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  1. Exactly Rich! Canadians have been counselled since last March to avoid unnecessary travel. If a Canadian wishes/chooses to disregard that counsel and travel anyway then they should expect and be prepared for unexpected events and/or changed circumstances. For all intents and purposes, those who have chosen unnecessary travel during this pandemic have also chosen their destiny. Choices have consequences, dire and otherwise. Choose wisely, because making the wrong choice, while wrong, is still a "right". Living with a wrong decision is usually problematic and unpleasant.
  2. Bad behaviour knows no class ... years ago I was in Business when a guy in row 1 took off his shoes and socks and planted his bare feet high up in the bulkhead for all to admire. ?
  3. It wasn't that long ago (well at least it doesn't seem so) that the Constellation Hotel (now torn down) on Dixon Road had its own Constellation aircraft on the property, used first as a bar and later moved and converted to a restaurant.
  4. There is no question that Mr. Rovinescu has done a stellar job in turning around AC from its near-death experience in the mid to late 2000's. As I recall, the pilots helped out during those dark days when the company was in precarious financial difficulty and the pension plan was in severe deficit by voluntarily (and temporarily, the thought went) giving up indexation. When times got better, it was believed, then indexation could be, and would be re-instated. Well times did get better, in fact much better, and with the pension plan now over-funded the company has shown no interest in the retur
  5. Speaking of flight bags, this wounded warrior was purchased in 1979 and, had it not been force-retired, was good for a few more years! ??
  6. There has existed for a long, long time, a rivalry in the Air Force between pilots who fly different equipment. 50 years ago, when I joined up, I wanted to be a fighter pilot but even back in my day there were those who professed to see no purpose for fighter aircraft in the then today’s Air Force and I came to realize that no minds were going to be changed in the oft-times vigorous debates of my day. I have always seen the requirement and necessity for different aircraft types and missions in our Air Force, but of course we are all not like-minded (that’s a good thing) and hence the perpetual
  7. I agree. As a 12 year Air Force pilot, 3000+ hours, current squadron ICP (Instrument Check Pilot), I had to pay for a few hours flying lessons in a Beech 95 just so I could fly a check ride in an unfamiliar aircraft with a Transport Canada check pilot to confirm my ability to hold an Airline Transport Rating. To add insult to the process, the check pilot concluded his pre-flight briefing with a comment along the lines of "if you fail this ride I don't want you to go complaining to my boss." Class act.
  8. There's a lot of WWII nose art available for viewing that suggests not much was banned let alone removed and so in terms of restrictions imposed during WWII I'm curious as to the "political committee" and the decision issued to which you refer. Are you able to provide further guidance? The only info on restrictions that I've been able to locate happened decades later: From one web site that I viewed: "If we are to compare side by side the 80’s with Vietnam or WW II then the general consensus among most people would be that there is more freedom than what was enjoyed in the Vietnam era but le
  9. I love the artwork on all those WWII aircraft, particularly bombers and fighters. In today's PC and SJW world, such artwork would no doubt profoundly offend somebody and be judged inappropriate by some "independent" tribunal. I suspect a decision would come down from above dictating that you go fly your mission and die if necessary, but don't dare deface an aircraft with such offensive artwork.
  10. I expect that they will .... and very soon. They already accept remotely controlled trains and autonomously driven automobiles are just around the corner (in terms of legality and availability), robots are everywhere from surgical rooms to assembly lines. It (remotely controlled airliners) will begin with single pilot ops and then ultimately complete autonomy. Not in my lifetime I suspect, but most likely in my grandchildren's lifetime. Absolutely. People place a high value on life but when it's their own money they often come up with some strange rationalizations.
  11. I was told that I was "immature" the day after I joined the Air Force and I've been told that time and time again ever since! Only have one life to live!!!
  12. Employers will push and push and push some more until one is willing to take a stand. If any pilot believes that fatigue will be a consequence of any given flight schedule then that pilot has a duty and obligation to ensure that he or she will remain in compliance with CAR 602.02 http://laws-lois.justice.gc.ca/eng/regulations/SOR-96-433/page-82.html#h-750 If, given the circumstances of any particular flight, he or she has reason to believe that they will not be in compliance with CAR 602.02 then they shouldn't do the flight. Particularly so because, safety aside, if something untowar
  13. Malcolm, may I suggest that it’s not entirely the fault of Joe Public. Yes, most people are very price conscious but let’s not overlook airlines that do whatever they can to put a warm body in an empty seat. It is the airlines that have bought into the mantra that it is better to have a seat generate one dollar than to have it depart empty. After all, flights for the most part are scheduled, and are departing regardless of being half empty or full. I will always remember, and probably never forget an article in the company rag of an airline no longer with us, where it was explained how an
  14. I agree. But I believe a place to start is with the airlines taking responsibility and being more proactive when it comes to overbooking. They know how many seats are on an aircraft and they know when they have sold the "last" seat. Overbooking implies, and in reality is, selling a product that is sold out - for which an argument could be made that this constitutes a form of misrepresentation. Having said that, I understand "no shows", the myriad number of legitimate reasons for those no shows, and the airlines' necessity to mitigate the impact of those no-shows. From the passenger's poin