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  1. The reason nothing has been dug up is that if they do dig, and the findings are not as implied, the money truck drives away. I find it amazing they can recall their oral history for thousands of years, but they can't remember if they sent a child to school, and they didn't come home.
  2. Ya sayin Trump had someone else doin his tweets?
  3. Now if Bannon only knew how to spell correctly.
  4. As a passenger I would rather have a two-hour layover somewhere, get off the aircraft, go to a lounge, have some food and refreshments, wash up then fly on.
  5. You won't get me on any 20 hour flight.
  6. Maybe you could change the thread to Polls vs Poles?
  7. You see nothing in the MSM about the investigations going on regarding BLM, I see it on Fox news at the gym but crickets from any other outlet. https://www.wsj.com/articles/blm-spending-culture-war-america-11650659183
  8. So where is the BLM crowd now? If they were to be taken seriously they would be protesting every black person shot, not just the ones shot by police.
  9. Re the subway shooting, ABC and CBS didn't mention the fact the perp was black, NBC stated he was a dark skinned male. They didn't mention he was black even after they posted a picture of him. Initially they stated he was wearing a green safety vest, wrong, a 38 calibre handgun, wrong, and he was about 5'5" tall, wrong.
  10. https://seekingalpha.com/checkout?service_id=mp_1087
  11. I guarantee the conditions will be better than those on the west side of the island.
  12. Budget, we don't need no stinkin budget.
  13. I already "donate" more than that in my taxes each year, I don't see any results I like.
  14. My opinion differs greatly from yours. The air force is tiny using outdated equipment and armament. The navy doesn't even have a supply ship it can take into harm's way. The army is well trained, poorly equipped compared to others and is too small to create much of a fighting force. We used to be respected now we are just a non-entity.
  15. I do, I do. We have a boiler that heats the hot water and heats the water for the hydronic in floor heating. There is not much of a cost to do this as no hot water is being used. Our insurance doesn't require anyone to check the house and the only thing they won't cover is damage from pipes breaking because of freezing, so we leave the heat on, at a reduced temperature.
  16. Canada could not close the skies over anywhere. With our tiny air force with badly outdated equipment we couldn't close the airspace over Newfoundland.
  17. Not a problem, those crossing at Roxham road have no intention of working anyway. Send me 50,000 Ukrainians, they will all have jobs within a week.
  18. There are lots of jobs available, there just aren't enough people who want to work. Too many people would rather live off government largesse. There is not a homeless problem there is a workless problem. As the Man in the High Castle said "too many useless eaters."
  19. These people want to get jobs and work to support themselves, they won't vote for Trudeau.
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