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  1. Meat Monster eh? I had a girlfriend with that nickname...
  2. Goofy is an installer...
  3. So you're saying they had it half right then?!
  4. I'll place my bet on Sunwing as the first to go if this flies.
  5. Sounds like your average day in the Caribbean during high season!
  6. I thought the thread was titled "Which airplane flies like a farm tractor"! No one said anything about landing!
  7. The HS748 flies like a steam tractor. Heavy and slow and underpowered.
  8. Don't be so sure; with Barlow closed there won't be any through traffic to compete with, and it might actually make the commute easier. It'll be airport traffic only after the 3rd. As for the tunnel, I have mixed feelings on whether it's needed or not. What does make no sense is the city not planning an LRT to the airport, no doubt because the Cabbies and Limo drivers have the city by the short and curlies.
  9. That's some crazy sh1t! I have to wonder how drunk the guy was to not recognize that it wasn't a taxi, or was it done up to look just like one, I don't know.
  10. Great Vid! I spit my profit share beer when I recognized Gregg break dancing!!! And Malcolm, you don't have to get it. it's ok.
  11. I guess that explains the 2 hour delay on the YVR-YLW flight...
  12. it was a shot in the dark, yet lo and behold!
  13. This is EXACTLY what happened to me, except that it was only washed once. I used that passport regularly for 6 months and had no issues with either the US or Canada customs, right up until I tried to renew. Now my replacement passport has in big letters on one of the pages, "REPLACES A DAMAGED PASSPORT". I also got a 10 minute lecture from the lady behind the kiosk at the passport office about how 'if it happens again', I'd be in big trouble and may never get another passport issued. I asked a couple of customs agents about it and they said she's full of sh1t.
  14. Nothing nanny or big brother... just way overdue. Dagger, this enhances safety, and you won't even notice the difference as you sit in business class.
  15. I don't remember the last time I saw that list without any negative numbers! Good to see!
  16. He does have a point, and my only response is we have a new boss, and he agrees with the rest of us who were never onboard some of the points of the "care-antee". The basis of it was a great idea, but then then it was destroyed by some ridiculous careantees... the LiveTV's for instance. Also, check out the bottom line in this link: http://www.westjet.c...careAntee.shtml
  18. Rumour is this is a one-way trip.
  19. The rumormill told me today that there have been layoff notices issued to the pilots. Can anyone confirm or deny?
  20. sounds like some serious heat generation...