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  1. 2 hours ago, Turbofan said:

    Please excuse my ignorance but I can’t figure out if your post is meant to be real or sarcasm.

    Is there actually truth to this?


    LOL... Throwing saving Quebec Bombardier jobs sure makes it sound plausible...

    I don't have a stake in the success of Porter, the opposite really, but I don't like nimbys who would have airlines shuttered and runways bulldozed beaking off on an aviation forum... I would like to see max power run ups off of Mr. Iler's deck.

  2. Breaking News:

    Details are emerging that Porter Airlines is in negotiations to relaunch their previously scuttled Airbus A220 order, previously Bombardier C-Series.

    Reports are that the Trudeau Liberals, as a condition of the yet to be announced Regional Airline Bailout package, will impose the amendments on the tripartite agreement to permit the Mirabel built jet's operation at the downtown airport, ensure the continued viability of air service to smaller communities, and promote jobs in Quebec.

  3. 18 minutes ago, Tango Foxtrot said:

    1.13 million deaths worldwide so far. Who cares. People are losing their jobs.  F ing governments.

    You forgot your sarcasm emoji I think.

    That's a narrow view of the cost, dying with sars cov2 does not equate to sars cov2 being cause of death.

    People are not being treated or diagnosed for other ailments - and dying, mental health is strained beyond breaking for some, family's and children's security and futures are being reduced to shambles... yet excess deaths in world populations is in line with historic averages. The pandemic is over despite hyped numbers and media.

    So now we're into the self induced costs. How far are we going to go? When will we get the real numbers?

  4. 10 hours ago, Turbofan said:

    And as bad as that number is.  It is not the number to be watching for.  That number will increase in perpetuity.  It is a rear view mirror number.  The evolution of the Spanish flu still circulates to this day.  If we applied the same methodology to it, it has killed over a billion.

    For various reasons, some known and unknown to our medical professionals, pandemics/epidemics tend to become less lethal as time goes by.  They usually mutate for one, becoming more contagious but less virulent.  Immunity slowly rises making it harder for the virus to spread.  I will stop there because I’m not a professional in the medical field. But historically this is the path they take.  SARS, H1N1, MERS, Swine.  They all still circulate.  They all still kill people every year.  It’s just that the numbers of deaths associated has shrunk.  The medical community hopes Covid will follow the normal path.  The problem is they don’t know it will.  And if it does? When.

    The point being, if you want to see in front of you, the windshield is the direction to look.  As we move into the second wave look for dropping ICU/death numbers and increasing Covid cases. This is an indication that the virus is progressing as expected. A good thing in an awful situation.

    Here is a simple google search.  Drop in any country you want.  Take a look at some of the countries hardest hit last spring.  Look what is happening to their cases vs death.  They almost all have cases vs death now starting to move in the opposite direction of each other.  Cases up, but deaths flattening.

    Since this pandemic will flow at different rates throughout the planet.  You will also probably be able to find countries that had almost no outbreak last spring.  Some of them will have cases and death rates rapidly increasing, as this fall is really their first exposure to Covid.


    Covid death versus cases.


    I don't think you understood the distinction I was making.

  5. 5 hours ago, Turbofan said:

    Yesterday was the outside date Transat has published on their website.  What’s up?  Nothing so far from AC or Transat.

    Or have I missed something?  Likely?

    Without any announcement I think it means they are negotiating. 

    I suspect the original deal is gone in Air Canada's eyes and Transat is arguing it can continue extension. 

  6. Fails to conceal the what exactly? If you're going to "nevermind" it, just don't include it, that's what backspace is for.

    That's impressive that a 6 week intensive training course is conducted by some in this business, and we understand what that brings in terms of consistency and quality of service/product, but that's certainly not what's required to fill the position. 

    I think your comparators are a little off...

    Rookie Doctors and Lawyers vs. Flight Attendants? If you say so...

  7. Sorry to here all these people losing their jobs, but perhaps it's a creative solution to ensure the pilots can stay current, and the business can stay viable and respond timely to a recovery leading to an eventual recall. Otherwise perhaps everyone will be gone...

    Spool up time to get a new pilot trained and ready for the line is in the order of 3 months. 

    FAs with minimum training? I'd guess 1-2 weeks?

  8. Yeah. But we're in Canada and we're like the worst of the world for pilot pay. 

    Plus the rest of the costs in Canada are higher than the rest of the world so it even inflates our pay% more. ie other staff and fees and taxes.

    As I said AC is 3%ish and WJ is likely less. 

  9. 3 hours ago, spreadsheet said:

    Much higher than 1¢, more like 7¢ - absolutely not an insignificant number.

    I might have been a bit of hyperbole, but you have gone now the other direction. 3+/- at AC, I think Westjet is less.

  10. "helps the companies... to recover better on the other side"

    Why should labour take the hit for that? Pilot salaries are such a small part of the overall cost picture, you could work for free and it would amount to the company saving 1¢ on every dollar in their budget.

    So you devalue your pay to the point where everyone is hurting just to help the billionaires' equity fund? At the company that has been turning profits for 20 years? 

    I would imagine the downbid into Encore is going to be quite the event for Westjet.

    I would be surprised if all the layoffs happen, the amount of training required likely can't be supported and by the time they ramp it up this crisis will be over.

    I applaud ALPA if they mostly maintained their pay. Unions are also about calling the management's bluff and not just giving it up. Onex isn't going to shut down WJ. Their company isn't at risk. 

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  11. IMO anyone going ahead of active employees on passes is wrong. 

    That's what you find at most world legacy carriers. The handful of C1/B1 passes now out there are insignificant anyway. 

    All the same, I pick very carefully where and when I'll go on a pass. If I need to be there, or need to get back, I just buy a ticket. It's not worth the stress on a trip watching your flight full up and worrying about getting back in time for work. I'd rather a raise than a pass I may or may not use.