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  1. EMAS

    The problem with the NPA is there are three proposed solutions: In addition, this NPA proposes that compliance with RESA requirements be achieved in the following ways: 1- adding prescribed length to existing runways, or 2 - installing an arresting system such as an Engineered Material Arresting System (EMAS), or 3 - reducing declared distances of runways. The easy way out for airports is to reduce the declared distances, which affects payload out of some airports.

    Currently no charge out of YYZ. UpperDeck's post would imply that's about to change.

    Is this correct? If so when does it go into effect and what is the fee?
  4. Stropping A Disposable Razor

    I have been using one of these for a couple of years now: http://www.razorpit.com i think it was about $25.00. I now change a blade maybe every 4-5 months shaving daily. Huge savings
  5. New Tc Licensing Rules?

    The memo seemed pretty clear to me:" As for the transition to the new validity, any medical certificate done since October 1, 2013 will be automatically extended to the 12 month validity if the criteria for consideration apply. In other words, a medical certificate which was renewed last October is valid until October 2014 and so on in to the future." You might want to confirm yourself before you go. Call TC or your base chief pilot. As per a recent memo, the company will only pay for one medical per year now. You could be on the hook for the medical cost and TC fee.
  6. New Tc Licensing Rules?

    If you did your last medical after October 1st, you do not have to do your medical in April. Check the memo on JazzNet.
  7. Your Long Distance Provider

    This looks interesting: http://www.knowroaming.com/ They are a YYZ startup. Not up and running yet, but it could be an ideal solution if you do a lot of roaming.
  8. Air Canada Us Regional Rfp

    I would agree that not the best news for Jazz. I wonder how the AIr Canada Pubic Participation Act and the Official Language Act play into this though. The ACPPA is pretty clear that all carriers branded under AC Express have to provide bilingual service on designated routes: 'In August 2009, Air Canada renewed its service contract with Jazz for just over 10 years. Because of that contract, Jazz is still required to communicate with and provide services to the public in either official language under section 25 of the OLA, which means that it has to provide services in the preferred language of members of the public on flights that are designated bilingual. This is also the case for the other companies that operate flights under the “Air Canada Express” brand; however, they are not subject to the other provisions of the OLA.' You would be surprised what are designated routes. This would largely prevent US regionals from flying the routes unless they are code shared and marketed under their own code. Opens the door for more flying for other Canadian carriers, but IMO would be difficult for US carriers to comply. Then there is the other question of finding bilingual flight attendants that want to work for a wage that is at or below the poverty line.
  9. Tc News Release On Wet-Leasing

    How is this going to affect Sunwing?
  10. Porter To Get C Series

    It is supposed to be $24 one way downtown to YYZ on the train. What a joke. You can do the same thing in YVR for less than $5.00. If you have two or more people you might as well take a cab.
  11. I suspect this will be quickly adopted by other carriers.... Transport Canada grants WestJet request regarding flight attendant requirements No. H054/13 For release - May 6, 2013 OTTAWA — Transport Canada today granted permission for WestJet to employ a ratio of one flight attendant for every 50 passenger seats onboard an aircraft. "The safety of Canadians is Transport Canada's top priority," said the Honourable Denis Lebel, Minister of Transport, Infrastructure and Communities. "The department has considered WestJet's request carefully and is confident that the same levels of safety will be maintained." The Canadian Aviation Regulations currently require one flight attendant for every 40 passengers present on board an aircraft. However, for certain eligible aircraft configured with up to 50 passenger seats, only one flight attendant is required. This exemption aligns WestJet with international standards as airlines based in the United States and other jurisdictions operate with one flight attendant for every 50 passenger seats, and they are currently flying to and from Canada with this ratio. "This decision will make WestJet more competitive with U.S. airlines while maintaining a high safety standard," said Minister Lebel. All air operators are entitled to make an exemption request to Transport Canada and every request is given equal consideration and assessed on its own merit. Transport Canada will begin work on a regulatory change so that airlines can meet this internationally-recognized standard without seeking an exemption. Contacts: Marie-Josée Paquette Press Secretary Office of the Honourable Denis Lebel Minister of Transport, Infrastructure and Communities Ottawa 613-991-0700 Media Relations Transport Canada, Ottawa 613-993-0055 This news release may be made available in alternative formats for persons living with visual disabilities. http://www.tc.gc.ca/eng/mediaroom/releases-2013-h054e-7156.html
  12. Porter To Get C Series

    Why was it scrapped?
  13. Does anyone know of a decent place to rent near transportation and YYZ? Clean and quiet... Thanks,
  14. The Jazz CPA goes until 2020. I wouldn't count Jazz out yet. Plenty of time to renegotiate and could be a way for AC to get out of expensive DHC8-100 lift.
  15. Can any US regionals meet these requirements? http://www.parl.gc.ca/About/Parliament/LegislativeSummaries/bills_ls.asp?Language=E&ls=c17&Parl=41&Ses=1&source=library_prb#a2