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  1. Hey all, is there an email address to send the ticket number for refund or is it all done over phone? Thank you very much.
  2. Yes that will certainly change. Dec 11th is the first day for Omni.
  3. Two Omni 767's until first week of January will cover the flying.
  4. Don't worry, we are all quite embarrassed he said something like that. It does nothing for our profession.
  5. Yes very distinctive indeed. The band use a great deal of alternate tunings to get that unique sound as well.
  6. The whole Albatross album is great from start to finish. Hard to find that these days. Their new album comes out in May.
  7. If you ever get a chance to see Big Wreck live....GO!!! Solo speaks volumes about Ian Thornley as a guitar player. Enjoy!
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