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  1. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/manitoba/airline-refund-policies-credit-card-chargeback-1.5598623 Would-be passengers get around airline refund policies via credit card chargebacks Customers can get chargeback from credit card company if no refund or no response from airline company If a response doesn't come within 15 days or is rebuffed, customers can call the payment card issuer and request a chargeback on the grounds that services they paid for were not rendered. "The burden of proof is now on the carrier," Lukacs said. He recommends aski
  2. https://nationalpost.com/opinion/kelly-mcparland-why-are-the-liberals-protecting-the-airlines-at-the-expense-of-their-citizens Surely a company with $10 billion in the bank could handle the payments on a long-term, low-interest loan targeted to refunds. Plenty of passengers, given the choice, might opt to keep their vouchers, especially if offered a little sweetener: a suspension of the usual baggage fee, access to the snobby business-class lounge or maybe an on-board sandwich without the usual spine-chilling mark-up. Passengers have borne the brunt of cramped seating, high fe
  3. A voucher is virtually worthless in this environment and it leaves cash strapped individuals with nothing of value and payments to be made on the credit card no matter what Oh they have asked they just have not got anything yet and they better not. I am all for the programs that have helped employees stay on the payroll as long as possible under these very unusual circumstances but there had better not be any corporate bailouts
  4. Don’t quite buy your analogy, if you bought the camping gear and they delivered it to you the transaction is complete and there are no more obligations .If you ordered the camping gear and prepaid it online and then they said sorry, manufacturer went out of business here is a trampoline or come back in two years would that be acceptable to you? the obligation is to supply the services or product contracted or give me my money back.
  5. I understand non-refundable but typically your defence of the airlines is “heads I win tails you lose.“ I buy a non-refundable ticket and don’t show up I lose the money I buy a non-refundable ticket and the carrier doesn’t show up I lose the money and now I buy a non-refundable ticket the carrier doesn’t show I lose the money and the Carriers want more of my money to bail them out
  6. I agree that there are many variables if the carrier is operating and you chose not to go you forfeit the ticket if you bought a restricted fare. The issue currently is people who purchased tickets for future travel and now the carriers are not operating, I don’t care who’s fault it is, the obligation is to refund the fare that’s all nothing more nothing less. It is contractual and many jurisdictions like the EU and the US are forcing refunds. The CTC under pressure from the carriers are not forcing them yet, but it is coming. If i order and prepay for a pizza, I expect delivery, if th
  7. Why should they? Air Canada should purchase the insurance to cover themselves if they can’t supply the service they were contracted to do. This is ridiculous ploy to grab more advance booking money and have the customer pay to insure the carriers liability, don’t fall for it.
  8. Well that aged well. Now that the airlines and its employees are on the receiving end of my tax dollars,(again) , I hope your appreciative.
  9. What you fail to understand is that when someone buys a non refundable ticket, they are gambling that they wont show up and therefore lose the ticket, they are not gambling that the carrier wont show up. If AC or any carrier cancels the flight they have failed their contractual obligations and should refund the money, period.
  10. Are you kidding, the royal family?? That group of lazy flunkies can afford to charter netjets, How about the people that actually work for a living for us?
  11. http://www.ausbt.com.au/airbus-confirms-a380neo-and-a380-stretch Airbus CEO Fabrice Bregier has confirmed plans for an A380neo with more fuel-efficient engines as well as a longer version of the superjumbo – dubbed the A380-900 – capable of carrying even more passengers than today's double-decker jet.
  12. You have a pretty short memory, CAPA Profiles Air Canada bailout buys time - but Canada Inc sells out to forces of protectionism CAPA > Aviation Analysis > Air Canada bailout buys time - but Canada Inc sells out to forces of protectionism 7th August, 2009 inShare © CAPA The Canadian government is simultaneously bailing out its flag carrier and blocking entry by foreign airlines – on the basis that they are “instruments of government policy”. Air Canada is far from safe, even with the bailout. But there is a special irony here. The government justifies its action as a matter of “nationa
  13. Nonsense, a .02 reading 8-10 hours later means he was **bleep**. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blood_alcohol_content
  14. Let's see, Air Canada cobbles together a mish-mash low cost operation, used airplanes,foreign crews, Chinese OC, to compete with Singapore and Cathay...ya that'll work. This thing will be fought by the unions on all fronts, if it even gets off the ground it will collapse in a heap in 12 months like every other AC idea.
  15. There is finally mounting pushback against Canada's Air policy This is testimony in front of the Canadian Senate, Highlights: Rob Howard, Member, Provincial Lead of the Air Access file, Legislative Assembly of British Columbia As I have said, air access is critically important to my province and our nation, and it is urgent that we take steps to allow expansion of air services, passenger and cargo, especially through the Pacific Gateway. In these times of need for job creation and job protection, expanded air services offer a low-cost, low-risk, high-reward way to grow and diversify our econom