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  1. Occasional very light....and we had to wait for our gate.
  2. CYYZ-EGKK in a A321 NEO. Mach .78 Relatively speaking...we win
  3. Configured - on slope - on speed - stable. If not go around - 12000 ' or 4000' of runway. Doesn't matter. Too much analyzing and assuming without all the facts. Give them a break. A more interesting discussion would be the 2 engine go around maneuver ... under rated ... under practiced ... and arguably one of the most difficult procedures and rarely executed cleanly.
  4. There is no confusion with the pricing on Rouge. You have to assume that there are competent people at Air Canada. The individual(s) tasked with pricing were probably instructed to make it profitable or breakeven and they did their job. To make it work the pricing is not going to be low .... they won't be able to sustain a fare war and aren't planning on it. Maybe some stategic sales to create some excitement but that will be it. They will attract the segment of the population that assumes AC is the only way to go until they get on and experience the 29 inch pitch on a 9 hour North Atlantic flight. Eventually they will steal from the mainline and it will all get confused internally and rouge will become a fare level... much like tango.
  5. Brett Hart. Boarding in YUL asked if hé would sign an autograph for my son, when wrestling was big in thé early 90's. Hé gruffly said he would think about it. End of flight.. FA brings me a sheet with signatures from every wrestler on board... gathered by Brett with à special note for my son. Class act!
  6. Jean Chretien. Dispatcher hounded us to get him an autograph. "Have him sign 'Bill, go for it! Jean!'" Came back. "Bill, go and get some. Jean!" Lost in translation? Or maybe à sense of humour? He seemed down to earth.
  7. Transat management is confused, out of their depth and unable to articulate the future. If there are important announcements made this month, as this thread suggests, then I would be surprised. Transat needs a major reboot at the top! A pragmatic and yet open and inventive thinker(s) would help. If you slog through deep mud long enough you will eventually lose one of your boots....well the management has lost both shoes and it's a little sad. That last point was a little confusing and yet poetic....gee maybe I could run Transat....I couldn't do worse!
  8. Canadi>n! They own the name and it makes a nice uncontroversial fit.
  9. Rudder wasn't being attacked. Response to his post and the comments of another was a clarification of facts. Why are you so rudder an aviation guru that can't be questioned? He states "difficult yield and capacity challenges facing the company". Is rudder an aviation analyst or 'consultant'...because that is the sort of stuff that comes out of these people. You could easily change that comment to read "difficult yield and capacity challenges face the industry"--that is the financial reality of most airline/travel operations. Your responses sound of exclusivity...someone is a regular poster therefore his comments are more valid. Transat pilots do not clutch to their contract and are certainly not a militant labor group. Will there be consolidation and change in Transat's future? Most definitely. The company I joined years ago is a very different thing today and will be a very different thing in the future. Change takes time though. After 25 years Transat has proven it can change and adapt and the pilot group is flexible to the future requirements needed. So I am hopeful but I know that we are going through tough times. Rudder is not being attacked, but anyone who has the time to post more than 1400 times is not an active airline manager and has no 'skin' in the game and no I don't have faith in his argument. This is an anonymous site. For all I know he is a 13 year old girl playing with her computer.
  10. Boestar - posting 2741 or 1481 times does not make one more knowledgeable than a first time poster. Numerous errors have been made in the above posts in reference to Air Transat, it's fleet and the Transat group relationship. Those errors were pointed out and don't warrant your condescending comment. Yes Transat has had a few losing quarters. Will we recover...we'll see. Transat pilots are very aware of our situation and the relationships and successes that will determine our future. We don't live with our heads in the sand....our group is made up of survivors and transplants that make up most of the industry (save a few lucky ones). We are not as naive as you think...and Transat and Air Transat are not as dead as you think.
  11. Very frustrating. I wish we could offer you 737 Air Transat service with a Club product and satisfy your expectations. But it is not to be. I am sure that the Canjet people are doing their best. Ultimately they are providing the service that Transat group has contracted and is paying them for. Do us a favor at Air Transat and complain to Transat group. They will either get Air Transat (fat chance) to do the service or will pay for and get Canjet to do it properly. I apologize for the service experience you received. Keep flying with Transat...we are a pretty good operation.
  12. The guy made an honest mistake. If you examine the airport diagram for Toronto the threshold for runway 06R is designed not for departures but for exit from 24L. The turns are tight and the access narrow. The threshold for 06L is set up for departures. Additionally, when taxiing to 06R the transitions from the taxiways to runway 24R for the backtrack are not intuitive and are a confusing cluster of lights as you are turning into opposite direction high speed exits which are flaired into right angle taxiway turns. I know this because I have taxiied an A330 to this runway numerous times over the past few weeks, at night, and have creeped along after much discussion with the FO to ensure that we are heading and turning the correct way. That a senior pilot made a mistake late in his career should not diminish him or his skills or open him up for too much criticism but should serve as a warning to others of the pitfalls and attention required to complete a simple task in Toronto. Having said that, ground manoeuvering of an aircraft on international operations is often the most difficult and stressful part of the operation. Give the guy a break. The GTAA could be a little more proactive as I often hear confused pilots in discussion with the ground controller....
  13. Simple pleasures is what life is all about. Milk for cheap is good even if my daughter won't touch the stuff (american dairy is full of mucus and other malcontents apparently - crew meals - what do I care) - is Canadian dairy that much better? I can't get over the fact that the customs guys could care less about my purchases made with a 2 hour visit....they are more concerned about liquor and tobacco purchases. I don't drink or smoke...I am a pilot.. I am more concerned with meat protein and gravy....ya baby livin' the good life! Cheap gas and something to do on a rainy for a gas problem...I have been amazing friends and family for years.