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  1. Looks like the prop is spinning in the wind. I think I see blurry blades at 10 o'clock and 1 o'clock.
  2. I recently booked tickets for my family on a different airline using frequent flyer points. This airline doesn't normally charge for seat selection however not all ticket classes are eligible for advanced seat selection. My frequent flyer ticket was one of those classes not eligible. However on booking the airline assigned me seats automatically to ensure I was seated with my children. I didn't get to choose which seats I was assigned but at least I was assigned seats together. This is what all airlines should be doing. Paying for advanced seat selection is one thing but that is overridd
  3. I have to disagree with the majority of people here. It should be absolutely mandatory that parents and children who are too young to travel by themselves without UM status (so age 12 in ACs case) be seated together. Who is going to assist this 3 year old in evacuating in the event of an emergency, or ensure his oxygen mask is on in a depressurisation? Or even who will help him eat his food (if he gets any) or turn on the tv for him? Take him to the bathroom? Ensure he's not seated next to a sexual predator? It should be a requirement to seat children with their parents and parents should not
  4. Then they can send the names of every single Canadian to Westjet for banning. Will give them a lot more business
  5. As an expat paid in USD, bring on the 53 cent dollar!
  6. Yes, yes. When he was still targeting 25,000 everybody was yelling that it was too many, too fast, and we couldn't possibly do proper background checks on so many people in that time. Now that he's slowed down the pace a bit he's a liar and incompetent. Too many people will complain no matter what a government does if it's not the one they voted for.
  7. Studies have shown that this is not necessarily the case. More money in the hands of the lower income earners does lead to more spending and thus economic growth. However more money in the hands of the wealthy generally does not lead to more spending, it generally leads to more personal savings. The wealthy generally have enough discretionary cash on hand already to meet their discretionary spending desires, so giving them extra cash doesn't result in them spending more. There is sound economic theory and evidence behind the idea of increasing marginal tax rates.
  8. This was the captain's last flight. He was only scheduled to do one more before retirement next week but has said he won't be doing it. There's one guy that won't forget his last day!
  9. 1996 BC election: NDP: 39% popular vote and 39 seats (majority) Liberals: 42% popular vote and 33 seats
  10. Looking at the videos I can't tell if the prop is feathered or not. To answer a question above. Most of the departures in Taipei would take you out towards the sea as there is significant terrain the other way. That would be a right turn off of RWY 28 at RCSS. It would also be a right turn to go to their destination of Kinmen which is just off the Chinese coast near Xiamen.
  11. I would argue that they're not the highest paid for category though. A 10 year WJ FO goes to year 1 captain pay when promoted and a 10 year AC FO goes to year 10 captain pay when promoted (assuming he's at mainline and not Rouge). Year 10 AC A320 captain is well above year 1 WJ 737 captain.
  12. All you need to do to get 30% lower CASM is to put 43% more seats in the plane. Mainline 767s have 191-211 seats and Rouge has 264-280. So they've increased seating capacity by about 35%, meaning costs have only been lowered by about 5%. Of course putting more seats on the plane means no/less premium seats so revenue per seat mile will also drop. So does 2 economy seats provide more revenue than 1 business seat on the Rouge routes. I assume it must otherwise they wouldn't be doing it.
  13. I'm not sure what the level of promiscuity among the employees has to do with contract negotiations.
  14. Interesting that the aircraft is sitting in YVR for 38 hours. Not very productive. Are they doing some sort of maintenance in YVR?