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  1. Haven't been around much lately. It is, however, that time of year again to remember. Just thought I'd re-activate this thread for those new to the forum and for those who have not seen this video honoring the crews of the Lancaster Bombers who served in WWII. Courage and Passion You can see the companion video here: Critical Foundations
  2. As much as I wanted Vancouver to win, Boston was the better team and clearly out scored the Canucks by an impressive margin. Ya gotta score to win! But I did get a little satisfaction with the incredible Gary Bettman boos and anti-Bettman chants with the cup presentations. He is so awkward socially and a terrible speaker. Sometimes I feel sorry for him. Well, not really. It was brought to my attention, that many have forgotten how he acclaimed his current position. Bruce McNall, owner of the LA franchise (and soon to be a convicted criminal) was high on the podium with Wayne Gretzky at his sid
  3. Glad you liked it! Yes, many have commented how the video exposes a side of history that so many are unaware of.
  4. Abandoned airfields and the associated buildings have a "haunting" appearance. After several months of research, I made this video as a brief sampling of the empty airfields across the UK landscape. The images are blended with archival photos and video from the WWII period featuring the major aircraft that occupied these airfields.
  5. Good point! I am assuming that the crew getting the word from the TRACON controller (in that moment) thought that landing was okay in this situation (despite no tower contact). However knowing that this airport is never uncontrolled, I'm sure the crew was second guessing every second till touchdown.
  6. Main story here:
  7. Back alive without incident from 9 days of solid sun in Puerto Vallarta! Phenomenal whale watching even from the shore! Check this shot out:
  8. Awesome! Love how the spoiler is activated with braking!
  9. He was actually described as a test pilot in the New York Times write-up. He had flown a wide variety of aircraft for the Wright brothers and he was a civilian instructor. He apparently also spent 16 months in Mexico flying crude aircraft over the mountains and wilderness. New York Times articles here: http://www.spoonerce...napp/Bunny.html The YouTube comments describe many of the likely reasons the aircraft suddenly pitched and crashed.
  10. The music sets the tone for this story. Less than 30 seconds of fulfilling a dream.
  11. You think Haggis doesn't taste great??? Try a side order of blood pudding. That's what a co-worker of mine warmed up for lunch today! Haggis, blood pudding, mash potatoes and turnip!
  12. Some very sophisticated statements in the video and by the author in the description on the YouTube site!
  13. Have not done the snowsuit stuff (without a snowmobile). Lived in 3 provinces and vacationed in all provinces except the Yukon and NWT. Hard to beat multiday backpacking trips in the solitude of mountains also. But when you crave to swim and dive into the surf (with a good hard but safe undertow) and the warmth of ultra fine pure white sand, I have not found anything better than the Atlantic side of the Yucatan peninsula.
  14. I think we know what you mean here, but I'm sure you know that you have oversimplified and generalized in regard to the above. All the resorts or condos we have stayed at offer a wide range of activities on the beach or on the water. Some of the best diving and snorkeling is located just off the Cozumel coast. When the winds are up, you can't beat surf kayaking. I don't dive, just snorkel, but people come form all over the world to dive at Cozumel. Spending the day on an open air catamaran is not too bad for a change also. There is a lot more to do than sit around.