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  1. Can anyone recommend a reasonable hotel for a 2 day visit to New York City (preferably with an AC discount)? Thanks in advance.
  2. I'd take a direct flight on a King Air before I would voluntarily connect through any of those horrible US airports.
  3. I think Delta can probably lose most of that so it should be a good year for the rest of us.
  4. For those of us that don't have access to the IAM contract can you elaborate on the restrictions imposed?
  5. Dagger, Out of pure curiousity, what are the benefits to shifting so much more capacity to tier 3. If ACE were planning on spinning off Jazz as many here have eluded to, then would it not make most sense to build a strong diverse airline out of Jazz?
  6. Anyone have an official link to this announcement?
  7. manwest, Who said the 705 is not a CRJ?
  8. It's about time that fares went up to a realistic level. If the price of oil keeps rising air travel may once again become something which is out of reach to the average citizen. Now it is too bad that history will repeat itself when the next new kid on the block starts to put ridiculously low fares on the market.
  9. Were the employees that were on CBC and CTV on a damage control mission on behalf of ML? I just finished watching an interview with one of the pilots who essentially said that he really respected Leblanc and that ML was a great guy to work for.
  10. With respect to Jetsgo customers and refunds, should the government not at the very least refund the taxes that were paid? A huge chunk of the money owed to Jetsgo's customers is destined to the government.
  11. If Collenette was still in, I am sure he would be working at implementing uni-lateral cabotage. I can only hope that the current leadership understands that the capacity / competition situation is now healthy.
  12. I am glad it ended this way. No disprespect to the employees but I feel that if things continued on the path they were on, it could have been a lot worse.
  13. I think we all new this was coming. Best of luck to the employees.
  14. There seems to be a parallel discussion about this incident on another forum. http://www.pprune.org/forums/showthread.ph...threadid=166234
  15. Chris, I have never done that kind of flying myself but here are some links to get you started. Good luck. http://www.airserv.org/airservhome.html http://www.maf.org/ http://www.zimex.ch/
  16. Stones, Lighten up a bit. I think it is common knowlege that Jetsgo F/As (and pilots to a certain extent) enjoy some of the worst working conditions in the Canadian airline industry. I do not work for Westjet, and I happen to have many good friends at Jetsgo so don't take it the wrong way. Just the facts sir. MAYDAY
  17. "JetsGo could be a great place to work if they did a couple of things differently. " Baghdad would be a pleasant city to live in if they did a couple of things differently.
  18. Either two things are happening. Jetsgo is well on the way to going TU hence most of the recent signs, or they are going to weather this storm and continue to pester WJA until at least next Winter. All things being equal, I sincerely hope that Westjet is prepared to roll up the sleaves and face the music. Unlike our friends to the south, Canada can not sustain this level of capacity.
  19. better4me, I don't think SGs F100s can make it from Sask to YYZ due to their poor range and I think a MD80 is a bit much for those routes. I believe that ACs strategy going forward is wise. By rightsizing the equipment on these types of domestic routes, AC will be able to offer a frequency and service which the other guys can not viably match. Cheers
  20. Think of the managed mode as being similar to VNAV/LNAV in a Boeing a/c. In the bus pushing the ALT knob = VNAV and pushing the HDG knob = LNAV. Pulling ALT = FLCH (sort of) and pulling HDG = Hdg Sel. That is a simplified way of explaining the logic to a Boeing pilot. Good luck.
  21. Mitch, I think he was being sarcastic. Trader's last two statements are interesting however. I spoke to someone this morning that disagrees with both comments.
  22. Whenever something goes wrong or fails, it is much more effective to correct the system which allowed the problem to take place than it is to correct only the problem. They can charge the pilot and make a mockery of him but I guarantee it will happen again. I personally blame Transport Canada for a lot of the crap that flys in this industry. Jetsgo is a perfect example. Some operators in Canada could not even hold an OC in the 3rd world.
  23. If that is true, shame on everyone at Jetsgo for putting up with that kind of utter nonsense.
  24. Yes I believe that is the case. Rumour that I heard is that in the coming weeks there will be some sort of job action to protest the policy. Apparently their pilot association is not willing to address the problem.
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