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  1. Hmmm, both searches turned up the same for me.
  2. Americans armed and paid the Taliban to kill Russians why would they not think the reverse was not happening?
  3. AC is ending physical distancing July 1 as well.
  4. To mask or not to mask?
  5. Here is an article from WSJ;
  6. That must have been one heck of a new years eve, a lot of folks joined Dec 31 1969.
  7. Not to be overly alarmist, but if the current trend continues, with leftist mayors, councils, governors, premiers and Prime Ministers tolerating lawlessness in the streets in the name of atoning for “white privilege”, both Canada and the U.S. might soon be on an accelerated trajectory toward civil war. Alternatively, we might count the cost and decide it’s not worth it to resist, as the German citizens did when facing Naziism’s goose-stepping hordes. Before it gets to that, let’s at least think about what each of us can say or do toward possibly preserving our children’s future. Maybe we should all start by checking our adherence to the oft-quoted, seldom observed, ‘golden rule: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Maybe we need to consider how we can personally be part of the solution, by always treating people of every colour and stripe with dignity just as we expect to be treated. Maybe we should be proactively contributing to the discussion by (politely but clearly) calling out the media, politicians, and others who so fervently jump on the bandwagon to foment outrage not only toward police, but historical figures and monuments that must be destroyed in the name of our claimed collective moral superiority. The surest way to erase a people’s cultural identity is to bury its history. Our silent acquiescence will ensure book-burning will not be far behind. Maybe we should point out that like the police, doctors and nurses hold similar power over life and death, but are per capita far more often the instruments of death, both by malfeasance and clandestine homicide, than are policemen engaged in the heat of battle. Consistency should dictate that the alarming statistics of physician-or-nurse-induced deaths call for “defunding” medical practitioners at large, or “disbanding” them altogether. Given the alarmingly worse numbers coming from medical practitioners compared to those from police agencies, why should such a response be appropriate for the latter, and not for the former? Maybe we should likewise point out the same inconsistency applies to our view of airline pilots, several of whom have flown hundreds of passengers to their deaths against a mountain or into the ocean as an act of murder-suicide. Should we respond to such events by burning, looting, killing each other, and threatening to fire all pilots? And then fill the vacuum with unqualified replacements? If so, let’s remember when searching for something to watch on TV, there will be slim pickings as the list of those who must not be cast in a positive light will have to include pilots, doctors, nurses, policemen and uniformed puppies. Maybe we need to ask ourselves if casting a wide net over some of our most needed professions, or even just one such organization... for the criminal acts of a few, is really a solution or is it just compounding the problem. Do rational, clear headed people destroy their own neighbourhoods, loot their own stores, burn their own villages, purge entire professions and think by doing so they are any better than the worst of the criminals among us? Maybe we should call out the present insanity for what it is, and demand our leaders and politicians defend against insurrection rather than indulge (or applaud) it. (Jenny Durkin, the mayor of Seattle when responding to anarchists who seized whole city blocks (including a police precinct) and then set up a wall guarded by armed thugs, called them “patriots” and has no intention of regaining control of her city). Maybe we need to send letters, emails and words of encouragement to police to show them that not everyone is buying into the very dangerous false narratives by which cynical, agenda-driven mobs like ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter seek to upend our heritage, and to destroy our children’s and grandchildren’s future to achieve their ill-advised and even nefarious objectives. Maybe we need to read Black Lives Matter’s own words to understand their professed ideology that includes, “We disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure…” Maybe we need to ask Black Lives Matter why they continue to charge “systemic racism” against a system that immediately terminated, jailed, and charged four policemen with the murder of George Floyd. Maybe in the so-called “Information Age” we need to quit believing everything we hear, or better yet, carefully and prayerfully (for those of us who still believe in God) seek to discern between misinformation and objective reality. Maybe we need to quit drinking the Kool-Aid being poured down our throats by the mainstream media. Maybe we need to wake up and smell the coffee! Or if that fails…. Gerry Anderson Calgary, AB Attached are a couple of short videos (1 & 2) and an article (3) by a Seattle policeman that provide further perspective, something that is badly needed right now: 1) Facebook (Milwaukee police officer addressing reporters complaining about his "being on his phone and not being attentive” to their questions) 2) Watch | Facebook (Former black police officer Terrence K. Williams addresses blacks and whites on what’s really behind all the mayhem, and how to personally overcome) 3) Josh Johnson - Facebook (Seattle cop on how demonizing of the police profession is eroding his own commitment to pursue his “calling”)
  8. Do you really think the cop that shot Chantel was thinking "oh she's an indian, I better shoot her"? All he would have seen was someone coming at him with a knife, now if it turned out it was a white person, nothing to see here, move along. She didn't look very native to me, and I doubt anyone else would immediately identify her as such.
  9. I paid for a flight from Vancouver to Barcelona whatever that price was, all I want is a voucher that will take me from Vancouver to Barcelona in the future.
  10. Anyone get their $300 on their OAP? I didn't.
  11. We have had friends over for backyard beers etc., after golf we go to the bar and sit six to a table enjoying drinks, no masks, gloves or sanitizer involved. I do find it odd that the servers wear gloves but they wear the same pair for their shift, what's the point of that? And what's with people driving alone in their car with a mask on, do they go to bed alone and wear a condom?
  12. In our case we were supposed to go on a cruise which we booked through a travel agent. We have got money back from the cruise line but nothing from AC. I don't know what class of airline ticket we bought it was all part of the package. If I was given a voucher with no expiration date that would buy me a flight from Vancouver to Barcelona return I would be OK with that, but if they give me a voucher for $500 and the flight a year from now costs $2000 I would not be OK with that.
  13. Our insurance provider (Medipac) gave us an extension on our travel insurance, we were supposed to be going on a cruise which was cancelled so we stayed longer in Arizona. We bought an extension to April 21 but then AC stopped flying so we came back March 30. Medipac gave us a refund for the extension we didn't need. Allianze? thru Sunlife gave people 10 days to get home. We will continue to use Medipac. Now that there is a official travel advisory for everywhere no insurance will cover you for out of country costs.
  14. But voting during a pandemic - don't think that would fly.
  15. They actually have a form of universal health care but they also have private health care which is utilized by the more wealthy.
  16. To mask or not to mask
  17. I don't think he needs to worry about a flood of Canadians going to the US, keep our border closed to Americans.
  18. Hong Kong is actually pretty civilized compared to mainland China, night and day difference.
  19. The Doctors and Nurses in BC have never had less to do. Hospitals normally run 100-120% occupancy are now 50%. On Vancouver Island there are 5 Covid patients in hospital none in ICU. Get spooling up elective surgeries now!!!