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  1. Can someone explain precisely how Air Canada makes money on 'foreign exchange gains'? I suspect it has to do with the strength of the Canadian dollar, but how?
  2. And since we're on topic, could you people PLEASE title the thread to something relevant to the gist of the thread? How about a hint of what it contains in the title?
  3. At least Pickton had an excuse, the guy's nuts as far as I'm concerned. This crime is far worse as far as I'm concerned. These girls had a right to expect protection from their father and mother and brother, not a knife in the back, so to speak. But I suppose I should be more respectful of people's culture, right? I promise, I will, next time I vacation in Kabul. K?
  4. I see you pick and choose your mass murderers. How are these maggots any less vermin than Pickton, for instance?
  5. Just my experience, but when an APU goes, it typically doesn't make for an easy fix.
  6. no chance this could be a launch pad for reinstating capital punishment?
  7. It's tough to do ETOPS with no APU. That's all it was, folks. The rescue plane blew a tire on landing, apparently. pours-rain-etc. Just another day in the airline world.
  8. I agree both, just reporting what I was told. Deluce has to be smoking something pretty strong to think he'll get that kind of money for a turboprop operation that doesn't(IMO) make money. And, I'm betting his debtload isn't that bad either, probably 'only' 100-200 million.
  9. What do you mean? The rumour is BS or what Deluce wants is BS? Personally, I think it would be a huge mistake if WS bought Porter, even for a nickel, let alone what I'm hearing he wants.
  10. The rumour floating around is that Deluce wants 700 million for Porter, and on top of that Westjet would absorb his debt... which is also rumoured to be into the triple digit millions(200-300)
  11. Wizard, 2 possibilities... 1) This announcement has been the worst kept secret since everyone's been talking about it since November and there's a good chance the market adjusted way back then... 2) WJA stock ALWAYS goes down on good news.. geez where have you been? There was a 1.5 day exception to that rule when Jetsgo closed shop, but it sure as hell didn't last long! 3) The market just doesn't care and this is just the usual market fluctuation... 4) I know, I said 2 possibilities, sue me
  12. Dropbox is great for storing manuals, etc on your phone(for offline use as well) for constellation identification I used to use Planets, but Star Walk is far better, they also have Solar Walk as well. for communication I recommend skype and Viber and whatsapp News apps that can be read offline: National Post, Globe News, BBC News, Reuters news pro, Discovery News offline Maps: World Atlas is ok... if anyone has a better one please tell me... Weather: There's the new TWN(the weather network) app that's way better than the old one. gRadar Tracking flights: FlightView misc: Sleep Cycle
  13. He also wrote FlyByNav... a very handy tool for flight planning, or at the least identifying all those pesky navaids...
  14. I'd like to congratulate Airbus on joining the rest of us in the 2000's!
  15. RE: Strong Crosswind take-offs I've dealt with very strong gusty crosswind conditions, and never at any time in my career did I EVER consider using brake to keep the centerline! Proper crosswind technique quite adequately handles 99% of the take-offs, and when the going gets really bad, a slight thrust differential is all it takes on a multi-engine. RE: Rejects and foot position. Maybe because I have size 14 feet, I would never put my heels on the brakes just because all it would take is a sneeze to accidentally apply brake pressure. I'll also add that there is a reaction time built into the RTO numbers that's more than adequate to allow a pilot to slide his feet up and apply brakes. AND, I'll also add that most modern aircraft have a RTO function that's instant. IMO having your heels on the pedals is just asking for trouble.
  16. <<cough cough>> Only in MD2's dreams! lol! A HIGHLY unlikely scenario...
  17. If only the IPCC would use proper scientific process(peer reviewed, for just one example), maybe more skeptics would be convinced it's all man made. "Trust us cuz we said so" just doesn't cut it in science. Now for me, I have no problem wrapping my brain around global warming. It seems reasonable to me that it's happening, and there's plenty of evidence showing it's happening. My problem is the multi-billion dollar industry and social engineering experiment that has been created in order to convince us all that it's cause is man made CO2 emmisions. My opinion? Nature dwarfs anything man can produce in way of emissions. Volcanic eruptions and forest fires, just to name two. If you want to do something 'environmental' then go after over fishing, water and air pollution, deforestation, poaching animals to extinction, landfills, dumping of hazardous waste, the food we eat! CO2? don't make me laugh. CO2 should not be top of the list as there are far more pressing issues we should be concentrating on. There are large sections of the ocean that were once teeming with life, and are now desolate wastelands. Water vapour is a far more effective greenhouse gas than CO2! Maybe we should put restrictions on that! No more boiling water allowed! Maybe steam should no longer be used to generate electricity!
  18. The pilots could get away with a mass resignation. The FA's, however, would have their resignations graciously accepted immediately. Sure, a new non-union group of FA's wouldn't stay non-union for long, but they'd be negotiating from the bottom-up, instead of the current top-down reality.
  19. Wow, look how shocked I am! ---> My question is, who's head needs to roll for this?