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  1. Banning alcohol outright would solve a LOT of common airline problems.
  2. While I believe it this time, I've been hearing this story since I started my private pilot's license.
  3. If true they have some very nice investors backing them. If it was my money tied up for the last 2 years I'm not so sure I'd write another cheque for some more planes at this point.
  4. There seems to be confusion over whether they were on take-off or returning to the field with the emergency and went missed approach and crashed. The plane barely cleared the housing area for the Emirates crews. Condolences to the families of the crew.
  5. I was just told yesterday some of the pilots are polishing their resumes. I won't name names, but I thought the source was solid.
  6. "One of CP Travel’s priorities will be securing seats on aircraft, a practice known as “lift” in industry jargon. Possible providers range from small outfits such as Calgary-based Enerjet, headed by Mr. Morgan, to scheduled carriers like Air Canada, which will start serving Tokyo’s Haneda Airport in January, complementing its flights at Narita International Airport." Bean, can you clarify this Jang statement? Did one of you guys tell him Enerjet or is that Jang speculating?
  7. I agree with Bean. There's a shitstorm coming. Category 5.
  8. If I knew my wife was about to flip out onboard an airplane, I'd be the one restraining her, instead of stepping aside, so to speak, and watching the fun unfold as OTHER passengers and FA's attempt to restrain her. The guy's an idiot.
  9. I'd say you forfeit your 'guest' status the moment you assault a crew member or another guest... or even ruin the flight for other guests.
  10. The Westjet guys must be feeling lazy at only 80'ish hours! 97!?
  11. The version I read didn't use 'hell' it used a certain F-4 letter word.
  12. I was going to say that the flag on the tail of the background aircraft looked russian, and I didn't think the russians helped to put out oilwell fires.
  13. Unless something has changed, the 737 has plug doors as well. The door opens inward, does a funny little cant, then it opens out. Even The Hulk couldn't open that door in flight, the handle would just tear off. 'Course, he'd just smash through it.
  14. I don't see what's so funny. This is exactly where we're headed. There's no way in hell the public would allow a pilot-less airliner, but I'd bet my bippy they'd be easily convinced of the benefits of a single pilot airliner... maybe even with an attack dog in the right seat in case the pilot tries to touch anything.
  15. Addressing that brand recognition issue from another article?
  16. No, you're not. There are less and less guys coming up through the ranks who have flown hard stick and rudder early in their careers and don't have that solid basis to learn the automation on.
  17. lol, of course Tim's delighted... it's a few more months of survival!
  18. I'm probably slow, but I finally figured it out... thanks for the hint! lol
  19. c'mon, they just haven't found the right shade of lipstick for this pig, err, racoon.