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  1. CBC investigates!
  2. Maybe you should remove that tin foil hat!
  3. Has CBC become a shill for Westjet?
  4. As soon as that F/A touched the passenger it changed the argument to probably some mediocre act of assault. I agree he should have left this disagreement in the hands of the gate staff or law enforcement.
  5. Point is you're posting false material. Ok...I'll rephrase...self proclaimed "credibility"! Happy now?
  6. I think you did!
  7. Wow! For someone who has self proclaimed "credentials" in this forum, that was a rather fatuous comment! Wear it like a champ!
  8. Nice investigative work by the CBC! And opened to comments immediately of course!
  9. Mav clearly stated "no discussion is required". Very inconsiderate!!
  10. Anything is better than that exceptionally stupid video!
  11. Not on CBC News.....can't be true!
  12. Report says shooter arrived on a Canadian flight and had gun in his checked bag!
  13. Here's something I read in this article..... You don't find this even slightly surreptitious based on the comments below?
  14. And CBC was kind enough to immediately allow comments! Let the bashing begin!
  15. CBC loves to feast on Air evident in the headline picture of the first post!