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  1. Funny, same author different publications but different slants day's apart; Is the glass half full or half empty? Porter Airlines hoping to spread its wings
  2. Well it would seem we have part of our answer here (WHERE DOES PORTER GO FROM HERE-10 Years) is in this article just hitting the wires(nothing new but the same old/same old): Expansion plans on hold for Porter Airlines
  3. MD2, Reading into your reply; your opinion might appear to be that Porter may be boxed in for now until the political situation changes…(ie. another 3 years); Correct? It is pretty clear currently that the markets are open for an IPO with the NASDAQ airline index outperforming the NASDAQ 100 composite by 14% just in 60 days. Porter has complained FOR YEARS that it couldn’t do an IPO as markets weren’t right; yet it appears that that time may have come at least if people want to get out now(ie. float 10-20% of company) It is understandable from a long term strategic value proposition (ie. route expansion, BB improvements, possible political climate more hospitable down the road, C series implementation) but you never know if all the stars will align down the road(politics, competitive environment(ie. more airlines, foreign investment), market for an IPO being closed at that time, etc..) Wouldn't it make sense that route expansion and/or possible implementation of the CS100 somewhere still may be in the cards at least short term do you think feasible?
  4. Malcolm, Porter has constantly complained FOR YEARS that they couldn’t do a deal in the market and the circumstances are never right for a sale or IPO financing. Well those conditions are now here and an observation was made that the markets and the airline stocks are at a high point in order to be able to pay top dollar or use stock at a high point for an acquisition. We need more competition in the airline sector and SURELY SOMEONE OUT THERE must consider Porter Airlines attractive enough to take a run at it. As Mr. Deluce has gone on the record that they were profitable last year and expects to be going forward and the rumour floating around that the airline was being shopped amongst the smart money; Can he do it so Porter can go to its next set of goals/growth in the airlines history after not much happening the last few years? If it doesn’t happen now, then when?
  5. Porter Airlines and Mr. Deluce have had over 2 months to take advantage of this open finance window in floating their boat airline stocks significantly outperforming the market in general; There is a rumour and word that Porter Airlines and its masters have been Trumps territory trying to flog the airline but that financing window may be closing very quickly: Trump rally is losing steam and stocks could fall into correction territory: Strategist Will we see a deal and who might be seen as a taker if the rumour is correct-that the airline is on the block or seeking financing?
  6. Rudder, The Deluce’s are masters at “OPEN HOUSES” if you know anything about this clan; the place has been up for sale for a minimum of 7 years out of the 10 years they have been operating the airline. Porter’s initial private investors are stuck in the mud (nobody invests or holds onto private equity for 10 years) Porter has been: Recognized as the Best Small Airline in the World Second-Most Reputable Canadian Company Porter Airlines and Billy Bishop Airport named among world’s best So they sell the airline terminal for more than top dollar but haven’t been able to sell the airline in ten years? What is wrong with this picture? Also Mr. Garneau has given Deluce and others a gift-a much easier sell to foreign investors; Rumour has it that Porter is being shopped in the New York area; the smart money (private sale, institutions, hedge funds, etc...) versus an IPO. Failing that, will Porter go after the “dumb money”; the retail investor and the IPO route-the window closes quickly? The NASDAQ airlines index clearly indicates that the tide has floated all boats versus the best NASDAQ 100 stocks. Can they finally capitalize a sale of the airline while all boats have floated at high tide? Now or never me thinks? We must remember we have 60 days of spectacular stock market results and this likely won’t happen the full year; move now or never Mr. Racoon.
  7. First off Happy New Year to all.....I am a bit curious on this point. With the last disastrous IPO attempt many moons ago; Bob Deluce said that they wouldn't/couldn't go to the market because the market wasn't appropriate for an IPO at that time. Specifically; 1) "Porter had previously planned to go public, but decided not to proceed in 2010 due to “unfavourable market conditions.” 2) "At some point in time I think an IPO would be inevitable,” he says. “It’s something that we’ll certainly consider under the right set of circumstances.” 3) Deluce did not address specifically when he might once again consider an initial public offering, but noted the airline is prepared to move when “markets are right.” Source: The NASDAQ Airline index is up 14.1% since Trump's victory on Nov 8th, 2016 or over 75% on an annualized basis and significantly outperforming the NASDAQ 100 Clearly the financing window (the markets are ripe) is open to get Porters initial investors out now; if not out now after 10 years well I really don't know when.... Contrary to the above noted article's headline "Porter Airlines isn’t for sale....."; rumour on the street has it the airline is being shopped around now in the New York area.... What happened to the concept that an IPO is inevitable for Porter Airlines and the airline is not going to be sold?
  8. Its seems the slam dunk US Pre-clearance (just like the slam dunk IPO from 5 years ago) the Deluces' were counting on to give Porter yet a wee bit of growth.....REPEAT wee bit is tangled in the weeds Is the latest turboprop order a little premature also?
  9. With jet dream dashed, Porter turns to slower growth
  10. Porter Airlines' growth strategy in question as scrappy airline turns 10 Political turbulence follows Porter Airlines into its second decade
  11. Is the wine glass half full or half empty? It seems that Frank Magazine disagrees with your assessment with those rose tinted glasses on-the headline says it all ! "Porter Airlines stalls out, backers pack parachutes; Please return Bob Deluce to the upright position" It is behind a paywall but usually with them; where there's smoke there is fire.....
  12. Is Porter for Sale? Live interview on Newstalk 1010 Go to Feb 10th podcast; at the 28:15 minute mark...
  13. Are you running an airline or speculating in real estate; MD2? Do you really think we should believe that Porter bagged $700 million when the new investors in the terminal did not get extended runways, jet aircraft, US preclearance or even an extension of the Tripartite agreement past 2033? There is no growth here without the above and certainly delivering title on a terminal (cost $50 million) does not even in your wildest dreams justify a sale for $700 million; getting half of the stated number or $350 million is beyond imagination, still. Here is a wild ride for you....Porter sitting on this mountain of cash as a fact; why not take a run at Bombo as the Beaudoins equity stake is now less than $260 million referenced in this article... Now that you've speculated and bagged the real estate market; jump into the aviation sector and start selling and making Whisper Jets, eh?
  15. Porter has provided a AVIATION WEEK a glimpse into their crystal ball of PLAN B now that Porters been shut down on the jets issue at YTZ The article: A spirited discussion on the topic can be found here: