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  1. Just trying to understand what little they're saying... was this a landing accident or on takeoff? This article hints at a landing accident, but other articles I read on the accident weren't clear at all.
  2. "Thomas Cook has committed to purchasing seats on WestJet in Western Canada." When did this happen??
  3. oh come on! The only thing those two were paying any attention to were the back of their eyelids!
  4. GDR's arguments are quite similiar to my cojo's. The complexity of the eye as an example and the origin of life itself, for instance that it's exceedingly impossible mathematically for life to spawn from inert materials.
  5. Man, where's the fun in that!? Don't worry, it won't come to blows, but it'll pass the time quickly on a long boring flight! When he tells me with absolute certainty that while he concedes that a species can evolve within a species, he says the concept of a species becoming another species is utter BS. Monkeys don't give birth to humans. When I argue that the time span involved is so great that the human mind can't really fathom how many thousands upon thousands of generations it would take for a monkey to become a human as we know it on our particular 'branch' on the 'tree of life' so to s
  6. Already tried that, and it is definitely a great book since he directly argues the creationists/ID'ers. Actually I have hope for him since he's a convert to ID and an ex-evolutionist, maybe I can undo the programming
  7. No really? What do you say to the guy that declares Evolution a sham and the only other solution is Intelligent design?
  8. dammit! so much for me getting any sleep tonight!!
  9. I guess we'll begin to find out next quarter.
  10. So am I reading right it cost 3.2 million to get rid of Durfy?
  11. "Advised pax that they could not make YVR and for the cabin crew to carry out 'Crash Landing Procedures - 14 mins to impact'." "Checked with passenger who relayed incident and recounted same horror story. Says his wife won't leave sight of their children who she believed had lost their parents and she hasn't slept more than an hour or two at a time for the past week. I would say that she is pretty traumatized by the whole thing. If the incident was a misunderstanding or something just poorly communicated, it's left some people pretty shook up. " "So glad I discovered this site. This is t
  12. damn, I had totally forgot about the frequency, which has nothing to do with speed. Makes sense.
  13. also mind blowing to me is something related, that is the effect of gravity. Gravity acts on an object at the speed of light... Which means that if the sun winked out of existence, the earth would stay in orbit for another 9 or so minutes before shooting of on a tangent.
  14. I suspect that if we can see 'far enough' back in time we'd see younger and younger and closer together galaxies, wouldn't we? I dunno, I'm still trying to wrap my brain around the properties of light. So, am I to understand that no matter what speed I'm travelling, the speed of light is the same in all directions, right? So if an observer is travelling a little faster that 1/2 the speed of light in 1 direction, and the object the observer is viewing is moving in the opposite direction a little faster than 1/2 the speed of light, would the observer see the object? Also, using doppler effect th
  15. I'll keep it simple too. If what they said over the PA is true, regardless of the events unfolding in the flight deck, well, ahem, that's all I'll say. Not cool boys, not cool.
  17. I was always taught the slow plane with the flaps out was the biggest threat, and like I said earlier, that coincides with experience.
  18. Bean has my vote. It all makes sense. What makes even more sense to me, is this IPO looks like it's a last ditch attempt at survival before Jazz get's back into YTZ, and hence, competition.
  19. I've had no shortage of crosses and overlaps with heavies over the years, and even though I was on my guard, I've never experience even a slight ripple in cruise. The wake turbulence issues I've encountered were all shortly after taking off behind a heavy, and it was very unpleasant.
  20. Apparently it made the local news, as someone I know approached me and asked if I heard about the 'close call' between some f16's and a 'Westjet' plane. Way to play the telephone game, boys.