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  1. In the event a MAJOR disruption to travel in Canada occurs I think the Government might be motivated to act. As I recall the the threat to legislate Jazz back came mainly because the MP in Prince George relied on Jazz to get to Ottawa.
  2. So let me see the New ACPA Forum (Which I have no connection to other than a line-pilot member) had suddenly and mysteriously disappeared from the net! On AvCanada the rumour says the MEC forced it off the air to stifle debate and, presumably, not allow internet debate on the topic. They want the pure ACPA message to prevail I guess. Retired guys; I guess we're all off the the ACPA forum now! Chico PS I presume its okay to debate the merits of this development on THIS Forum?
  3. Yeah but Kipster 16 and 17 years old, what's that High school age, maybe grade 11 or even 12? That's hardly old enough to know what they were doing when they bound and gagged this girl etc. etc. They were merely innocent children under the eyes of Canadian law. Reduced sentences to accommodate their inherent innocence. Its enough to make me ill.... Chico
  4. All AC crews and passengers safe in Japan. Both flights in Sapporo for now.
  5. could Ian Foote have handled this file?? http://wn.com/Come_Fly_With_Me__Ian_Foot_Vs_Taaj
  6. Yeah some pilots are cheap. Legendary would describe some of their cheap exploits. Minority would be another word I would use. When I was a brand-new S/O I flew with many many more generous pilots than cheap ones - many more! Some guys you had to be way ahead of them to buy them a beer since it would be bought and paid for long before you could pull your wallet out. These generous guys still outnumber the cheap bastards in this modern age. The myth of the "cheap pilot" is carried on by such letters and jokes that are usually passed along by our flight attendant friends (you know the ones the skipper buys the wine at dinner for?) Cheers Chico
  7. Go heavy on the visual aids! A large airline model to demonstrate how an aircraft flies is helpful. Let them ask questions they will ask a lot! (Did you ever crash?? ;-)) Cheers Chico
  8. What about gangsta rap fer cryin out loud - oh I guess ho is okay
  9. The slinky was the gutsiest move I ever saw! cc
  10. Very similar to the B52 crash at Spokane - what were they thinking???
  11. The Canadian consumer advocates who support Emirates in this issue should do the math and project where we would be once Emirates "runs the table" in Canada. For those of us who work in the industry its bad news indeed. For the consumer you would have the choice between Emirates and Ethihad for your travel to the world and I'm sure they would charge very reasonably. No subsidies indeed!
  12. You are insinuating they did not know their gear was up?
  13. The debate above concerns "disinformation" in the cartoon which is more than intimating it reflects actual issues, Never mind. The humour is lost on many. CC
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