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  1. Is this our very own Don Hudson?
  2. You are so funny Bean.....Now bite me!
  3. Has anyone discussed where all of Porters money is going to come from for these jets? Anyone ever thought of a middle eastern based airline looking to get more access to Canadian markets that the Gov has prevented them for doing thus far? Could Porter be this vehicle? FFT???
  4. Sorry boestar...ACPA is not the only union to have managers retain and accure seniority at Air Canada.
  5. Okay, much longer than before AC is extinct? Wanna take bets? How about say, 7 years??? Maybe that new OCC AC is building is for Westjet?? You guys have been watching Dr Strangelove havn't you???
  6. No worries....after December 21st this year, it won't matter, right?
  7. Wow....thought it was a simple question and now all this......maybe I should ask who the Bean is too so he or she does not feel left out! lol We know its not Jacques Kavafian
  8. Oh yes...I can take it...would not have survived this long in this Sorry, I don't check this board all the time. I was busy prepping my boat, hanging out at BassPro and playing with a new bait caster I bought...geez, they are hard to get used to. Time to get ready for softwater fishing!! More to life than letting this industry slowly suck the life outta ya...
  9. Well Moeman, First off, its comments like that that keeps people off this board. What, this is a small "boys club"? So many people cruise this board and would love to contribute, I assume, but don't out of fear of being jumped on. Thanks for the confirmation. I have not posted a comment, an opinion, suggestion et al regarding this industry, so why would I have to disclose anything? Maybe the boards creator should go back to a "members only" as it is obvious you took offense to my question and it appears that you are not in favor of any new "blood" here shall we say. If I was spouting off on a
  10. Like I said, a long time lurker. Was just curious on the guys creds that's all. Seemed to be knowledgeable about the industry...anyway...I'll go away now... fyi...I'm my mother's son...
  11. First time poster but a long time lurker. Dagger, it is obvious that you are "Pro" Air Canada and appear to side with Management question to you is, who are you? Not your real name mind you, but what do you do to have knowledge about Air Canada? Industry Analyst? Money markets? Air Canada executive? Just curious that's all..