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  1. As the Federal government considers bailing out Porter, CommunityAIR asks: Export Development Corporation, a federal government agency, has already loaned Porter $135 million. It has laid off most of its workforce and isn't paying its bills. What has Porter done with the money? Pearson Airport will require immense sums to ensure its survival. To reduce the subsidy Pearson needs, doesn’t it make sense to move Porter’s operation to Pearson, as a condition of further federal support? The federal government has spent some serious money for a high frequency Windsor - Queb
  2. Porter, the scourge of Toronto’s waterfront, is having trouble paying its bills. That’s not a surprise, since it hasn’t operated since March, and has no plans to restart until next February, at the earliest. We’ve all savoured the peace and quiet we’ve had on our waterfront as a result. The story tells us that Porter is trying to stop the terminal owner from seizing three of its planes for non-payment of $45.3M in fees owed to the terminal. The irony is that Porter built the terminal for $50M, and sold it to the current owners for a reported $700M, a massive sum that depend
  3. There's a disconnect here. Porter fans always point to their supposed great service. But I see, now, one hundred pages, with dozens per page, of tweets to Porter by its unhappy customers, found at a website titled "Porter Fail - Documenting customer satisfaction with Porter Airlines" Check it out, at
  4. There is an alternative for RESA compliance that does not require a runway extension - an extension which would be exceptionally difficult to get approval for in the highly politicized environment the Island Airport operates in. One of the organizations that fought the jets issue has published this analysis: It concludes: The coming Transport Canada RESA requirement at BBTCA can be met without lake filling, in three ways: • Reducing Declared Runway Distances: should be assessed as to cost and operational effect. • Implementing E
  5. How is 11 less than 1.64, using your numbers? Here's a chart that sets it out clearly:
  6. And if you fly only 60% full, as Porter does according to the available data, the carbon emissions almost double.
  7. We'll always have aviation. But less of it. Likely much less, if we listen to the scientists. You are confusing pollutants that cause smog and greenhouse gasses, that cause global warming. While nitrous oxide and other pollutants cause smog, the more dire concern is the burning of fossil fuels to emit carbon dioxide, that is not visible, but is causing the global warming that scientists are so concerned about. The "forcing" effect of emissions at high altitudes by aircraft greatly magnifies the impact of their emissions on climate change.
  8. Sorry you feel that way. There is reality, and that reality is that climate change is fast endangering our way of life, and that of millions on our world. Urgent action is required, as many world leaders,at Paris, as well as our own governments, have confirmed. Refusing to accept that aviation has something to do with that, and refusing to start looking at how its contribution can be addressed in a meaningful way is a classic head-in-the-sand response that won't serve your industry well. I do understand that that fundamentally threatens many in your industry. That, however, does not mean it sh
  9. As I recall, two and a half years ago Bob Deluce thought he could simply use his connections to slide jets through the City in a few months - using his close ties to Rob Ford and the Conservatives. A bit disingenuous to now want a full airing. There are so many issues unaddressed by the Porter proposals, including where the funds (up to a billion dollars) to pay for the expansion would come from. What's surprising is why it was taken seriously by so many in the first place, when it had no real substance to it.
  10. CommunityAIR's Press release today: The Ontario Government is about to enmesh itself in the Island Airport controversy by giving itself the power to give that Airport a huge property tax break. “The Ontario government has studiously avoided getting mixed up in the Island Airport mess – but Bill 144 changes all that. We’re surprised. But we’re even more surprised as that tax break runs counter to its commitment to remove existing incentives to fossil-fuel use.” said Brian Iler, Chair of CommunityAIR. There are many ways in which the carbon economy is subsidized by governments. One of them is a
  11. Now that Adam Vaughan has been appointed Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister, perhaps Porter and Ports Toronto will cease wasting everyone's time with their efforts to move their jets agenda forward. Any slim hope that Adam would not have influence in Ottawa is clearly forlorn.
  12. MD2 - is it that you are naive, or just haven't been paying attention? Aviation's growing contribution to climate change has been increasingly noted and criticized in Europe. But certainly underlying the recent refusal of permission to expand the Island Airport was the sense that investing in fossil-fuel-intensive airports (like pipelines) is not indicated if we are to significantly reduce fossil-fuel emissions, as we must. The ICAO has been foot-dragging on this for years. Here's an excerpt from the Pickering anti-airport group Land over Landing's recent Submission, that nicely outlines the
  13. Oh, and here's another perspective on "PorterPlans":
  14. MD2. if I were from Mars, the reaction, I suspect, would very much be like those of many tourists from around the world who come to our waterfront to say, this is wonderful, but why do you allow an airport to operate in the middle of it? Here's one: Other cities have seen the wisdom of closing City Centre airports: Edmonton, Chicago, Berlin, Tel Aviv, Hong Kong - largely because the land's just too valuable for a low-return use like aviation. Pearson has ample capacity: "Pearson projected in 2008 that it would need to add a sixth runway, but it appears that may n