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  1. An update from the Atlantic Monthly
  2. ^^So 29% of immigrants who arrived less than 5 years ago still aren't working.
  3. Garneau said airlines would never invent mechanical problems to avoid having to pay out. A little naive I think.
  4. Ford is doing exactly what the people that voted for him want him to do. He won a majority government, too bad so sad for you that didn't vote for him.
  5. Qubeccor? and another Qubec company Mach?
  6. There is all the flooding going on in Ontario and Quebec, 2000 members of the military called out, mayors and politicians screaming for volunteers to come and help sandbag. We have thousands of asylum seekers being housed, clothed and fed at our expense, why aren't they being "volunteered" to help? Don't need language skills or any other skill set, just pick up a shovel.
  7. So is automation at fault, or did Boeing sabotage an Airbus to get the heat off them?
  8. That must be true, every time deicer posts something I ignore it.
  9. For all of MSNBC’s flaws, and there are many, at least Democrats are not played for fools by that far-left outlet. Unlike CNN, which insults its audience with its laughable pose as objective, MSNBC makes no secret of its left-wing biases.
  10. I'm all for it as long as we stay on DST, I like the extra hour of light in the afternoon not the morning.
  11. Debt is $22 trillion - lets spend more
  12. It was a school day for me, we all crowded into the auditorium and listened to the broadcast.
  13. My values are my Canadian values, not the Liberal values. Everyone who voluntarily left to fight, marry or anything else to/for ISIS I would immediately refuse them return or citizenship. Watching the CTV news last night I just got more and more disgusted. I have zero empathy for these losers. Now on 60 Minutes last night they had a report on the return of some of the girls/women that boko haram kidnapped. I will support those people financially, emotionaly or any other way I can.