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  1. 74 years old and you don't know better. And there isn't even a carry on baggage fee...
  2. I've noticed an significant uptick of passenger problems on my flights. Looking back over the last three months it works out to 1 in 5 flights there has been a passenger disturbance, all mask related disturbances to varying degrees up to requiring police at the gate on arrival. People have to know that causing a disturbance on an airplane never goes well, indeed I know a few of those that chose to mouth off were planning on connecting to other flights... and well that didn't happen for them after their behaviour... Nobody likes the masks, but everyone knows - right or wrong - there's a rule, it's not the airline's rule or the crew's rule, it just is what it is so just pull it over your nose and let's all carry on. I don't get why that's so hard for some people.
  3. I'm no Porter or Deluce fan.... but I say let jets fly from YTZ and lift the curfew. The airport has been there longer than anyone at CommunityAir has been alive. Go away NIMBYs.
  4. I think the EU anti-trust regulator was quoted in reports that they wouldn't approve the transaction based on the concessions Air Canada offered. AT didn't have a choice regarding volunteering to give it up, the arrangement expired allowing either party to terminate the deal unilaterally, but by phrasing it that way it at least allows AT to not look as desperate, even though 3 weeks ago the Transat CEO stated they may not survive without the deal. You may be right, once the government gets its thumbs in the pie we may see more to this, but I doubt it. I think this signals a break down between AC and the Feds and they are putting it behind them and moving to a new strategy forward. I think Quebecor backed with financing from the government of Quebec and special support conditions from the Feds is the likely next move here.
  5. It always makes me shake my head "the most complaints of any foreign airline in the US" - Air Canada (and it's regional CPA airlines) by far operates more flights to/from US airports than any other foreign carrier. It's not even close. More flights, more complaints. Fewer flights, fewer complaints... honestly I'm starting to believe fewer Canadians on your flights, fewer complaints...
  6. It isn't about traveling with Covid. It's about traveling with a test report. A report that the government has such little faith in apparently as they are still requiring 2 weeks quarantine on the other end.
  7. Feel free to address me directly Rich. Your reply reads a little passive aggressive there. Why don't you tell me how my right to enter my country was promulgated then. I am suggesting that returning to your home is a right that cannot be suspended so easily. They aren't suspending access through land borders. Suspending a right detailed in the charter required an explicit declaration by a parliament or legislature in this country under the notwithstanding clause. Has that happened? No. So absent that, it's an arbitrary suspension of rights without debate or transparency by our elected representatives. Martial law? Get real... that though would also require some debate in parliament at least.
  8. What's your suggestion then. Canadians have a constitutional right to exit and enter this country. You can't prevent them from coming home. That's their right. Your likelihood of missing an infected arrival on a false negative in rapid tests are slim, especially when you do follow up testing and robust contact tracing. The risk is minimal and better than what we've been doing for the past 10 months, and it doesn't deny people their rights. Even if you support remote testing, understand that you are certain to be stripping healthy Canadians of their right to enter their own country as false positives on PCR tests can be very high. Depending on the population false positives can be well over 50%.
  9. 6. (1) Every citizen of Canada has the right to enter, remain in and leave Canada. I agree. It's your charter right to enter Canada as a Canadian. Inhibiting air travel isn't any different than banning entry to Canadians abroad with covid and it's a violation of your rights. They can't stop you at a land border, but they are testing that they can at a foreign airport terminal. Why not testing on arrival? Build it into the cost of tickets, just like AIFs.
  10. Are you saying this instance is a superspreader event? You don't know that. In fact that's hyperbole and as you say only a concept. A small fraction of a percent of people are Covid infected. The risk from this one attention seeking individual is still statistically minimal. So much as that is not worth society's attention. Take away the guys notoriety and you take away his power. Shake your head, keep calm, carry on... everybody does their best.
  11. Everyone likes to get their panties in a knot when they see something unfair. I suggest that everyone just needs to do their best and accept that there are some people out there with exemptions, valid or not, there are some people out there that flaunt their behaviour, and that's just the way it is. Shake your head, keep calm, carry on... in the scope of things, this behaviour from a handful of individuals doesn't change anything. If we ignore people like this guy they would cease to exist. Really, more rules and requirements are not what we need in our society, we need leadership and unity to pull us together on a path for success. Fines and threats only create push back from what we are trying to achieve.
  12. As I said, I see what you're trying to say, but your interpretation is narrow and incorrect. You are limiting your interpretation of drug to include only chemical drugs. The Food and Drugs Act and its Regulations categorize vaccines as biologic drugs. Biologic drugs differ from chemical drugs because they come from living organisms, which means they are more variable than chemical drugs. Therefore, biologic drugs require more regulatory oversight than chemical drugs, as well as special expertise and procedures for their: manufacture control regulation
  13. I see what you're saying I think, but vaccines are drugs. They obviously differ in their makeup from chemical drugs, but as they are designed to achieve a response in the body they are a drug by general definitions and are classified so by the FDA and other regulators.
  14. Hajdu's not worried, she just flies around in government jets. Hypocrite.
  15. LOL... Throwing saving Quebec Bombardier jobs sure makes it sound plausible... I don't have a stake in the success of Porter, the opposite really, but I don't like nimbys who would have airlines shuttered and runways bulldozed beaking off on an aviation forum... I would like to see max power run ups off of Mr. Iler's deck.
  16. LOL. The numbers worked when they ordered them the first time apparently. Or maybe they'll fill in some of the lake and extend the runway. Either way, I'm sure they will really throttle up those engines for static start max power takeoffs... just for the nimbys like Mr.Iler here.
  17. Breaking News: Details are emerging that Porter Airlines is in negotiations to relaunch their previously scuttled Airbus A220 order, previously Bombardier C-Series. Reports are that the Trudeau Liberals, as a condition of the yet to be announced Regional Airline Bailout package, will impose the amendments on the tripartite agreement to permit the Mirabel built jet's operation at the downtown airport, ensure the continued viability of air service to smaller communities, and promote jobs in Quebec.
  18. You forgot your sarcasm emoji I think. That's a narrow view of the cost, dying with sars cov2 does not equate to sars cov2 being cause of death. People are not being treated or diagnosed for other ailments - and dying, mental health is strained beyond breaking for some, family's and children's security and futures are being reduced to shambles... yet excess deaths in world populations is in line with historic averages. The pandemic is over despite hyped numbers and media. So now we're into the self induced costs. How far are we going to go? When will we get the real numbers?
  19. Without any announcement I think it means they are negotiating. I suspect the original deal is gone in Air Canada's eyes and Transat is arguing it can continue extension.
  20. Gold plated palaces built on excessive fees yet with inadequate operational facilities. Tear down the entire system in Canada and start again with something that makes sense and brings real value to the operators and customers.
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