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  1. On the Q3 conference call, Gregg mentioned that Boeing would be on the hook for at least some of the costs of the late 767s.
  2. http://blog.westjet.com/update-on-hurricane-patricia/
  3. Our manuals say the MTOW for the 767s is 408,000lbs (185,065kgs) so I'm thinking the TC number is incorrect.
  4. The aircraft WS is acquiring were still flying for QF last year. These weren't sitting very long.
  5. Sounds like a catastrophic failure of #1 engine.
  6. Delayed......ETA YYC midnight ....
  7. Lets hope so. Getting pretty tight to get 3 mos of ETOPS in before Hawaii starts.
  8. Similitudes incroyables entre le flaperon d'un #B777 et le débris retrouvé ce matin à #LaReunion... #MH370 ? http://t.co/GDkzRLwi2h Seems a piece of flap or similar has washed up on Reunion Island. Tweet says the similarities to a 777 part are incredible.
  9. https://youtu.be/8DYtvM44Q8g Video of the first flight of FNOE
  10. Resigning right after profit share. He's no dummy.
  11. Thanks, I guess the term "unfortunate" would be more accurate. I hope that part of this investigation looks into the available approaches and if they can be improved.
  12. Yes that was my point, I'm certain the reasons for impacting terrain short of the runway will be different but the difference in what they impacted (snow/power lines/antenna) vs a sea wall I think made a big difference in the outcomes.
  13. Its pretty embarassing that YHZ and YYT do not have ILS approaches for all runways given the amount of low vis days they have.
  14. I guess Asiana 214 was just a "hard landing" too.
  15. Exactly. If the reported wind is correct its not much of a tailwind. A bit of a crosswind.
  16. The plan is to have 2 by December. Same setup as Thomas Cook. 3&4 will come early 2016 I believe.
  17. I work for WS now, my previous 2 airlines had a "pension" plan where the company would match up to 4% of salary. That's it. So I don't think other Canadian airlines are comparable either. What benefits would a new hire at AC have over a new hire at WS today? I don't know the specifics of your DC pension or ESOP or profit sharing. Can you enlighten me? Thanks
  18. Looks like there may be some terrain along the extended runway centreline. I wonder if the SID or EOSID have a right turn after departure.
  19. Flightradar24 uses ADS-B and FAA feed data. This particular flight was being shown with ADS-B data. These ADS-B stations are set up by regular folks who are provided with a receiver by Flightradar24. Generally it's reliable data but evidently there are some anomalies. At no point was the flight ever squawking the hijack code. I think Flightradar has some explaining to do as it was their tweet that started this all.
  20. Doesnt always work. See Edmonton Oilers. They now have a culture of losing. I dont think they know how to turn it off.
  21. http://planes.findthebest.com/l/247/Antonov-AN-225-Mriya Only THE biggest airplane in the world making a rare appearance in Toronto.
  22. Relatively minor? Gear collapse, runway excursion, bits of prop entering the cabin and injuries. I'd say it's a bit more than a minor incident.
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