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  1. Gooseberry

    WestJet 787

    I am not sure why you have huff. I know that I don't. However, if you are going to quote fares...then at least quote all the facts.
  2. Gooseberry

    WestJet 787

    That fare is based upon one way only. If you put in a return date then its considerably less. If you want to play that game. Then you can also say that Westjet's J Class Fare is $6943.32 off their website. Personally I don't give a crap what Westjet charges. In fact most Air Canada employees don't even think about Westjet anymore.
  3. Gooseberry

    WestJet 787

    Air Canada website. Departure from YYC via YUL. Saturday July 13, 2019. $2262. J Class.
  4. Gooseberry

    WestJet 787

    What day are you looking at? I don't see any Air Canada fare at $7400. ow. Nice try though.