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  1. More Blame Game! Hows Trump have anything to do with this! This goes back to 2001!
  2. Fake news !The deadline is December 27 Fake News!The deadline is December 27!
  3. Wrongooo Mr. Bean !! The homework wasn't done on the RWY closure my friend !! Yup a Slip up for sure but I guess it beat's slipping one off the end of 16/34! And FTR the feeder flight's have begun last week from YHZ YVR YQB and from what I see the loads are not to shabby!! We don't have 120 tail's as you say but it's better than no feed! I would imagine more next summer! Happy Canada day!
  4. I Don't recall saying anything about condition's at AC/ROUGE being awful! You on the other hand called Spirit/allegiant Sweatshops!?! As for The link put 2 and 2 together. There in Negots ! I think if it was unsafe the park brake would be set. BTW what is the hourly rate for a FA/pilot's at Rouge? Then Maybe we can do a quick comparison.
  5. My point is if you have something to say as to the condition's of another carrier let's here it!!! BACK IT UP!!Not just Layover talk!! Otherwise think before you post!! No more than that!! All the best! Over n out
  6. What Perspective?Yours? So those 2 carriers are sweatshops and you know this from a layover? Right on!!Ive heard lot's of S@#t on layovers!! Stop blowing smoke!! Enlighten us please !!Tell us how it is to work there!!!Just because it say's Air Canada or Delta on the side of your airplane ACFA doesn't mean it's the cream of the crop!! Looks more like AC is a little bit of everything to me!! But that's just my perspective!!
  7. Got that right it's a lousy wage!! I guess my point was that your post seem's to suggest that Spirit and Allegiant are sweat shops!?! My guess is you have NO idea about the working conditions there!! Nor do I !! But id be willing to bet the condition's are no worse than those at Big Red or with out a doubt the condition's at Rouge!!
  8. Hello FA@AC ! When you mean sweatshops can I ask you a quick question? Would you define $11.23 an hour for a AC agent sweatshop material?? Look's to me like CR is sticking lots of $$ in his Arse pocket and sticking it to the workers if ya ask me!! Flame away!!
  9. Well Hopefully the Powers that be will get off there A#@E and Wallet and use some of that hard earned passenger money and install an ILS on RWY 05. Anyone who has any experience with YHZ I'm sure would say the same!! Longggg overdue!!
  10. Really!! Look's to me like the guy is a GENIUS!!! Congrats Porter!! Over to you BEAN ! You have been beating on these guy's day in day out but not much to say today!!! Lot's of cash gonna spill from a couple of players me think's
  11. Ahh HOMER is at it again! It's easy to see you sir Don't ever have much good to say about any Canadian carrier other then Westjet. Here is a tip FREE of charge. TRZ.B. About 500 Million C.O.H Power by the hour A330 and Zero monthly payments for A310.They just bought em ! Oh and a nice price point around 9 bucks.Thats your language me think's!! By the way good on Westjet and Sunwing for for picking up those stranded pax in Cabo.
  12. Rich I think the difference is in Canada we have qualified pilot's who are being passed over because of the cost of a PPC and maybe some of the politic's in bringing in an Aircraft from specific companies !! You can't say the same for the UAE and the like!!!
  13. No question Bean the market is forever changing for ALL player's!!! Wow So what your saying is little old Transat generated more Revenue than Westjet? That even surprises me
  14. Your Right Bean it was only 100 million better than the last time!!! And I believe it was 3.6 B !! Just Saying
  15. The BEAN = Homer!! First of all let me just say I have a great deal of respect for Westjet. Super airline smart folk's!! Good on em!! As for the Bean your post's alway's seem to point the finger at the other guy!! Ex: I work for Transat and your alway's johnny an the spot when we loose money with a quote or two but no were to be seen when were on the other side of the coin!!Hard to respect that!! I believe his talking about 757 trouble in Hawaii some time ago! S%%t happens to ALL of us!!!
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