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  1. I will be on the CVR and FDR
  2. You’re right but they don’t have the AIF, Nav Fees etc that makes our fares in Canada unreasonably less affordable. I flew Norwegian for a 45 min flight for 1/2 what it costs in Canada to go from YYC-YLW including a checked bag.
  3. I don’t think that they could do the RNAV approach because they didn’t have GPS installed on the aircraft.
  4. It works out that 1kt is about 100ft/min. Actually 101ft/min.
  5. Commuting plays a big part in fatigue. I know so. Now I no longer commute and flying the same schedules I’m not as tired. Commuting cost me extended time after work's full duty days to get home and leaving a day earlier to get to work.
  6. Malcolm, you’re so eager to report WestJet's loss, could you care to report Air Canada's loss of $71 pre tax on a pre tax income of $163m in simple layman’s terms.Thanks. WestJet's reporting is much easier to understand than Air Canada's EBITAR method.
  7. I’m hoping so Malcolm, I not so sure though. It seems that every time WestJet reports a profit the stock price goes down. Maybe the reverse will be so this time by reporting a loss.
  8. You’re entitled to your wrong opinion.
  9. thor


    I divert all the time around thunder storms. Why is this a big deal if a flight diverts. This is getting petty.
  10. I believe that there is a stay of proceedings indicated by the court. Meaning, I believe that there isn’t any conclusive evidence to tip the scales to proceed either way.
  11. The F/As at WestJet don’t work as hard in flight as F/As from other airlines, this according to the F/As who have come from Sunwing, Air Transat, CanJet, Air Canada, Zoom, Emirates, Philippines,
  12. Now It seems more often that I get a whiff of that aromatic skunk weed while I'm driving.
  13. She must be one of those old valley girls.
  14. I can say the same thing where I work. Coming down the bridge T+5 with a designer drink complaining that security was backed up or the line up was long. Relax, I’ve already called crew sked.
  15. Qantas big polluters? Someone should they’ll them to stop being so liberal with the Chemtrail switch.
  16. Sorry AME and. maverick, I deleted the offending pretext.
  17. No surprise, those were routes code shared with American Airlines. WestJet code shares with Delta now.
  18. Especially when Jetlines was eying the well maintained 10 738 lease returns from WestJet, only to have their plans thwarted with the start up of Swoop. WestJet has to protect the back door at all costs. Remember JetsGo?
  19. Regardless, Mirabel should have been called the Trudeau airport.
  20. Kip, sorry for the thread drift everyone and let’s keep remembering those involved in the accident, any recommends on dash cams?
  21. There are misinformed older WestJet ALPA members who supported a pension thinking that it will pay off their best 5 years of service without the tenure to support it. I think they are counting on it.
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