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  1. I just asked if $.18/kWh in Ontario included the additional fees. It's close to $.13/kWh in Alberta after all the extra fees are included. I use about 1000 kWh per month. Otherwise it $.599/kWh.
  2. When 'she' speaks, I say how much? Then I get some live entertainment.
  3. Or Air Canada could acknowledge the 'airline' and say 'Thank you WestJet!' In my opinion it would have been classier to do so than just refer to 'the other airline'
  4. 9 That which has been is what will be,That which is done is what will be done,And there is nothing new under the sun. Ecclesiastes 1:9 KJV There is nothing to learn from history except that we repeat it.
  5. I'm just trying to remember the last time I had a start valve problem or any start problem. Yep, six months ago... in the sim. Other than that not for the last 10k hours.
  6. As I wrote, ALPA is the most expensive.
  7. ALPA, they're also the most expensive at 1.9% T4 with the majority of the monies going to the head office in Herndon,VA. Let's not mention their financial difficulties.
  8. CBC should have been chopped a long time ago.
  9. Le petit PET will get an ever so coveted selfie with Mary Dawson and it will be all smiles. Let's hope the Ethics Comminioner gets to the bottom of this smelly development.
  10. Maybe not. I don't think WestJet matched Newleaf's fares.
  11. Here I thought it was your 24 hours in Port of Spain!
  12. Shall we go back to Woodstock? My generation sans cellphones, computers, internet. What were our parents thinking?
  13. I don't think it's necessarily an age thing. There are many younger wide body, as in super sized, and waif type F/As that would have trouble moving their own bodies down the aisle to the L2 door on that same stormy night let alone trying to get around the unconscious pax.
  14. I don't imagine that they would use full thrust. They were only going to MIA with ~160 so they would be well under MTOW.
  15. It seems that what we learn from history is that we don't learn from history.
  16. Non nexus borders, with my noisy ram Cummings 3/4 ton crew cab. Pull up, turn off the truck, back passenger window down, passports to the pic page, hello to the customs officer. Answer the questions, pick up mail, 3 hours ago, filled up and < $300 auto parts, eBay items and groceries, no A,T and F. I go trans boarder 1-2 times a month. Never a problem.
  17. It is near impossible to fly to Europe standby on Westjet wide body during the summer months and not for lack of trying.
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