to try to link that as related is absurd. J.O. has it right - Those rules were in place, that runway was that long before Porter showed up - no harm in asking for change, but you can't complain when you don't get it, let alone start a blame game.
  13. In particular it was YUL inflt on the first week it ran to CDG... The seniors had it pretty cush on that run over the years and suddenly had to work for it.
  14. True, it was clear years ago that being an executive equated to a big paycheque - but nothing like where it has gone. Average CEO pay increases have outpaced even the stock market in the past 30 to 40 years. All the while pay for the average individual, adjusted for inflation has stagnated.
  15. My impressions and opinion of Ms.Raitt couldn't be more different in her function as MoT and as an MP in general. Not only did she mishandle the rail file after Lac Megantic, she put the kaybosh on the amended duty regs, then she knee jerked and got us babysitters for our bathroom breaks. She had a history of leaving sensitive files behind, and apparently found it difficult to keep her mouth shut or observe discretion on multiple occasions instead choosing to showcase her ignorance.
  16. ACPPA is a relic. As much as I would prefer jobs to be in Canada, hamstringing a company with such restrictions and costs is unreasonable when none of their competitors have the same burden.
  17. Don't even know who he is. Just a pilot shooting the sh!t..
  18. "dealings that he and his colleagues profited from" I don't even know what you're talking about... Maybe you have me confused with someone else... Anyway, sorry I hurt your feelings. I hope we can move on and communicate better perhaps on future threads.
  19. Defcon. I did not direct my comment to any individual or group in particular, not you, not Trump supporters, but rather society in general - "the masses". Since the comment is so broad and general it's not meant to be literal. It is hyperbole - I thought that was obvious - to draw emphasis to the greater issue. Which is simply poor journalism is rampant and the boundaries of what is considered journalism are going further and more people are consuming it via newsfeeds, social networks, etc with little regard for where it came from or its motive. My comment to Don was a joke... ... really I think if anyone is getting personal here it's you.
  20. Careful Don... some are a little sensitive on labels like that in this thread.
  21. conehead I appreciate your optimism. Perhaps I am a cynic. CP - of your choices: I think, to me, blacksmith would sound the most appealing; although to be a good teacher is certainly more noble.
  22. As for anything I do or don't have... It's not a result of anything other than being all in and balls out trying to reach for what I perceive to want out of this world. The masses, this industry - certainly haven't done me any favours, let alone made it for me.
  23. Not sure why you take it personally. Perhaps I was seeming blunt when I said stupid people getting stupider but it was meant to come across as hyperbolic - for emphasis. Problem is poor and biased journalism is widespread, and people eat it up as fact. I think there has been a significant decline of people able (or that want) to analyse and look critically at what they are fed. Thus they are exploited by people like Trump and stories like these.
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