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  1. I might have, but I actually haven't heard who he is yet so I don't know for sure.
  2. I think the reason this came up again years later is that the flight attendant in question spoke to another flight attendant who had the same thing happen to her by the same pilot BEFORE it happened to her and it was 'swept under the rug.' This is what enraged her the most, that what happened to her could have and should have been prevented. Whether she was late for work on multiple occasions is irrelevant except to the wrongful dismissal case. Whether or not she was assaulted, I think we can all agree that it is probably true. I have worked with this flight attendant and she is great at what she does. She simply wanted to ensure it doesn't happen again and if it does, that it doesn't get repeated. Maybe in the end, although her reputation will be tarnished, and her job has been lost, she will accomplish what she set out to do. I think there will be some more thorough harassment training in CRM next year.
  3. I have to think this wasn't an easy decision. Kudos to the crew for erring on the side of safety. Whatever the reason was for having low fuel (headwinds, weather diversion, who knows?) at least they didn't push it.
  4. It's all about the share price. If your not growing, neither is your share price...
  5. The name of the NTSB intern has been leaked. Daisy, Upsey.
  6. While I agree to all of the challenges at SFO playing a part I think it was quite possibly a simple misunderstanding of the a/p and a/t modes. If he was high, likely he was in level change to capture whatever path he had set up. If the autopilot was subsequently disconnected and he pitched up manually when he regained the path, the auto throttles would have still been in arm and commanding idle thrust. They did not notice it in time and subsequently got way too slow. They may have had the right speed selected the whole time but with the incorrect mode. Not sure what altitude criteria Asiana has for stable approach, but it sounds like it needs revamping or retraining.
  7. Saw it at the dress rehearsal and it rocked!
  8. hehe - I agree with you on that!
  9. By nature of me being granted a reciprocal jump seat - I think that would make me one, so yes, I have met many pilots! And yes, some don't have as much common sense. But, being a Mom, I can't imagine an infant in the flight deck.
  10. I have asked for a "reciprocal" jump seat with an infant - in the cabin only. I had no expectation of an actual jumpseat - was told no and had, I was told, the "entire" airport looking into whether it was ok or not. The Captain was the only one with common sense. I had a 10 week old who was reliant on me for food (breastfeeding) and I needed to get somewhere my own airline did not fly to help a family member. I don't think it's an unreasonable request for a breastfeeding Mama who can't go anywhere without the babe so long as it is a seat in the cabin. An infant in the flight deck is ridiculous.