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  1. How did they get slots for this operation? I thought there was a shortage of space for scheduled carriers in YTZ? Or are 703 aircraft exempt from that process.
  2. Glad to see people are getting compensated. WS must be getting good at it. Surprised to read "the plane was half empty".
  3. They certainly are showing everyone how it's done on the Atlantic.
  4. MD2 you say you were in "close communication with enough of the passengers to know the details" You say " it's just amazing that Air Canada could not get the passengers to their destination on the same day" Can you be more specific? Don't you really mean that you knew one person/group who ended up on a flight the next day after this flight was cancelled? Don't you mean that one person/group wasn't able to adequately communicate their situation when rebooking and understand the policy that is published in the terms of carriage and can be found instantly on google with the smartphone in their pocket to be sure it was represented correctly. I think we all know you need to have some responsibility for yourself in all facets of life. It seems often people expect to just float through rather than advocating for themselves and getting what they need... Thirsty? Hungry? Flight cancelled? I'm so hard done by! Blame someone else when you apparently did little to get what you wanted/needed...
  5. I see that isn't the policy... clearly the agent is wrong.
  6. I'm glad we agree on the real issue then. $200 to rebook a cancelled flight is ridiculous. I gotta say I'm surprised... you say "the agent"... so it was one person/group who has had this issue? Maybe elevating their concerns past "the agent" to a manager will see a better result?
  7. Yeah, I understand it wasn't 23 minutes in this case. Just responding to the average listed on an earlier post. I can understand they wanted to do service in cruise as that's what usually happens.... if you think you might be ready to go any moment you don't want to get the carts out delaying things further when you're suddenly ready to go... glad to hear they "caved" and got drinks and snacks out after all, nothing worse than having to wait a few hours for a snack, I could imagine they were mutinous after a few hours of no snacking... Re:rescue flight, when you operate at capacity on one of the busiest long weekends of the year it's difficult to free up an extra aircraft and crew, additionally, with 18 flights out of a station that day, the majority were able to be accommodated onto another flight on the same day, albeit some with a connection to YYZ. Some went the next day so you say... the horror... The $200 to change, clearly that's wrong and will be corrected if it hasn't already, I'm guessing the initial agent didn't realise the change was due to a cancelled flight - being human and all mistakes are made... Really what we see here is a flight was delayed by the government authorities... then the aircraft went mechanical and the crew ran out of duty day before it could be resolved. It seems you clearly don't know the story here MD2... what is your source for the service faults? Are you in touch with all the passengers onboard? Have you brought this to Gabor?
  8. I don't know... 23 minutes is not much... LA can be funny sometimes in that corner... late happens, can't get to your gate, then can't get off your gate, alley full, tow-in, whatever.... had 2 Hawaiian 330s stuck nose to nose blocking us a couple months ago... It probably was a security problem somewhere if that's what was said... then while it was sorted out something broke on the plane and the crew dutied out before it could get fixed... I'd be surprised if they wouldn't let people change flights though... that seems off... where is this whole situation documented? What's the source? CBC hasn't lead with it yet on the National? Typically if there's a chance to dig at AC every news agency runs it... As a porter shill, MD2, these claims seem somewhat disingenuous, opportunistic, trumped up... Anyway...
  9. As if the feds don't make enough off our industry already! All political parties and levels of government are guilty of the cash cow approach and the airport authorities are worse. The only sane solution is to "let go" and let commerce and business run... Turn on the escalator, get all the runways working, and stop buying art. Scrap departure taxes, bring gate and landing fees in line with comparable airports and stop the senseless construction. The term "not for profit" is a loose term when it really just requires it all gets **bleep** away... as these CEOs really just seek to increase revenues, pontificate their existence and pad their wad...
  10. No issues here. I use Chrome on Android.
  11. First off - "just saying" maybe that's what got me started... If you want to say someone is a liar and fraud then say it. Let's not beat around the bush and try to pad it up with a poor expression. I don't know blues either, but I've read this forum long enough that I'll give him benefit of the doubt on his reporting of his experience... you are right in that if the captain decided to divert for good reason then he made the right choice, but if weather and runway conditions weren't a factor than why? The airline should own whatever the issue is... aircraft defect, poor planning, whatever... They should also reimburse blues the expenses he incurred per their service policy. If it walks like a duck... Sounds to me like they dropped the handling on this and then tried to deflect hoping their dissatisfied passenger would just go away. I wouldn't stand for it either... **bleep** happens - no problem - it's the rest of it that really counts...
  12. What exactly are you, "Just saying", Malcolm? It sounds like you are "Just saying" that blues deville is a liar and misrepresenting himself. "Just saying" - what a passive aggressive cop out. Why don't you tell us how you really feel.
  13. Maybe just mistaken with the not-westjetty-enough-co-worker harassment training offered by Greg Saretsky in a recent speech... ie. "Like it or force them out"
  14. What did they expect? Here we are, give us the gate. As much as I wouldn't dispute "defending turf", I doubt that is the case here. The gate was in use. End of story. Typical Gulf attitude is the only problem. Entitled. Spoiled. Might as well take our women while they are here... Sounds like they were accommodated off gate quite quickly anyway... I can't count how many times I've been off gate while operating scheduled flights into and out of major international airports... there wasn't an international incident over it. I almost prefer off gate if the weather is nice vs. single gate operations... out the front, out the back, gets me on the bus to the hotel sooner...
  15. I like windows 10. I have had it on a Intel NUC Skylake box for a few months running on a SSD and it's booted before my TV turns on. Very fast.
  16. First off, the accused employee sounds unstable... should have never acted like that. But it also sounds like the woman was active in the argument and provoked the escalation by taking a picture. This wasn't some innocent woman that was just jumped out of the blue. I can imagine she was just as active in the argument and since her hat was knocked off she was "assaulted." Her experience in social work is apparently poor as she was unable to de-escalate the confrontation or just ignore an a$$hole. All for a dent in a bag that will pop right out. And it's all the airline's fault...
  17. Just guys who spent a career as intellectuals and are spring loaded to **bleep** on a kid because they never discovered anything of their own. I'm rooting for the kid.
  18. While the sexual assault may be a misdemeanour offence since it didn't get past groping, it would probably not be the only charge brought if the assault occurred as in the statement of claim. Trying to overcome or hold someone down to commit an offence, including sexual assault, is a Class B or even A felony in Hawaii depending on the circumstance. Class B felonies carry a maximum 10 year term and fine of $25000. Class A felonies carry a term up to 20 years without possibility of suspension or probation and a $50000 fine.
  19. Porter crashed into the terminal in YHZ several years back taxiing single engine... Can't remember which hydraulic system runs the main brakes, but you need to have the STBY/PTU activated if you want both braking systems available single engine... Guess they figured it out the hard way...
  20. Nice shot blues... I always liked this one of Boeing showcasing the 737s capabilities in Hope BC.
  21. Not true. Hamilton airport exit is only 8km on the 403 from the King street ramp out of downtown Hamilton. Hamilton is over 1/2 million people... Plus the surrounding area... Seems like lots of potential.
  22. I think MTC is against being in the IAMAW in general.
  23. I think the bias shows through in the language of the article. All we see too are claims and estimates by Emirates throwing up a smokescreen. It's not factually driven. I'd lean toward this which actually draws on real numbers and cites its evidence. http://www.openandfairskies.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/GRA-Report-on-ME3-Profitability.pdf
  24. Absolutely, it's always revenue driven ultimately - and I'm sure it's with the joint interest of its star partners to cement access in the region. Is United also codesharing YYZ/DXB on AC now that they are xling IAD/DXB? I know they plugged it in a recent media statement... I think westjet had some rulings last week about feeding Emirates with their code aswell...
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