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  1. Tarmac accident at YYZ Start listening after the 16 minute mark
  2. Porter Job Ad

    Extending YTZ would have been a huge cost to the government, probably for very little return. I'd love to see CS100's at YTZ, but it was probably the right decision. Credit to Porter though, they seem to be responding positively to the changing pilot market.
  3. Pilot Charged by Calgary Police

    Give me one of these split duty periods any day, where I do two short legs with a good rest period in between, all within one continuous duty period, than a nasty 14 or augmented 15 hour red-eye.
  4. Pilot Charged by Calgary Police

    You are confusing a split duty day with an extended duty day
  5. Pilot Charged by Calgary Police

    This was a split duty day, in which flight duty time may be extended by one-half the length of the rest period to a maximum of three hours
  6. J.O. let's face it, our jobs are always the hardest, we are never paid enough, and everybody else always has it easy and they are over paid.
  7. Sunwing moving to YYZ's T3

    Star Alliance needs space, so Sunwing and others get the boot to T3.
  8. Liberals Go After Pilots

    You guys are right. Harper's Conservatives would never dream of big deficits.
  9. There are always projects being floated around, including revitalizing Ontario Place. I think it's worth considering the potential for development in any of these places, and what the impact of having an expanded Island Airport might be on other projects. So what's the cost of the runway extension, what's the ROI, who pays, who benefits, what's the plan for the infrastructure around the airport, and what other projects are unable to go forward as a result of the runway expansion? So far all we know is about how quiet the CS100 is.
  10. No sir, my point is that funding never comes up in the arguments., only environmental assessment and noise, which are also very important. Since funding never comes up in the arguments I see, I am skeptical as to the amount of money that the tax payer is expected to foot, and who will benefit as a result of this, and whether that money is better put to use on other infrastructure projects. It's a very important question. I simply don't think the job creation is as endless as you think by allowing jets into the island. What is the incremental benefit if Porter operates the CS100 into CYTZ? I think allowing US Customs and increasing the number of slots into the island with more Q400 service would give us the increase in passenger numbers without nearly the investment required. On top of that, the benefits would be spread out beyond just Porter. Competition is a good thing! I agree that our city is suffering due to severe short-sighted politicians and lack of investment. But the city is highly developed now (even if seemingly just condos) and any project allowed down by the waterfront is at the expense of other projects which may have a higher ROI or even may contribute to better quality of life for more people. If the Island Airport is expanded, it could be at the expense of projects slated for the Ontario Place or Port Lands areas for example. The infrastructure around the airport is also barely capable of dealing with the airport traffic as it is, so that has to be considered. I really think a balanced approach needs to be considered, and all the talk is simply about airplane noise. My point is that it is far more complicated than that.
  11. I'm with Seeker. The constant lobbying to get tax payers to spend a lot of money on the airport expansion, without any real argument other than noise being made is tiring. What's the ROI on this project? Who benefits? I've asked this before on this forum, but unfortunately I never got a proper response. I think the airport is fine the way it is.
  12. OMG 10 Hours without food.

    It's not about being high class or not. Sunwing is the only airline that provides free meals (hot sandwiches and snacks) on board their southern flights, so it's interesting that customers felt the need to complain to the media about not being fed during IROPS. The east coast and the Maritimes can be really challenging at times, and all airlines have made the news as a result of these challenges. I stand by my assertion that news outlets should be more balanced and less like a tabloid when reporting on such events.
  13. OMG 10 Hours without food.

    The ironic part is that Sunwing is the only airline as far as I'm aware that actually provides food on southern flights. The competition is all buy-on-board. It would be nice to see a more balanced approach to news reporting though.
  14. Sorry, my free advice has run out. Good ideas like that don't come cheap! Maybe MD2 is paying attention though