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  1. airbrake

    Lion Air Down

    Experts find faults on two more Lion Air Boeing 737 MAX 8 By Editorial Board, Nov 03, 2018 Jakarta - Inspectors have found flaws in two other Lion Air Boeing 737-MAX 8. A flight data display problem found on one of the planes might be similar to one reported in the previous flight of crashed Lion Air MAX 8, experts warned. Indonesian ministry of transportation ordered inspections on all Boeing 737 MAXs operated by Indonesian carriers. The ministry announced that ten of the newly released jets that are owned by Lion Air and Garuda Indonesia had been inspected so far. Experts discovered a problem on a jet linked to its flight data display system while a glitch in a jet stabilization system has been spotted on another aircraft. An engineer and a technician from Boeing have joined Indonesian inspectors to help with the quest. So far, no other government ordered inspections for the Boeing's re-engineered single-aisles. Authorities hope that data analyzed from recovered flight recorders may help reveal why the flight JT610 crashed into the Java Sea after a few minutes from takeoff, killing all 189 people onboard last Monday. A technical issue reported on a previous flight has raised questions about whether Boeing's single-aisle has mechanical faults specific to the new model. The Boeing 737 MAX series became the fastest-selling airliner in the commercial aviation history when it entered into service last year. To date, Boeing's re-engineered single-aisle family has accumulated 4783 orders. 219 jets are currently in service with airlines around the world.
  2. airbrake

    Cockpit Life Hack

    The heat doesn’t come from the windshield but the sun. I use a glass container on every flight that works like a charm. The container ever touches the windshield but heats up my meals to a wonderful temp.
  3. airbrake

    WestJet Flight Attendants

    This is an interesting turn of events. There has been a disconnect between the front line of the airline and the back end support for a few years. This is the first sign of discention within the hangar/campus groups of employees. Maybe it will be a wake up call that something has deteriorated from the top down. I would have predicted Mtce then CSA’s as being next. I wouldn’t have predicted the dispatchers. Time will show what occurs because of this and the preceding events.
  4. airbrake


    It was a Lav issue
  5. airbrake

    It’s raining poop in Kelowna!
  6. airbrake

    WestJet Diversion

    Medical for passenger
  7. airbrake

    Westjet pilots strike vote

    There were talks on Mon.
  8. airbrake

    Westjet Changes Service from YXY

    We don’t do them scheduled.
  9. airbrake

    Swoop - Apply now Y1 CA at Swoop is 28% less than WJ. Y2 21% less Y3 15% less Y1 FO is 6% less Y2 7.6% more Y3 5.4% less.