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  1. Companies are going to discover that if they don't want to pay, they won't get the talent. And it will only get worse as the majors hire.
  2. It seems every Russian transport I have been in has those rubber fans in front of the pilots.
  3. Thanks Malcolm, Just pointing out the hypocrisy once again. If I post something that is "grating", it is siezed upon by people who do the same. I think Gatekeeper has posted the reality among some here, although I would say that i believe that Don has remained above the fray(as usual). For the record, I personally don't see how using terms like troll in response to normal posts makes the forum more interesting. I avoid such type of posting and instead do as I always do. That is, provide facts, opinion based on logic and evidence. Been doing so for a long time. Why stop now. If I ever run out o
  4. Well, lets see if Mitch is correct. Below is a post I made a while back on a political issue. Could you let me know if my post is reasonable. http://theairlinewebsite.com/topic/402276-more-slanted-reporting/?p=1622218 And then could somebody here tell me if Mitch's style of response as seen below is reasonable or at least not "grating". "Don't feed the troll's :"
  5. To be honest, I am not sure why you are posting a link that once again mentions Bush like it is some sort of obsession. Most guys know that strippers got rid of anything to do with Bush a long time ago as I am sure you are very aware.
  6. Thanks Gatekeeper, I have always appreciated your support past and present. Sometimes someone has to be the David in the world of goliaths, the island of sanity in a sea of insanity, the voice of reason facing screams of treason, the one who is rational even if unfashionable, the bearer of the truth despite the uncouth, the user of logic instead of....... .....wait a minute, weren't we talking about site problems like trouble pasting on Internet explorer.
  7. Repulsive? Entertaining, those who throw insults(out of the blue it appears) and then accuse the same. Anyways, back to work. Actually, after reading the linked thread, it appears that the particular poster in question was bang on, and those that can't accept harsh reality are upset. But this is a computer issues thread. Not sure why some start insulting out of the blue. If I did it, I would be called a troll no doubt. Meanwhile, Malcolm looks classy as usual.
  8. I would have to read up on those posts in the history and then get back to you with an opinion about them. However, I am talking of course about pilots who used to know how to read the weather.
  9. WOXOF? A very familiar term for many of us.
  10. Thanks for the link, once again Mr. Lupin. Isn't a correction desired but on a relatively slow and mild pace instead of a sharp, sudden downturn. In other words correction good, bubble burst, bad.
  11. For some strange reason there was a lot of doubt about my earlier statement of the large number of foreign buyers in the Canadian market. In keeping with the large number of recent links in posts on this thread, I thought I would confirm for any doubters the significant factor of foreign buying in certain markets. Which is great if you are a seller. There does not appear to be any government data on this issue so it really is dependent on firms in the know to do studies. For those willing to read from a copy and pasted article: Foreign buyers fuelling sales in luxury real estate market: repo
  12. Thanks De-icer. As you have posted, the economic condition of several European countries is terrible. An example to all of us of what happens when you live beyond your means. High government spending well above the amount taxes bring in, strict rules not allowing layoffs, excessive bureaucratic red tape, intransigent unions that refuse to consider raising pension ages or making work rules more flexible(even as Greece enters crisis among other nations) have been significant factors in all this. Food for thought I would definitely say.
  13. Good article Mr Lupin. Unfortunately, some people think that having information posted that proves a point is trolling. But it is not, as I'm sure you well know. Sort of like the racism accusation when a politically incorrect but accurate statement is made.