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  1. Here are the highlights.

    "Over the next several months, we will transition our crew bases in Victoria, London and Quebec City to the major hubs outlined above. Our crew base in Halifax will be reduced in response to the retirement of the BAe 146s, and will support our Dash 8 flying since our CRJs are presently based in central and western Canada. "

    and later on a more positive note

    "As such, we will be in a position very soon to recall furloughed pilots and flight attendants"

  2. Does anyone care to speculate where this stock may be heading in the future? It is currently sitting near its 52week low and I smell a possible buy opportunity.

    I don't work there, and I am hoping for intelligent dialogue only.

  3. It would seem as though Jetsgo does not adjust in time for seasonal capacity. Traffic is known to drop off during the month of September, and based on the results of Air Canada and Westjet, it would appear that they both tailored the capacity to fit the demand. Looking at Jetsgo's stats for 2003 and 2004, it would seem as though they run a Summer sched right through September.

  4. Is it just me or has the tone of this forum taken a downward spiral in recent weeks? It wasn't long ago that I would visit this forum and enjoy participating in what seemed to be constructive dialogue regarding our industry and its woes. Recently however the tone of the posts has changed to fall more in line with that of a Kindergarten class room.

    The constant back and forth slandering of AC, WJA, and JGO is sickening. We should all be happy to have jobs in these interesting times. I personally have good friends at all three airlines. I don't want to see harm come to anyone.

    For those of you that would like to see AC sink, think again. In my opinion the low cost operators (WJA, JGO, CJ) prosper in today's industry climate. Take AC out of the picture and it's a whole different ball game. If AC ever tanks, and LCC's are all that is left, we all may as well pack our bags and start over in a new career. Yes their are some major changes in the works, but give it some time. Don't tell me that you would not have accepted a job at AC or CP 10 years ago if given the chance.

    For those that can't tolerate the youthful go go attitude at WJA, the answer is simple. Don't apply. The fact of the matter is, they are offering a product which is popular among their customers, and their model works.

    For those that think that JGO is full of a bunch of raging cowboys that would never have had a shot at flying a jet without a line of credit, wrong again. I have some great talented friends at Jetsgo, and I wish them well going forward. Don't agree with the bond? Don't apply.

    Lastly, and most disturbing, the recent posts regarding de-icing practices is self destructive. This is a public forum, and if you want to scare everyone into taking the train from now on, then your on the right track. Somehow I don't think that will help any of us. If you honestly have a safety concern, and you have facts (dates / times / flight #s / etc.) to back it up, then report it to Transport Canada.

    I realize that it's only a small minority of posters that are keen to participate in this pissing contest, but unfortunately they are also sending the loudest messages. For god sakes guys, lets get this forum back on the tracks. The day we all play on the same team, is the day that this job will be what it should have been all along.


  5. It is absolutely unfortunate that these kind of childish games are still going on.

    I recall reading a rather harsh memo from Rainer Bauer in 2001 which stated that ACR (Jazz) pilots should be refused from the jumpseat at all costs. Was this memo ever rescinded? Unfortunately I get the feeling that there is still a large group on both sides that will not hesitate to resort to these antics to prove a point.

  6. If your looking for quick access to Montserrat, you are probably best off going to Antigua. There is a daily helicopter trip from Antigua, and although I can not quite remember the cost, it was quite affordable when I was there. The two most popular resorts in Antigua are the Royal Antiguan, and the Jolly Beach Resort. Both of them are probably best described as three star resorts. Air Canada flys to Antigua on Saturdays, and I believe Skyservice and Transat are also serving Antigua once a week.

    Good Luck.

  7. Trader,

    It is possible to have a program analyze a scan and copy the words into your word processor. The software which does a good job of this is very expensive however. Most scanners come with some sort of OCR software but the performance is typically marginal at best (50-70% accuracy).

    Good Luck

  8. Although this has been touched before on this forum, my understanding is that Jetsgo pilots are somehow reimbursed the $30K over the course of 2 years. Although it's still undesirable, its drastically different than paying for training (PFT).

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