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  1. I think you can take the silence as mute agreement of what is posted. I agree with all the anti Trudeau posts, but don't feel the need to post more. I spend my energies trying to get PP elected as oppo leader to eventually kick Trudeau to the curb.
  2. I always use my preferred pronouns in my emails... Mo32a (your highness/your majesty)
  3. The Russians took over Chernobyl early on then abruptly left, maybe the same will happen here.
  4. I checked last week on Amazon, Best Buy, Staples, Walmart even in the US and every site said "not in stock, don't know when it will be". I just went on to Amazon just now and ordered a 4 pack. I guess the container came in.
  5. I just want to know where you got the AirTags, I've searched everywhere and can't find them.
  6. This is maybe off-topic, but two days ago the Vancouver park board was triggered and had to cancel a meeting, They were discussing bike lanes in Stanley Park, there was a report coming out the next day, but Phil Rankin accused them of already making their mind up because of the board and staff ideology. They felt threatened by this and had to cancel the meeting and disallow Rankin to attend any further meetings. Sheesh.
  7. We have so many weak and ineffective ministers in so many departments. The only rational explanation I can think of is they don't want anyone to appear brighter than JT. That sets the bar awful low.
  8. I have a close relative in his early 40s had all three shots, feels great. Just sayin.
  9. I didn't find it that confusing, you can only vote for each candidate once, if you put a single candidate as your first and second choice, you have spoiled your ballot. I voted for PP first and LL second, the rest were left blank.
  10. I just voted, and I notice Brown was on the ballot, so he may garner some votes. He would never ever get my vote.
  11. Good thing we didn't change over to bitcoin, we would be back to trading chickens and goats.
  12. If only Canadian MPs were as principled as the Brits, this clown would have been gone long ago.
  13. In a poll I received, they asked if there was a candidate I would never vote for, it was Brown for me.
  14. I heard on the news today that Alberta is now awash in money, over a billion dollars in the black due to high oil prices. Tell me again how Putin's responsible for high gas prices. Someone is making a lot of money from these high prices, and it's not me or you.
  15. Uh, isn't China part of the UN security council?
  16. Everything to encourage and aid the drug users to continue to use, nothing to get them to stop. Woke insanity! You wouldn't want to stigmatize drug use because that would just embarrass them. We restricted the hell out of tobacco, made smoking unpalatable, restricted smoking everywhere, and it worked. But this method won't work with drugs.
  17. The reason nothing has been dug up is that if they do dig, and the findings are not as implied, the money truck drives away. I find it amazing they can recall their oral history for thousands of years, but they can't remember if they sent a child to school, and they didn't come home.
  18. As a passenger I would rather have a two-hour layover somewhere, get off the aircraft, go to a lounge, have some food and refreshments, wash up then fly on.
  19. You won't get me on any 20 hour flight.
  20. Maybe you could change the thread to Polls vs Poles?
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