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  1. According to Ed yesterday WJ has declined these slots as they were for 1 season only with no guarantee after the summer.
  2. Yes it was part of the original layoff plans.
  3. Here they talk about how negotiations will start as well.
  4. Where did you read about the RNP restriction? Is it Canada or other country specific? Too many documents to filter through to find that one detail. Thanks.
  5. JV With Delta is done.
  7. Here is the document. WestJet Show Cause Order 2020-10-13.pdf
  8. Video here showing some smoke at the site.
  9. I’m 15 years with WJ and I got my layoff notice for June 1.
  10. They provided options to leave in each department. Some had more options than others. Early retirement, VLOA or Zero work pay etc. The pilots were offered the something similar before the MOA was agreed to.
  11. From the flight aware profile they got as low as 900ft.
  12. apparently not a cargo door blow out
  13. If you look hard enough you’ll find something somewhere. The Federal Court has ordered the Senate to pay a Montreal-area man $1,500 in compensation after he complained that his language rights were violated by the drinking fountains with English-language push-button labels he encountered on Parliament Hill. In a judgment delivered Thursday, Federal Court Justice Luc Martineau ruled the Senate of Canada failed to meet its obligations under the Offi