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  1. New RNAV Visuals Las Vegas

    You need to have the airport visual and declare it to ATC. Won’t be cleared it if you don’t.
  2. SFO Incident
  4. It is possible. I can't reference it exactly now but at 10ft RA the logic allows the reverse sleeves to start their transition.
  5. Fun times in confined spaces

    I thought this was about this article.
  6. Space X Explosion Explosion at Kennedy Space Center as SpaceX prepares launch 01 September 2016 US & Canada Image caption Images from a Nasa webcam showed clouds of smoke There has been an explosion on the launch pad at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, where the aerospace company SpaceX was readying a rocket for launch. The cause of the blast is not clear and it is not known if anyone was hurt. Pictures from the scene show a huge plume of smoke rising above the complex. SpaceX has used its Falcon-9 rocket to take supplies to the International Space Station (ISS).
  7. Link to the article Thanks for it Good one
  8. The dash had an electrical fire in the engine nacelle.
  9. Westjet 767 Operation

    Possibly, except that a scheduled run at the exact same time flew the north route I fly almost weekly.
  10. Westjet 767 Operation

    She got airborne just before 16:00 local time. A weird route to YYZ. Heading there none the less. No passengers on board either.
  11. Westjet 767 Operation

    Oh yeah. Totally missed the date.
  12. Westjet 767 Operation

    She arrived in YYZ, not sure how accurate the time is though. A 1:45 flight from YYC would indicate she has a different propulsion system than all other 767-300ERW's have
  13. The So Called Friendly Airline

    For over a year we didn't take any UM's. It may have been over 2 years ago now. Hard to remember date details of it all. Anyone else remember specific dates to the restrictions?