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  1. Apologize for the thread drift but working in Asia is an eye opener to be sure. I have no experience with Chinese airlines but have colleagues who have and there is a reason these contracts command $20,000 + per month. The salaries are high because of any/all of the following (taken from PPRuNe): (not a comprehensive list by any means) If you like working all day long with people so limited in English they barely understand sentences like “Can I please have an orange juice?”, If you like sitting in a cockpit with a fellow pilot who cannot answer/challenge the normal check lists in English, If you enjoy that so-called “instructors”, with a 50% of the time occurrence, drop the gear down when you are at the controls at 5.000 feet without letting you know their idea beforehand and just because they are constantly panicking to be to high on profile, If you appreciate that almost half of the company e-mails you receive have the word “punishment” in the subject, If you can bear that the “punishment” threat is about things not allowed in the cockpit like reading newspapers etc. while half of the company instructors read newspapers, smoke like chimneys etc. in the cockpits, If you find acceptable that covering 100% of the cockpit windows with newspapers takes place on every single flight implying that you have to navigate around cb’s without basic visual clues, If you can take Beijing’s pollution which never goes below the highest levels of any western city and can go up to ten times (yes ten times) the alert levels, If you can sleep in company accommodation similar to what you would have experienced in the army 30 years ago, If you can refrain from google, facebook, gmail, local newspapers from your country because all these are simply blocked on the internet in China, If you find normal to be “trained” during over a year in order to join a company in a position you have occupied for over two decades in previous airlines. Training meaning sitting on a jumpseat or right seat or left seat randomly depending on the “qualification” of the pilot(s) you are assigned with that day, If you can take the risk of being medically rejected at a rate of 50% even if you are in the shape of a marathon runner, If you are pleased to undergo countless medical checks like ECGs, stress ECGs, brain MRI (yes, you are reading well: brain MRI), heart, kidney, thyroid echographies etc. all at the risk one small parameter going slightly out of the norm and then the only thing you will know is that you stop flying (and being paid) for weeks, months, years or ever, no one telling you exactly what is possibly wrong with your health, If you like your roster being hidden from you until one day before the 15 days period it applies to and then again and again never having a clue of what you are doing for more than 15 days ahead and eventually one day only ahead, If you count on fly long-haul as per your curriculum and life so far and you accept you end up flying up and down legs across China, If you enjoy that a bunch of young secretaries take hold of every aspect of your professional life and the implications it has on your private life simply because they are the only ones in the company speaking some English, If you appreciate that the results of this situation are that you are being treated like a school kid by people 20 years younger than you and having no clue to what a pilot environment is, If you enjoy junk food in aluminum trays with plastic fork and knife, If you think it is normal you have a sim session and then sit in the debrief room waiting for the instructor and the guy simply does not show up having left without even saying good-bye, If you prefer to travel in packed economy class on a ten hour flight when your “colleague” pilots don’t want to grant you the empty business seat left over (3 pilots with 2 business seats for rest), Then Hainan Airlines is your recommended next job The 10 year AC contract sounds like a stable platform to mend company unity and put money in the bank for its pilots/employees. Well done by all.
  2. Where are these contracts? I get daily contract emails and nothing comes close to your figure. I'll hazard a guess this is a pretax equivalent (CDN$$ +55% (inclusive of currency)???
  3. Any thoughts on whether this could fly north of the border?
  4. Be prepared, as occurs now on US carriers, for the more than entitled crowd to rely on free bag check at the gate.
  5. I knew John from C3/SSV days. A gentle, humorous and professional pilot with a disarming way of passing on his knowledge. I enjoyed every minute in his company. He will be sorely missed. My thoughts and prayers to his wife and family. R.I.P John
  6. Have you flown on US carriers? In North American, the Canadian product, with the exception of price, is mostly superior IMO.
  7. Kip there must be pictures you can post to complete the visual here
  8. Thanks for the link Chock. I'm certain those from Cuba etc...were so desperate to leave their country behind but SJC-OGG because of an argument with his parents.
  9. http://www.cbc.ca/news/world/teen-runaway-survives-flight-in-plane-s-wheel-well-1.2616448 This sounds improbable and yet he survived. Aircraft was B763. Did he find a pressurized area somehow?
  10. inchman, You could do well to cut BD some slack. From what I've read on this thread he has consistently defended the integrity of this crew. Being on the ground in the ill fated flights departure city and in touch with a former colleague of the crew, the information he has has merit. BD isn't SLF who is grandstanding here with another theory. IMO, there is a lot more to this disappearance that hasn't made it out of Malaysia yet. I too, like all of us here are hoping this wasn't a pilot gone bad.
  11. Don, Here is the official quote I believe you are referring to. In my experience most American's are glued to their TV's during events like this and gobble up whatever is in front of them. IMO, it's a sad commentary on American society.
  12. A great story on reclaiming a downed DC-3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ruArctYYbM&feature=youtu.be
  13. If you are in S. Ontario (HQ in Guelph) try http://global-currency.on.ca I have used them going on 4 years with great rates and service. Tell them the pilot group sent you and you should get rates below those listed on their website.
  14. Thanks inchman. I wondered if it was just me although Mizar was hinting at it in the helicopter (post mortem analysis). Seeker, you could do well to find some time away from AEF....LOL!!! Choose your medicine..... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=36tIn82jqE8 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q4UsiqektCo
  15. What makes you so certain it wasn't?
  16. It's a tragic reminder of the wild wild west of Russian aviation that still exists today. http://www.cbc.ca/player/News/TV+Shows/The+National/ID/2435352713/
  17. That aircraft needs one piece of cargo on board Feb. 2nd (at 6PM) to give Seattle any chance....Peyton Manning!!!
  18. Hey Chockalicious, I think you are missing the balanced objective point BD is making. All airlines (Westjet included) don't always get it right. BTW, the subject line of this thread wreaks of sarcasm. Attacking a competitor in this fashion seems well below the OP IMHO.
  19. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TmKKaf2F6uk Good deeds don't always go unnoticed.
  20. Check out the 1st comment to this article. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/air-canada-plane-catches-fire-en-route-to-vancouver-1.2461703
  21. Mitch, having witnessed this more than a few times, autopilot computer coordination of control surfaces (which feeds in these cross control inputs slowly) below 400' RA (versus the speed at which this is done) is likely the answer here. This thread is 'slipping' in the wrong direction. I contend that using one of the manufacturer's 3 recommended crosswind landing techniques (using sideslip to remove approx. 80% of drift) in the final stages of the approach (emulate the autopilot, if you will) and well within the manufacturer's limits, isn't dangerous.
  22. I can't get a good read on your post conehead (sarcasm???) but in the absence of emotion thingy's I'll presume you are serious. One of the points I was trying to put across earlier (and repeated by Mizar) is that if sideslipping is so dangerous (as suggested above) why would Boeing (and other manufacturers) design an autoland system to do exactly that during one of the most critical phases of flight?
  23. The answer mrlupin is yes you can sideslip a wide body Boeing (see below) and Airbus. The Sideslip method is a technique shown in both operators manuals (although not an Airbus "recommended" procedure). http://www.airbus.com/fileadmin/media_gallery/files/safety_library_items/AirbusSafetyLib_-FLT_OPS-LAND-SEQ05.pdf To say, in general, side slipping is dangerous in swept wing aircraft isn't accurate IMHO. As with any aircraft, maneuvering outside the operators recommended limits is dangerous. In fact, the autopilot will sideslip in a crosswind autoland. *** Sideslip only (zero crab) landings are not recommended with crosswind components in excess of 31 knots.
  24. Try this. Need tongue firmly planted in cheek while viewing. http://www.theonion.com/video/faa-issues-holiday-reminder-that-planes-can-crash,34701/?utm_source=Twitter&utm_medium=SocialMarketing&utm_campaign=Default:4:Default
  25. The Captain may have been suffering from "Grandpa's toilet". Two balls in the water!
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