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  1. He died playing hockey with his son. A proud Canadian to the end.
  2. This guy was lucky not to have lost his arm (or worse). I have never been to Reno races but would have thought a stalled aircraft on the runway would shut things down pdq.
  3. RNAV (GNSS) 06 RNAV (GNSS) 24 NDB 06 Would you really drive 45 mins from Hamilton (or Burlington) to YCM for the ride to YYZ? It's a pipe dream by an ambitious (but out of touch) regional councillor.
  4. What I find interesting (and what you might be alluding to) is that this most certainly looks like it's been shot from a drone. Edited: I now read in the over dramatic description that the video was shot from a helicopter.
  5. The video I posted above was removed but I have edited a new link to the same video. CCTV video's continue to surface. Attached is a new video, if accurate, shows latter stages of the approach, G/A and impact. G/A to impact is ~1 min. Flaps retraction issue?
  6. Kip, I've no knowledge of the Russian language either but the larger pieces you refer to at ~14 mins are from the Metrojet 9268 crash of 31 Oct. 2015. If I may hazard a guess, the presenter is attempting to connect the two accidents? The only connection I see is the regrettable fact that Russian fatalities were involved in both accidents.
  7. New CCTV video of final seconds. Warning....not easy to watch.
  8. Could it be somatographic illusion related? http://aviationknowledge.wikidot.com/aviation:somatogravic-illusion
  9. Well written piece. Hey Jeff, I had to. It's St. Catharines
  10. https://gma.yahoo.com/ex-pilot-sues-allegiant-malicious-firing-emergency-evacuation-132448481--abc-news-topstories.html#
  11. Thanks acsidestick. Having just spent $56 (+ tax) for 18 Gillette Fusion blades it's time to try this.
  12. I had the good fortune of flying with Mike at C3000. He had numerous ways of keeping everyone laughing inside and out of the cockpit. He was a skilled pilot, social giant and a very generous guy. I'll miss his big smile and relaxed demeanour. God's speed Mike.
  13. A nutritionist would be the best source when defining proper food. What I might consider proper might be entirely different for others. The point I was trying to make is if you are watching what you eat and exercising moderately you are likely ahead of a lot of your peers. Yes, the food guide needs an overhaul.
  14. No doubt Jeff yours (and your families) results work for you but is it more because you have watched what you ate etc... as opposed to following a specific blood type diet. Here is a recent article from U of T (faculty of medicine) that does not support the blood type diet hypothesis. Food for thought. IMO, eating the proper food in moderation along with a balanced exercise routine is the key. I would certainly agree that avoiding genetically modified foods, a reduction in dairy, wheat and especially sugar is important. What has been helpful in my opinion is taking the time to read the nutrition labels before purchase and or consumption. With this being Super Bowl weekend, all my will power will be crushed by Sunday at noon. My new diet will rise from the ashes Feb. 2nd.
  15. With this system, let's say the Captain asks for "dedicated support" and requests the ground officer to 'take control' of the aircraft. One would hope that the Captain would have to relinquish control via a switch rather than a stand alone verbal request and that the final control of the aircraft would always rest in the cockpit. It's a scary scenario to think otherwise.
  16. I agree Don. The link was posted as a potential cause as accidents like this usually have other contributing factors. This AD might materialize as one of them. Thanks for engaging in the debate. With the wreckage located the cause will begin in earnest.
  17. Aircraft wreckage has been found. http://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/world/airasia-says-debris-is-missing-plane/ar-BBhlXhp?ocid=mailsignoutmd Also, another incident today with AirAsia. http://www.news.com.au/world/asia/another-airasia-plane-is-involved-in-an-incident/story-fnh81fz8-1227170541671
  18. This certainly appears by all (early) indications to be a loss of control incident in an attempt to out climb weather. This (http://avherald.com/h?article=47d74074&opt=0) recent Airbus incident is unlikely related but worth considering.
  19. http://dms.ntsb.gov/pubdms/search/hitlist.cfm?docketID=55193&CFID=380775&CFTOKEN=38075054 Here is the final report. It's an interesting read.
  20. Ok thanks. A 3 year leave will likely be enough for guys who will be in for a challenge in China (SE Asia). It's a learning opportunity (not all for the good) for those with the right mind set. Having the benefit of returning will undoubtably make the work more palatable. Should be interesting stories all around.
  21. If the above post (PPRuNe) is to be believed, does AC frequently offer LOA's? I've only heard in the past of it being offered to mitigate furloughs.
  22. With the travelling publics patience being what it is these days, I wonder how long before this incident occurs here. Carry on baggage dispute ends in an arrest. http://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/queensland/jetstar-luggage-crackdown-leads-to-sunshine-coast-arrest-20141008-1139u3.html
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