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  1. That's fair, thanks rudder and good luck to all!
  2. A Canadian one? I'm curious what's floating out there, lots of rumours
  3. In fairness the Liberals have put effort into this matter, although the results are yet to be seen. There isn't a clear answer I'm afraid.
  4. I have read numerous times that $60/barrel is the break-even point for our oil, however true that may be. Having said that, your response aligns with what I've been thinking too, lack of investment in infrastructure and political/environmental pressures. It would be nice to see progress for everybody's sake.
  5. Honest question, is the situation in Alberta more to do with the price of oil being too low for it to be profitable, or is it due to government policy? And if it is government policy, did the Liberals do that much damage in the last four years or were there underlying issues while Harper was in power?
  6. I can't believe that any rational Canadian working at an airline with contract negotiations coming up can think that the Conservative government with the likes of Lisa Raitt is the rational choice. It's ridiculous. I'm with Boester, it's time for a minority government and I don't care which one gets it. They all suck right now.
  7. That's the obvious direct answer, but there are serious implications regarding that. It's unfortunate for all involved, and hopefully the additional funding is sourced this weekend.
  8. Very sad to see this development. Also, I wonder what the implications are for Air Transat? I believe they are supposed to get 10 A320/A321's this winter from TCX, and also send 4 A330's to TCX.
  9. The headline said "initially" ... which is accurate. They did in fact initially follow the procedure, but by turning the switches on again they then deviated from that procedure
  10. Seems like an accurate headline to me. It also seems very puzzling why they wouldn't simply manually trim the airplane afterwards
  11. Thanks, I wasn't aware of that
  12. Actually the award from Kaplan said "Swoop will not operate the Boeing 787 series aircraft". The award also says that additional aircraft may be added to Swoop's Initial Fleet Size (30 aircraft) at a 1:1 ratio of narrow body aircraft for every narrow body aircraft added to Westjet above their own baseline fleet and 1:1 for ratio as well for any wide body aircraft added to the Westjet baseline fleet, and 1:2 for every wide body aircraft added to Westjet above the baseline fleet, two narrow bodies may be added to the Swoop fleet. As such I wouldn't be shocked to see the 767's at Swoop with that in mind.
  13. Some A330's are being replaced by these A321NEO LR's. Nice airplane, but that's a big decrease in capacity and capability.
  14. It's also sad to see Mr. Sugar downplay the role of cargo pilots, insinuating that they shouldn't fall under the same rules as passenger pilots. I wouldn't want to work for somebody like that.