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  1. Report says shooter arrived on a Canadian flight and had gun in his checked bag!
  2. Here's something I read in this article..... You don't find this even slightly surreptitious based on the comments below?
  3. And CBC was kind enough to immediately allow comments! Let the bashing begin!
  4. CBC loves to feast on Air evident in the headline picture of the first post!
  5. There was no contingency plan?
  6. Yes...I suppose I was paying too much attention. How could we ever misconstrue the true meaning of your recent posts. Oh...and longevity doesn't necessarily make you smarter .....maybe give you louder horn.
  7. I don't think that statement was referring to topic and trolling! And who's numbers are you referring to? The ones you copied and pasted from Bean? LOL! Pathetic....
  8. Are you and Bean in the same office?? LOL! And who is "little fella" ? Anyway...just start a new topic regarding Westjet earnings. Why post it here?...unless you're trolling.
  9. Still no word on what the root cause or causes were for that flight. Wonder if it has been brought up in the legal arguments yet? And who gets sued when no blame has been squarely pointed at anyone?
  10. Narcissism alive and well in this thread!
  11. The fact that you've used a "Bean-ism" speaks volumes about your character!
  12. So any animal that's "certified and professionally trained" can be considered a service animal? One that fits at your feet of course!
  13. Bean's posts have become repetitive and somewhat redundant. The same info with a different spin and always posts questions with narcissistic overtones. You seem more infatuated with Air Canada's inevitable failure (in your mind) than your beloved Westjet. Something doesn't add up!
  14. The Bean cheerleader to the rescue again.....not!