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  1. This crew definitely screwed up in my opinion, but when will people realize that we are all prone to mistakes. The pilots at Jetsgo are no different than the pilots anywhere else. Between AC in YFC, ACJs Dash-8 in Peace River, First Air's 737 in Edmonton, Westjets G/A in YYZ, Transat in the Azores, it should be a simple concept. I am by no means a big fan of how Jetsgo is doing business, but give the pilots a break. It could happen to any of us.

  2. I understand that Jetsgo MD80 pilots can not move to the Fokker. Apparently a situation has developed in which new hires with less experience than many of the MD80 First Officers are being offered commands while the MD80 F/Os are left to rot. Apparently this and several other issues have the pilot group pretty torqued up lately.

    I guess the industry has hit the bottom and started digging because it was not deep enough.

  3. Actually in the case of the 777 raked wingtips were used instead of winglets. The entire wing on the 777 is a little bit of a different animal when compared to the wings on previous aircraft due to its computer aided design.

  4. Kip,

    I think you or someone you talked to may have had a bad experience with SP2. For most however, SP2 is not only harmless, but a much needed improvement to the XP engine. If the laptop that you are planning to buy has a decent processor (1.0 ghz or better), you should notice NO performance lag whatsoever as a result of SP2. As for the firewall, for the usage pattern that you have described I would just leave the SP2 firewall on. It will provide you with ample protection if you are to dial up or access the internet via wireless connections when you are on the road. Lastly, I suggest that you get a system with at least 512mb of RAM. XP will run ok with 256, but 512 results in a noticeable overall performance improvement. Anything beyond 512 will not be noticeable unless you get into serious tasks such as video editing, photoshop, or perhaps gaming.

    Good luck!

  5. Kip,

    If SP2 is functioning properly, it should not bog down your system. In some cases, very old computers may seem a little slower due to the overhead caused by the Security Center and Firewall, however on any modern system there should be no difference in performance. In actual fact, I have noticed an increase in performance on some systems. I would also suggest disabling the SP2 firewall. In your case, your router will provide you with sufficient incoming protection (if it is configured properly). For people without routers, they should invest in Zonealarm as SP2s firewall is too basic and missing some important features.


  6. "Bravo, you are now advocating doing precisely what you once decried when it was AC doing it."

    When exatcly did I decry ACs strategy in the past? Never is the answer.

    "Do you have no shame? "

    Actually I do have a bit thanks. cool.gif

    "By the way, sometimes rapid growth means a rapid trip to the boneyard. Remember People Express?"

    Agreed. But sometimes failure to compete and expand your product, means a trip to the boneyard. Westjet has made some interesting decisions in the last few years. YYZ, Transborder, Sabre, etc. I am not saying these were bad decisions, but in my opinion, now that the infrastructure is in place, idling for the next year while competitors grow does not seem like a safe bet to me.

    Please settle down Dagger. These are my opinions and I realize I could be (probably am) out to lunch.

  7. Actually I find it kind of worrying. I believe that although scary, the only way that WJ can put a stop to Jetsgo is to continue aggresive growth. It's a race to the bottom until someone loses, but if Westjet stands by and watches Jetsgo grow in 2005, not only will revenue opportunitys be lost, yields will be further chiselled away. This is one of those strange industries where survival is often dependant on rapid growth.

  8. For anyone that rents dvds on a regular basis, you may want to give this website a try. It is an online DVD rental company that sends you the dvds in the mail. They pay for postage both ways, and you can have up to four out at a time with no overall monthly limit in how many movies you rent. I have been using it for a couple of months now, and I am very impressed.

    Now if I can just peel myself off the couch.


  9. Neo,

    Thanks for your reply. I do indeed see things a little differently. There are so many great looking sites that function perfectly with standard code. I find it difficult to believe that AC can not render a page of the same quality without using IE specific features. The industry, much like ours, is changing. If a company wants to ensure that it gets it product out to the maximum amount of customers, then it should have a website which opens in any browser. Many other large companies have caught on, so hopefully if Dagger is correct, AC will soon follow. The issue really boils down to what type of tools / programmers are creating the page.


  10. I don't agree with the "new browser out every week" argument. When programming a website in this day and age, it would be wise to stick to standard HTML formatting. In the case of multimedia effects it would be smart if they used standard javascript or shockwave code. This would ensure compatibility on ANY browser because they are all designed to read HTML. Believe it or not, you actually have to go out of your way to design a website that only works in IE. Lastly, Firefox is not nearly as rare as some may think. It has gone from being non-existant to having 10,000,000 downloads in the last 6 months.

  11. This has been going on for years. During the summer European vacation travel is at its peak. During the winter, North American vacation travel is peaked. By trading a few aircraft and crews, companys such as Skyservice and Canada 3000 (in the good ol' days) were able to normalize their capacity during the slower seasons. Although it may seem annoying to see Brits flying routes out of Canada during the winter, if it were not for these type of agreements a lot more people would lose their jobs seasonally (ie. Transat). I personally am all for it.

  12. I think the point gldd was trying to make is that with YHZ most likely being a small Dash-8 base, it is sad to see that Jazz will run against the competition with Dash-8s. This region was once quite lucrative for Jazz/Nova and Canjet and the US carriers seem to have no problem sending jets in on the regional routes.

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