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  1. We have a flight scheduled April 19th from PHX thru YVR to YYJ. My understanding was that AC was cancelling all flights after Mar. 31. When I go on the AC site and check my booking it still shows as valid, is it?
  2. Sun Life is the only insurer to require you to get back within 10 days. Medipac says we're good to stay. Stay in Maricopa county with 5 presumptive or return to BC with at least 73 for around the same population, I'm staying put.
  3. There is a petition going around to permanently ban these folks from COSTCO, I signed it, and COSTCO said if they get enough signatures they will ban them..
  4. I agree, this to me is along the same lines as looting during an emergency, find them-lock them up.
  5. ^ ^^ NO KIDDING!! Wow, why didn't I think of that. They won't even put you on hold.
  6. Our cruise was cancelled, full refund and 25% off any future cruise, airfares refunded through travel agent. Paid for seat selection on our own and now AC is not answering their phones.
  7. The anti Greta
  8. Watched it perform at the Buckeye air show a couple of weekends ago.
  9. It's easier than that, you just hit the ignore posts by deicer button and life returns to normal.
  10. I agree that everybody has a right to protest, but it doesn't allow you to interfere with my rights. Your rights don't trump mine.
  11. I didn't read the whole article but why are Canadians providing homes for folks that served in the US military?
  12. I did, I will stand by what I said.
  13. ^I think somebody may have misspoke.
  14. I'm thinking that Dr. Leslyn Lewis might be striking the right balance for the Conservative leadership.
  15. I believe the US cut aid to Palestine and also to several UN bodies that were working with Palestine. Trump has stated that he will reinstate the previous funding and more if Palestine will sign the accord.
  16. For comparison's sake....
  17. I see people regularly moved out of seats they illegally occupied. If the usher doesn't catch them the people that paid for the seats rat on them, as they should.
  18. Definitely won't let you in PHX.
  19. I expect the early call on the crash being caused by technical difficulties was to quiet speculation as to a shoot-down .
  20. It's like going to a hockey game, you buy a seat in the nosebleeds for cheap the ushers won't let you take an unused seat in the lower bowl at center ice.
  21. Only 25% of Syrian refugees who arrived in 2015/16 are employed.
  22. ^In the Texas incident though the guy that shot the shooter was a trained security person who also trained others in the use of deadly force. He was the church's head of security. Sad as it is that a church/school needs security.
  23. emergency crews were forced to respond.... Isn't that kinda their job?
  24. I would like to ousted with a $40 million payout as well.