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  1. Is anyone who has been watching the airline scene in Canada really surprised? With up to 20 787-9’s coming the need for feed is important for success. It makes sense to build the feed before, and not after, as there are too many examples in Canada of airlines operating WB’s and having little to no feed and trying to do it afterwards. Never a dull moment in this business.
  2. Encore Pilots Have Numbers to Unionize

    Not sure where you get your information from but only two pilots have left WJ this year to go to AC, out of over 1500 pilots, or are you talking about Encore?
  3. The interesting observation here is that it is pretty hard to get fired as a pilot after you have worked for years. If on the other hand you don't follow the advice of your pilot association, association lawyer, Doctor, Insurance company, and management and then are surprised when you get fired, well should that be a surprise?
  4. What you are referring to here has absolutely nothing to do with what really went on in this particular situation , and once it all comes out it will be very clear as to what transpired, and is nothing like what the media is reporting.
  5. The old adage "don't believe everything you read" is certainly true here in spades. It continually amazes me how little research journalists actually do to create a story. If the whole story was public no one would give this person the time of day, and focusing on the headline of this story is going down the wrong rabbit hole...
  6. This may explain further the status of the WJPA, with regards to labour law in Canada. The WJPA is a form of non-union employee representation (NUER). This form of employee association is very much recognized and is not unique to WestJet. In fact, NUERs are common in different parts of the world. Airlines such as Delta (except the pilots) have non-union forms of representation, and succesful companies such as Dofasco in Hamilton as well. The WJPA is an unincorporated association under common law. This means that any agreement negotiated by the WJPA, is legally binding. For employee groups that have a negotiated agreement, the terms of such an agreement is "read-in" the individual employment contract, which is also a legally binding agreement. It is important to understand that common law is just as substantial as is labour law. As a federally regulated company, WestJet is bound to follow the appropriate rules under labour law. References to labour law that apply to unions, and the WJPA is not a union, so those particular laws don't apply to them.
  7. You are again incorrect on your assertions, as all the agreements that the WJPA has negotiated, supersede the previous ones, and no pilot working at WestJet is working under their orignal terms of employment, as each subsequent WJPA agreement, updates their individual contract signed on their date of hire. NO PILOT negotiates their individual contract and that is why I asked if you work for WestJet, as on one hand you speak as if you know about our organization, and then go on to make statements that are not true. The WJPA has always negotiated on behalf of all the pilots collectively. We all know that because the WJPA is not a union it would not fall under those applicable terms under Part 1 of the labour code, that's not news.
  8. It was voted on by the pilots, over 90 % in 1999.
  9. JSYK,You a actually incorrect and do you work for WJ? Quoting only select paragraghs from recent CIRB documents that run over 900 pages and taking statements out of context is no different then your criticisim of the poster who used google search. The agreements that the WJPA has negotiated and signed with the officers of WJ are legal contracts, and the CIRB is not the only way that labour contracts can be legally enforced if required. As well you are incorrect as Encore pilots bring their years of service with them to WestJet for the purposes of vacation entitlement. As well it is a two way flow, as if WestJet ever laid off pilots, they could bump into Encore instead of being laid off, which will hopefully never happen. The WJPA has never had to take WJ to court because they have lived up to all the agreements negotiated since the start of the WJPA over 16 years ago. I'm not sure where you are getting your information from, but it is not correct, and mimics incorrect information that the WPPA has been spreading.
  10. Westjet Pilot T4, $315,000.....

    So you are saying making a big decision like that should be based on getting your back up? A lot of bad decisions have been made by people from all walks of life because they "got their back up"