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  1. And that is when I invested in them, turned out pretty good.
  2. My son and his wife (who is from HK) live in HK. Their intention was to stay another 3 years, they are coming back next summer.
  3. Quarantining is not that bad if you know about it before you leave. You can have an ample supply of food and alcohol at the house ready for your return.
  4. Just make scrambled eggs, problem solved.
  5. Stop flying in and out of Quebec if you want to see some fast government action.
  6. I am more than willing to do without Trudeau.
  7. We all do ignore deicer, you are the only one engaging him/her. Click on "ignore posts by this user"(deicer) and your life will become much more satisfying.
  8. @JDunkin, just a suggestion, if you choose the option to ignore content by deicer your life will be eminently better. If you don't want to do that please don't quote him so the rest of us can live in peace.
  9. As soon as Charles becomes king would be the ideal time to drop the monarchy.
  10. What makes you black? Can you just call yourself black? What defines it? Is it blacks with African heritage only? Caribbean? European?
  11. I just bought a couple of showerheads from Ali Express, they work great.