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  1. Saretsky, has a even bigger problem then a union, WestJet pilots are starting to vote with their feet. AC has hired at least 10 WJ pilots in the last month and a half, 5 on the last course alone. At that rate of a attrition, how long before Saretsky cries UNCLE. Air Canada is hiring big time, between retirements and growth, anyone hired in the next year are going to be in command seats within three to five years. That's not recruiting BS, that's facts! With the recent internal statement that they are done with the PML for the time being, where does one recruit pilots. If the last October PIT course are any indication,. WJ better improve things and quick, or they may find themselves in a RYAN Air situation by late winter early spring.
  2. Emirates has been recruiting pilots for twenty years or more, they have a steady turnover of people for as long as I can remember, plus expansion. Why is this considered news?
  3. I rather suspect it's how their HR department roll, culture of fear, nothing focuses the mind and the masses, then a firing squad at dawn. You don't see the usaul suspects showing up to tell us that we don't get it, on the contrary we do get it. Just what is the pilots union doing to help this guy get fair representation, OH YEA! you don't have one. You can say a lot about ACPA these days, at least we have a legal department that knows how to deal with this kind of stuff, they have years of experience at it.
  4. Well, wasn't this the purpose behind the creation of Rouge. You have another quarter or two like this, it will be all over.
  5. Bean, what's your spin on this, just curious!
  6. I have been told we will start YVR to Mumbai sometime in the next two years as more 787's arrive. This will effectively cut EK out of the market, the example of what has happened in Australia when you allow a carrier like EK unchecked access is very fresh in the minds of AC and the Feds
  7. Mr Bean, the heady days of "sis boom bah, go team go" are dead at WJ. That sort of culture is hard to sustain, particularly as the original WestJetters get older. The pilots particularly have discovered, you don't get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate.
  8. Well actually, as 54 year old Concervative male, I thought Mr Brands view points valid. Harper will use the events of last week to further his form of conservatism, he will portray himself as the protector of all that is Canadian.
  9. I can not remember the last time I used a pass, flights are full domestically and internationally. I've seen to many family vacations ruined by pass travel worries, buy the tickets you cheapskates. When the dollar was good, I crossed over to BUF, now that the dollar isn't, I fly on best available in Canada. As AC employees we get discounts on Rouge, 10 to 15 percent off at the very least, on confirmed seats. PEACE OF MIND, has a value.
  10. The Ventura bomber recovered north of YZF in the mid 80,s, at what stage is it at in restoration?
  11. The only thing cheap at AC Rouge are the crews, everything else is the same including the price of a ticket.
  12. Yes, sometimes good things happen for good people. Just curious, what sort of commission does the auction house get?
  13. "Not sure what you can get within five years that's new at this point. As Bean mentions, maybe a foot in the door with a used fleet."