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  1. I would be very surprised if it’s WestJet. Swoop and the introduction of the 787 has the investment community wondering already if they have bitten off more than they can handle. Adding a merger/takeover of AT would add to that unease. My money is on AC. Similar fleet once the 310s are gone. Roll it all into Rouge and they’re done.
  2. Just curious why pilots are seeing the lowest take home pay ever since Jan 1st?
  3. It’s not a merger per se. According to the Jazz pilots’s agreement the Georgian pilots will come across with their DOH. There is a pilot bid this month that will include the positions created by bringing the CRJ200s back to Jazz. The Georgian pilots that choose to come to Jazz will be able to participate in the bid with their DOH. It doesn’t mean that they will maintain a CRJ position or their status as a captain as it depends on their DOH. Also there is a no layoff clause for Jazz pilots and any Jazz captain that is loses their status will be paid as a captain until they can hold a captain position again. With all the hiring at AC and elsewhere, doubtful that this will have lasting effect on any pilot at Jazz.
  4. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. Some Of the pilots I see in the terminals look pretty unkept Took me until I was in my forties to be able to grow a beard. It’s evident that some are in the same boat.
  5. Dr.Brendan Adams is great. Contact info here: https://www.aviationdoc.com/