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  1. A little simplistic but your point seems to convey that you do get what you pay for. The government and idiots like some advocates seems to want it both ways, deregulated-regulations to protect the saps.
  2. I used to discriminate every weekday when I went to the kindergarten to pick up my daughter, I would only take her home with me. Was that to the detriment of other children or mine?
  3. Certainly agree; however, how many children are dead or maimed by irresponsible legal firearms owners?
  4. Substitute firearms for pit bull. Same problem. Responsible people act responsibly.
  5. Fantastic!! When will they get there? I'd like to see the landing
  6. "Billy Idol". I had to ask my wife when I got home who was Billy Idol. Guess I was not "with it" even 25 years ago!
  7. In the boarding lounge waiting to go to YVR-YYC in the late '80s. A short young guy in tight leather pants and a gelled straight up dyed blonde hairdo was impatiently strutting around the boarding lounge like a bantam rooster, attracting virtually everyone's attention. I thought to myself, oh, I don't want to sit near him. As I seated myself in 2D a biker type guy took the window seat beside me and then the leather pants guy sat down right across the aisle. Well after a short while the biker guy and I had struck up a conversation and I eventually asked what was taking him to Calgary. His repl
  8. I can usually get mine to sleep, walk the dog and rock the cradle (not all on one spin), and around the world without beaning myself about a third of the time, didn't see him do those!!! FANTASTIC!!!!!
  9. Just as a refinement if you are not sure of the longitude, you can use local standard time, take out the 1 hour for DST to eliminate the 15º error and you should be within 7.5º most places. Joe
  10. Approximate precision is definitely as important, nearly, as good speling, usually.
  11. Rented an older Mustang Convertable at Al West's Vans rentals for a pretty decent price, they do Airport shuttle pick up and drop off. For some awesome snorkelling try (TURTLE TOWN, Makena Road, Wailea-Makena),Big Beach while you're out that way is good for beach and swimming,and continue on to the Ahihi Kinau Lava field. Watch the wind and try to snorkel on the lee, the turtles do hang out across from the Post Office (not kidding) just north of Lahaina as well (1834 Honoapiilani Highway, Lahaina, Hawaii) or snorkel D T Fleming Beach Park a little further north. Nice drives up to the north alo
  12. It is interesting that the current pension "problems" are precipitating such a benign response from the plan members. Simply put, the majority of pension plans have been legal ponzi schemes with little or no checks and balances and been allowed to be plundered by the corporations that negotiated these instruments in the first place. No union forced any employer to defer wages to a later date and the formulas are changed on a quid pro quo basis. Pensions are a negotiated item. One of the benefits to the employer was they could use the deferred wages to fund on going operations and in many cases