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  1. Collapse of Swissport ramp support? Where did they go? Were they fulfilling other contracts?
  2. Operating margin 6.2% 16.3% (10.1 pts) Operating margin got hammered this quarter!
  3. runaway

    Where is Bean ?

    Oh yes...those other indiscretions. No harm done right?
  4. runaway

    Where is Bean ?

    I actually thought Bean took cheap shots at other airlines. He constantly predicted the demise of AC and Porter for about 3-4 years....then he disappeared when AC shares rebounded and surpassed WJ. So he was completely wrong with his wishful predictions. Thanks for the clown compliment! He taught you well! You know what they say....takes one to know one!
  5. runaway

    Where is Bean ?

    That's your rebuttal? This coming from a poster with self proclaimed "creds"? Bean's constant antagonism of Air Canada and Porter promptly initiated a push back from many posters because yes he was extremely biased towards Team Teal. Being biased is one thing but perpetually bashing and spewing garbage about other airlines on a daily basis is just asking for posters to "chuck stuff" as you stated. I don't miss him and I'm sure many others have similar opinions.
  6. runaway

    Westjet 60 Hour Delay From LGW

    Can't be that big of a deal....CBC isn't all over it!
  7. Thought the first WJ "hackathon" was directed on Air Canada a few years ago! And it wasn't from a hangar!
  8. Do I see a marshaller at top left giving "thumbs up" right before impact?
  9. runaway

    WestJet's new look and 787 preview

    Sarcasm? Not sure!!
  10. runaway

    WestJet's new look and 787 preview

    Agree....not near as appealing as the original. Just plain ugly!