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  1. Drove through San Francisco two years ago. Will never ever go back. I avoid California completely now.
  2. Watermelons - green on the outside, red inside. This all about income redistribution and getting rid of capitalism.
  3. One more loony leftie for the ignore list.
  4. That's not where I would like to see our Prime Minister.
  5. Encana is only changing it's domicile for tax purposes, which makes perfect corporate sense for them. Alberta lowered it's corporate tax rate but the feds are increasing theirs.
  6. If everyone did what I do and select the "ignore content by deicer" you would save yourselves a lot of time and frustration of trying to educate someone who chooses not to be educated.
  7. Oh, goody goody goody, I identify as a woman but I am a lesbian.
  8. You mean you don't use those paper boxy things? You should be ashamed.
  9. I have a friend that bought a Tesla, kept it for about a year then bought a Porsche.
  10. It would be a cheap way to get to some sun destinations out of YLW, take swoop to LAS then Southwest to PHX for another $75. The only real downside is when they run into irrops, they have no spare aircraft to bail you out with, you can be stuck for days, and the mainline won't cover for them.
  11. Wouldn't the no shows checked bag be on the flight? Wouldn't they have to delay the flight to find and unload it?