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  1. This definitely wont help getting rid of the 14 day quarantine when travelling between provinces! What now? Shut down the airlines until a vaccine is found? I'm not sure where this is going to end up. Any thoughts?
  2. Even in the comments under the CBC headline of the WestJet layoffs, posters still use that opportunity to bash Air Canada! SMH!
  3. Are you sure it was AC that cancelled the flights in question or did the Federal Gov't have a say in this as well? Some provincial airports were closed and are still closed. Also I think multiple countries around the world banned air traffic from landing in their country. Is this the fault of AC? Does the contractual obligation failure still hold true for a worldwide pandemic? Natural disaster? Who exactly would you blame for the outstanding issue with non-refundable tickets? You can't compare the kitchen renovations to airline operations during a worldwide pandemic...sorry. And my thoughts apply not just to AC but all Canadian Airlines. I choose not to pick on one over the other!
  4. Just wait to see the ire when CBC allows comments!!
  5. This could be just the tip of the iceberg!!
  6. The way the travel industry is heading right now their may be more parked there!
  7. Are any other airlines in Canada offering full credit for future air travel out of the country?
  8. CBC must've missed this!
  9. Darn! CBC didn't even allow comments on the news item!!
  10. Let's wait to read the rest of the story!
  11. Travelers who were expecting to fly from Kelowna, B.C., to Winnipeg had an unpleasant surprise when they were told their flight on the Swoop airline was cancelled – and that they wouldn’t be re-booked until, potentially, early September. Pat Ward and Emily Rae say they were scheduled to come home to Winnipeg Monday but found out their flight had been cancelled due to mechanical issues. They and nine other friends and family were in Kelowna for a wedding, said Ward, and they said they were promised a charter flight home by the company on Wednesday. READ MORE: Swoop refused to give free water on a flight, but provided cup of ice: passenger Monday night, the group started getting texts from Swoop saying their flights had instead been rescheduled – some for Sept. 2, some for Sept. 4, and some for as far away as Sept. 6. “Ridiculous,” said Ward. “Eleven days that you’re going to stay in Kelowna and not get back to your job?” After arguing with Swoop for about two hours, they have only received an apology, said Rae. “Swoop sent us a courtesy apology, ‘oh our sincerest apologies’, that was basically a slap in the face,” she said. READ MORE: Hundreds of passengers stranded after Swoop cancels or delays nearly 2 dozen flights Ward said some have paid $750 to catch other flights to leave, and Swoop has told them they will not compensate them. Others have since found out that Swoop would only cover one night of hotel accommodation. Monica Raabe, who was also on the flight, told Global News she ended up taking a WestJet flight to make it back to Manitoba. “It’s ridiculous,” she said. “How could people just suddenly extend a vacation, or have money too? It’s absolutely unacceptable. Raabe said she was given the runaround when trying to contact Swoop, and eventually just decided to take another flight. “We had to book on WestJet, had to completely use a different carrier – although it’s not a different carrier, because I was told by many people that Swoop is owned by WestJet.” Calgary-based Swoop was launched in 2017 by WestJet as an ultra low-cost carrier. The airline confirmed there was unscheduled maintenance to the aircraft, and that Swoop has “all our available resources working to get travellers to their destinations as quickly and safely as possible.” They did not say if passengers would be compensated for their other flights or hotel accommodations. Rae said that wasn’t nearly good enough and warned people off the airline. “I would say: Don’t fly Swoop,” said Rae. “I hope they’re going to man up and come through for everyone,” Ward added.
  12. None of it is true.....not on CBC news! ?
  13. Brought to you by CBC News of course! Don't all Canadian Airlines have fuel surcharges?
  14. Passengers planning to take Swoop flights from airports across Canada and Florida have been left scrambling after the low-cost airline delayed or cancelled nearly two dozen trips because of maintenance issues. The WestJet Airlines subsidiary said 11 of its flights were cancelled on July 7 and 8, including trips from Hamilton, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Halifax, Orlando and Fort Lauderdale. The cancellations, which began on July 5, will continue for next two days. July 9 trips from Hamilton, Halifax and London, Ont. and July 10 trips from Hamilton, Winnipeg and Edmonton have also been grounded. The airline blamed unscheduled maintenance on one of its aircraft. "Safety is our number one priority and we sincerely apologize to our travellers for the interruption in their plans," said Swoop spokesperson Karen McIsaac in an email to CBC News. "We know how disruptive it is when travel doesn't go as planned, and we're sorry for the inconvenience and disappointment this has caused." View image on Twitter See FlySwoop's other Tweets Twitter Ads info and privacy 'You can't plan with them' Hanna Romanowski's husband, Radek, was scheduled to fly from Fort Lauderdale to Hamilton Monday, but an email let him know that trip was cancelled and he'd been given a seat on the next available flight out — July 15 — a full week later. That's a delay that's simply unacceptable, said Romanowski. Her husband has important meetings arranged for Tuesday, so rather than wait seven days to get home he dug into his air miles and will be hopping on an Air Canada plane Monday evening. "You can't plan with them," she said of Swoop. "Taking the risk that you can't get out for a week? I think I'd rather pay extra and make sure I make it." Click here for details on Swoop flight disruptions Alan Lutyk also suffered the delays firsthand. The Hamilton man was scheduled to fly to Edmonton at 8 p.m. Friday, but repeated delays meant the plane didn't take off until 2 a.m. Saturday. He was travelling to Alberta to visit the town of Beauvallon, where his parents grew up, and to mark its 100th anniversary. After hours of delay he arrived in Alberta and managed to make the celebration, but his travel headaches weren't over yet. View image on Twitter 41 people are talking about this Twitter Ads info and privacy The first-time Swoop traveller headed back to the Edmonton airport an hour before his 10:45 a.m. flight home. He ended up "waiting around and waiting around" until an announcement over the loudspeaker saying the plane wouldn't be leaving until 10 p.m. Lutyk said he was among a group of several disgruntled passengers who asked the staff working at the Swoop desk to speak with their manager. Instead, he says, they "panicked" and fetched an RCMP officer who told the angry travellers to grab their luggage and a $30 meal voucher. Travellers cite lack of customer support Had he known there was going to be such a significant delay, Lutyk says, he would have stayed an extra day instead of rushing to the airport just to spend the day sitting around. Compared to some of his fellow passengers, who missed out on holidays or connecting flights, Lutyk saus he didn't suffer too much. But, he says, his exasperation and that of the other delayed travellers was made worse by a lack of customer support. It would be great if they were reliable and had some customer support, but no, for anybody who asks I'd say, 'Don't fly with them.'- Hanna Romanowski Calls to Swoop's headquarters over the weekend were answered by an automated message saying the office was closed until Monday. "You can't call in," he explained. "The people at the desk don't know what to tell you so it was quite frustrating for everybody." He eventually did get back to Hamilton, around 5 a.m. Monday, and has spent much of the morning trying to get through to ask about a refund but the lines are still swamped and he hasn't managed to speak with anyone. Romanowski said the most recent cancellation isn't the first time the couple has had trouble with the airline. She says a flight she was supposed to take from Fort Lauderdale was also cancelled in May, leaving her scrambling for a way home. 'Unscheduled maintenance' strands Vegas-bound Swoop passengers in Hamilton airport Swoop flight delayed when passenger charged with assaulting flight attendant Despite an email to the airline and several hours on the phone, waiting for someone to pick up, she says she never heard back about a refund. She's not optimistic the couple will see any money back from her husband's flight either. In its statement McIsaac said Swoop travellers affected by the delays and cancellations will be provided with "accommodation, meal and transportation as needed and those that wished to cancel can do so for a full refund." Swoop policy also requires that the airline reroute passengers on other airlines if it cannot rebook them on its own flights "within a reasonable amount of time." Still, Romanowski said she and her husband won't risk using the airline again. "It would be great if they were reliable and had some customer support, but no, for anybody who asks I'd say, 'Don't fly with them.'"
  15. Now she can't sleep at home!
  16. CBC to the rescue!!
  18. Travelers want the cheapest fares but expect all the extras to be included!
  19. Of course CBC takes the opportunity to target Air Canada yet again! No other 737 Max operators in Canada?
  20. Collapse of Swissport ramp support? Where did they go? Were they fulfilling other contracts?